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Car DVR with radar detector

Nowadays there are many devices that make life easier. One such device is a car DVR with radar detector. This modern invention is not only a witness of traffic accidents, but also warns of the presence of fixation devices speed, save your money from spending on fines.

Where to buy DVR with radar detector? The answer is simple: in any convenient store, offering vehicles, which today many.

 DVRs with radar detectors

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

 DVR with radar detector SUBINI

Modern car — this is not only a means of transportation. It needs to be comfortable for all, so is equipped with various appliances. Radar detector and DVR together represent a very useful device. Of course, you can travel without them, but their presence simplifies the driver life.

What is better: to buy a DVR with radar detector and GPS or each device separately?

The advantages of hybrids:

Disadvantages of hybrid devices:

Kinds of devices

 DVR with built-in radar ARROW

DVR with built-in radar detector can be divided into 2 categories: the model, the economy and more advanced expensive equipment.

The model economy perform two main functions: video and the definition of the radar. They exercise video high (quality shooting and viewing angle depend on the particular brand), respond to all types of radars used by the police (stationary, portable, etc.).

The multifunction device in addition to performing direct problems are equipped with more high-quality optics that can capture the person and number of auto at a distance up to 30 meters, GPS, determinants of the speed limit, etc.

The volume of analyzed indicators with these devices is amazing! Among them:

 DVR spaced type Conqueror XR3008

Price on DVR with radar detector car depends on the type of device and the number of features and the quality materials.

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How to choose the best variant

Of course, these multifunction devices are available from different manufacturers, and each offers a special model. But every car owner requirements and expectations from such techniques, so the choice should be based on them.

With the high number of modifications of the devices that are on the market now, an independent determination of the best models might take a huge amount of time. In finding and choosing the best model can help the rating of the DVR with radar detector formed on the basis of feedback and evaluation of functionality and technical characteristics.

This car DVR with radar detector and GPS, which copes with all the features. The radar detector has high sensitivity, and the video quality is commendable. Off the device resembles a large mirror. He is able to play the videos that are equipped with a modulator radio and Bluetooth.

 DVR Arena PRO8000 built into the rear view mirror

Radar conqueror is on the market in the form of a plurality of modifications, the most popular of which is the model GR-H8. The h8 radar detector consists of a high sensitivity, DVR, memory card, Navigator, card reader, holder for glass. It is able to detect the radar of any type, alerting them about the presence of a sound signal. Also has a sensor that turns on the video recording in extreme situations.

 Video recorder with the integrated radar detector Conqueror GR-H8

This hd DVR with radar detector relates to devices spaced type and is very popular among motorists. In his work easy to understand. Radar detector feels the fixing device within 1 km, retains excellent quality and high definition videos at any time of the day, has the function of emergency recording. In addition, the driver receives a lot of additional data about the trip. The device offers intelligent mode absolute silence: if you don't break the speed limit, it beeps and you don't bother.

This DVR with gps and radar. It provides 2 modes of video, he defines the location of transport, but it lacks the function of the task route. In the configuration map is attached showing the location of police posts and speed limits.