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A roof rack choose

In modern cars Luggage system is a framework that provides the ability to attach according to the individual scheme to transport various accessories, for example, mount for surfing.

 Aluminum aerodynamic arc for fastening the trunk

During the selection of a car trunk by to pay attention to the arc, located on the roof of the car, because they can be designed in the classical style (rectangular), or be aerodynamic. The main advantage of aluminum aerodynamic Doug is their light weight, resulting trunk subject to minimum vibration and creates a low noise level, as has a low resistance to the wind. Length of cross arcs directly depends on the width of the roof of a certain vehicle. All those who are fond of fishing, skiing, Cycling, Hiking, hunting worth a mandatory автобагажник.

Universal car trunk. Features mounting автобагажников

 Mount автобагажников

One of the most versatile car trunks considered trunk on rails - a kind of a cross. Such a roof rack is versatile, because it gives a possibility to mount the cross any fixtures for transportation, as usual baggage and of specific goods (boats, skis, bicycles etc). Recently manufacturers such trunks significantly improved materials to make them. To ensure long-term use of all bearing and fastening elements, they are widely introduce the practice of coating polymers - that it protects them from mechanical damage during the removal and installation, and also from corrosion. To prevent the removal of such trunk without the permission of the owner, almost all car trunks are equipped with locks.

Carry out mount of the trunk, you can use several ways, regardless of the type of machine. For vehicles with a smooth roof need to use whales (mounted in the door arches), while the trunk under the factory arc – roof rails (if they are present on the machine) must be fastened for these arc in girth. If on the roof of the car are T-shaped slots, the basic trunk is fastened directly in them. At presence in the transport gutters, roof should be fixed for them. If the vehicle has a regular places of fastening to carry out the installation of trunk need in these places (for example: stud or a hole under the crab, thread the bolt).

Types автобагажников and their differences

 Car boot firm Thule

To buy a quality product that meets the European requirements for safety, you should pay attention to the car trunks from the world leading manufacturers: Amos , Menabo , Thule , Atlant , Mont Blanc , Prorack , Atera and others.

Racks can also be divided into the following types:

In ten of world leaders on manufacture of автобагажников is a Swedish company Thule , whose trunks of galvanized steel covered with thermoplastics and have universal fasteners. The cars MITSUBISHI Outlander , VAZ 2111 and KIA Sportage you can buy Polish trunk Amos Futura , which is rather popular model автобагажников for a car with a roof . The options available include the following models trunks from the company Amos : FUTURA 1.2 (has a steel rail with plastic coating, long 1,2m), FUTURA 1.3 (different from the first variant the most to 0,1m long rectangular profile), as well as FUTURA AERO (length corresponds to the rails trunk FUTURA 1.2, but they aluminum and has an aerodynamic shape). Mont Blanc Aerogripper is aerodynamic car boot on rails , which is suitable for most vans and SUVs with roof rails . He has two cross-beams aerodynamic form, each of which can withstand the load of 75 100 kg and 4 of the castle. Installing a car trunk by this Swedish is a special key that a good anti-theft and its non-metal parts made of composite materials. Also company produces trunks for railings , for a smooth and regular roof, the kit which includes support for mounting, arc steel of rectangular profile and castles protection (Mont Blanc Ready Fit ). Do not forget about car boxes, which not only allows you to hide the Luggage from unforeseen weather conditions, but also to provide convenience when moving thanks to its aerodynamic form.

 Mont Blanc Aero Gripper

In order to choose an appropriate model of a car trunk by and get a full and detailed advice on возникнувшим issues, it is worth considering that the trunk on rails buy better in specialized stores, including online stores known and trusted companies. The main advantage of this product is the reliability and guarantee, provided the goods have already passed a series of tests and have a number of guarantee obligations on the following parameters: corrosion, vibration resistance, mechanical strength, etc. In case of revealing discrepancies as, the customer may return the product within 2 weeks, with the condition that the trunk kept factory form and was not used. Here You can find wide range of products: carports, straps fastening of cargo, car trunks on the roof, limiters, exterior snow chains, fastening for the transportation of snowboards , boats, bicycles. Specialists not only can choose the автобагажник on the car model, but also to consider all aesthetic desires of the client.

An improvised trunk

If You need автобагажник, which will meet the necessary requirements, then it can not only buy, but also make the rack on the roof rails with their hands.

To make a trunk, thus not using parts of the old, would be required profile size 30х20х1,2 (for longitudinal bearing elements) and 20х20х1,2 (for the cross bulkheads). These details will make the base of the trunk. It should вварить bearing the jumper (for mounting the platform to рейлингам ), and also set intermediate jumpers. Автобагажник on the roof of the car with aerodynamic arcs is necessary to attach racks.