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Best mud tires for extreme conditions

Before you choose rubber, you have to imagine in what conditions you use it and how you will use your vehicle. Sometimes the required high permeability in the dirt where tires for off mud, sometimes need good acceleration or great handling. Options can be many, so for themselves to decide which of them is yours. All owners can be divided into three groups, which depends on what kind of tires are best to put on your SUV.

Universal rubber 

Most of all it is suitable for those vehicle owners who almost never leave the asphalt surface. In this case, you simply have no need to buy a mud tire for SUVs. Optimal for these drivers there is an option to use highway tires in the summer and winter in the cold days. In case, if you fear getting stuck somewhere in his car during a very rare outing on the roads – it is the most practical option would be to purchase a winch. 

It is also worth remembering that the majority of winches have mounting kits that install or remove for a very short period of time. Do not forget that even the most aggressive tires is not 100%  guarantee that you won't be stuck somewhere in the snow.

In quite another way, if you are on your SUV often leave asphalt road and walk on roads with unpaved. For example, if you often are going to travel to the country. In this case, the most appropriate will be to put a universal rubber. It will also be year-round, it's a cross between mud and road tires. In this case, the behavior of your cars on the pavement is more than acceptable, and besides, and on a muddy, for example, after rain the primer, the car will also be able to pass.

In theory, the sand car also needs to move quietly, but in the ruts of clay there is a great chance to get stuck. Tires for trucks mud in this respect is superior to the universal.

Mud tires, mud tires BU

These tires are more suitable for those car owners, who often go fishing, hunting or just love extreme travel. For drivers with rubber which is able to significantly increase the permeability of their SUVs. But all the same, the tires without any difficulty to stay and asphalt. For such a driving style and vehicle use has been specially designed mud tires. 

This is a radical tire, the main feature of which will be ground hooks, and a special picture of the tire in the center. Tires in this class relate to summer, if you want to move around with these tires in winter in our country, it is necessary to disappoint you. The tread pattern is not suitable for driving in winter, as these tires for zatsepu on ice will be greatly inferior to the winter counterparts. Use a rubber every day in the city, of course, possible, but it is not quite logical. After all, so your tires will wear quickly, plus the handling will be worse and the car will make more noise. Many fans of extreme travel prefer to buy mud tires for SUVs, the price of them though, and more – but it is so much safer and more reliable to move around in the same forests. In addition, there is a good way to save money on buying mud tires.

If you think that this is a good option. After all, some people sooner or later can throw fishing, or just sell your car. For such car owners selling mud rubber will be one of the best options to somehow recover their money.

Extreme rubber

There is also rubber for car owners that use your vehicle to participate in any competitions, trades, or simply “travel” extreme terrain. Such a car is generally not designed to be driven on a paved area, or it all comes down to travel to the garage or Parking space. For such machines installed special tires. Their main difference – resistance to stress, great big lugs, at times, the Central path does not exist.

How to choose tire size

This is probably one of the most important questions which should be answered by the owner of an SUV before you start to modify your car. Indeed, on this basis, will be updated and transmission.Here we should proceed from the fact what the SUV to its owner. On the tires, the size of which exceeds staffing – the load is increased, and it definitely will reduce the reliability of the vehicle and driving safety in General.

The disadvantage will be the need to alter the suspension of your vehicle, but will also increase the load on the engine and transmission.

An increase in the width may increase the permeability of the machine on soft surfaces, for example in the forest in the swamp. Don't forget that traction depends on the weight of the SUV. Therefore not in all cases an increase in the width permeability will be better, maybe it will give the opposite effect.

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Every car owner decide what he had to put the mud tyres on the basis of their requirements. The most important thing – to know what parameters you should pay attention.