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Automotive screen instead of toning

One common design elements of any car is road blinds. Their popularity is due to several reasons, among which is necessary, first of all, to note the very essence of the blind: they are high-quality replacement tonirovke, especially taking into account the existing in some countries ban on the tinted Windows.

Installation of automotive blinds allows you to securely protect passengers from the burning rays of the sun and if necessary – and from the curiosity of others. Besides modern blinds are more than just stylish. You can find the original cover in one of the many shops, or choose to make it. For a start, let's examine the assortment which is offered to the consumer when ordering curtain.

Varieties of car blinds

So there are various car screen: sun, frame, fabric, plastic, roller blind for rear and side Windows, sliding, and many others. Each type has its purpose, besides it allows to fully satisfy customer needs. A quick look at some of the most popular to date varieties of blinds.

The purpose of these blinds – darken the beauty of your car, preventing the penetration of a certain part of the sunlight. The cheapest kind are automotive front screen on suckers, however, their protective function is practically zero.

 Blinds on suckers

The most common option is plastic car blinds, representing the design of a flexible plastic (for repeatedly collapse and expand), which is attached directly above the glass. However, the plastic is very quickly loses its appeal to the same manufacturers make such blinds only standard sizes and shapes. This means that to find them might not always be possible, especially if you have unusual window. However, his task sunblinds do perfectly.

 Plastic blinds

The next type of blinds are framed – blind, coinciding with that of the window, on which is installed. Design represents covered with a durable fabric frame made of metal, which, in turn, on the perimeter of the prorezinen. Outwardly such screen look like tinted glass, Yes and its properties are the same. However, they have one serious drawback: after installation of a skeleton window cannot be open. Moreover, some owners complain of misting, and it is not safe. But all the same frame car blinds on the front Windows are very convenient and practical option for consumers.

 Frame blinds

Car sliding blinds combine simultaneously and protective functions, and the possibility of their use at the discretion of the driver without the necessity of permanent joining/detach.

Outwardly simple, these car blinds on the rear window is made of very durable material that differs resistance and durability. In addition, the most expensive options such blinds are truly exquisite design. Yes, and like many, primarily because of the appearance and the character design: it is possible at any time to disclose them, providing the penetration of light. Therefore, sliding blinds conveniently installed on the side of the window.

 Sliding shutters

What to choose?

Picking up the car blinds custom try, first of all, read reviews about the quality of the product of a manufacturer. Having defined by the manufacturer, can safely consider the appearance and method of fixing of their blinds. Strive for convenience and comfort. If you can not find the optimal use for this case the auto screen – universal.


Of course, buy a ready option, you can, but is it worth to spend money if it is possible to produce automotive blinds on the window itself. In Internet you will find many ways, and the most intelligent and resourceful, will offer his own version. But for example, we give you one, perhaps the most simple but reliable way.

So, for the manufacture of blinds you will need:

Manufacture of automobile blinds at home begins with the production of measurements: you must find the perimeter of each window. The result will determine the number of wire and Atlas, that are required. Then you should prepare the frame. We recommend customizing it under the frame of the door tight enough as it is to ensure the reliable fastening of automobile curtain.

Ready-frame necessary for fitting cloth. But first we connect the ends of the wire, for example, with electrical tape. After an appropriate piece of tissue is cut, it krepjat to a skeleton with needle and thread, fabric coated along the frame so that it was taut, but not distorted form of wire.

 Finished sliding his hands

The next step is the installation of blinds. It is inserted into the window opening so that she was sitting in a smooth, tight, and closed the glass. If this happens, you will only process the blind externally with a satin ribbon. Or use Atlas for the garter in the case of manufacturing sliding shutters.

 Installed blind

This is a brief description of only one of several dozen versions of the self-manufacture of the elements of protection from the sun and eyes. For responsible approach made you blind car will be not worse than those offered in the shops. Therefore, if you are skilled hands and head light, feel free to go for it's own work will be much more pleasing to the eye.