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Car compressor with pressure gauge

 Car air compressor

Car compressor with pressure gauge – this device, which displaces the familiar to many drivers of manual pump. Appearing only a couple of decades ago, he settled down in the trunks of many cars. Many drivers are often faced with the problem of the lowered wheels the morning when you have to go to work.

Motorist faces the dilemma: either replace the wheel (the Jack, wheel wrench, stained clothes, hands, etc.) or go on a run-flat tire to the nearest tire store. But run-flat tires for a long time impossible to move: reaching the coveted, the wheel will likely have to be thrown away because of the damaged cord and chewed rubber. However, if the puncture is small, then using the compressor, you can pre-podkachal wheel, feel free to go for repairs.

Advantages of road compressors:

Types of car compressors

Automotive-type compressors come in two types – piston and diaphragm. The first is more common due to the large generated by pressure, and with greater productivity.

Car air compressor piston type – is the device in which the air pressure created by the piston moving inside the cylinder (as in an internal combustion engine). When the piston moves down the exhaust valve closes and the cylinder receives air from the atmosphere. As soon as the piston begins to move upward, the intake valve closes and the air through the exhaust valve goes into the hose and then to inflate the tire.

Unfortunately, the compressors of this type have some inherent disadvantages:

 Piston compressor

Diaphragm compressors have a valve mechanism such piston, but the pressure of the air in them is not created by the piston and diaphragm moving at a fairly small distance (3-12 mm.). However, due to the high frequency moving membrane this type of compressor is a piston only slightly inferior in performance.

The main disadvantage of this compressor type is the problem with the pump in the cold season, due to the fact that in the cold, the membrane loses its elasticity which greatly decreases performance. Therefore, if you live in the Northern latitudes, selecting the compressor type is better to give preference to the device of the piston type.

To undoubted advantages of diaphragm compressors is the possibility of rapid replacement of the membrane in the case of impulse and, therefore, recovery of the whole device.

 Membrane car air compressor

The pros and cons of different types of pressure gauges

The presence of pressure gauges on the compressor – this is another caveat, which significantly expands the service capabilities of the device. Now while pumping the tyre pressure it is possible to define “on the fly”, focusing on the testimony of built-in pressure gauge.

I would like to say a few words about the types of gauges used in the automotive compressors. They are of two types: simple, analog and digital.

Dial gauges capable of withstanding most traffic nuisances (vibration, shaking, etc.), but some drivers will experience disruption in meter readings, electronic pressure gauges allow you to monitor the measured pressure with a digital scale.

Unfortunately, large changes in temperature and humidity and constant vibration, it's not the best working conditions for electronic devices, so before you choose the type of gauge, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

 The pros and cons of automotive compressors

Additional features of the car compressors

When choosing automobile compressor, it is desirable to pay attention to the presence in it of additional functions. Very often car air compressor with pressure gauge the manufacturer equips the lamp, which is extremely handy when swapping tires in the dark. Also useful "lotion" is the availability of a valve to reduce the pressure of the air in the tires, if suddenly for some reason will increase.

Also extremely useful in the automotive compressor is the possibility of automatic termination of employment upon reaching a predetermined pressure. This function have only compressors equipped with pressure gauge electronic type. It is good that having set on the electronic pressure gauge the value of the desired pressure and turn on the pump, you should not worry about what tires will be pumped.

A good addition to the automobile compressor is the presence in its equipment several replacement tips that will allow you to use the device not only for its intended purpose (pumping tires), but also for inflating balls, water mattresses, toys, etc.