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Car mats in the trunk

Relatively small accessory to the greatest extent shows the taste of a motorist indeed, the ratio of as parts of a whole, Mat plays the role of equally significant other. From the stylistic point of view, the opinion is important driver to the Mat, as it is the attitude to detail shows the true nature and pedantry in respect of their things, that gives a picture about the image as a whole. In addition, the condition of the floor mats in the car shows the cleanliness of the driver.

When choosing a carpet, not superfluous will examine the quality of the goods. The quality of the rug not always depend on the rates, or brand . Avoid counterfeit, in any case, when choosing a rug in the trunk or on the floor of the car, you must tactile and visual inspections of its strength and elasticity, to later do not regret about the decision of the selection. It is worth noting that the advantage of the rug will be the presence of holes for the fastener to otherwise Mat had no possibility to move on the surface on which it is located.

 Mat in the trunk, processed оверлоком

There are ways to the naked eye to be able to identify a fake from the original to convey. You should know that mats good quality must necessarily be processed оверлоком . Forgery, or just poor quality mats often treated tape, which is much less capable of keeping time as the appearance of a product and its period of wear and tear. Although the sales there are mats with thick ribbon, in turn, lies smoother edges than the thread оверлока , which when applied create roughness, so as you have posed a problem for the hardware used.

Rubber floor mats

Most drivers prefer the choice of rubber mats, convinced in their universality. However, this opinion is erroneous. Rubber mats almost impossible to clean it with a dry brush, textile if, in their settings absorb dirt and rubber, in this case, just turn it into dust. In case of inclement weather, water upside forms puddles on rubber mats that causes a lot of discomfort to the driver. There be no mistake low cost.

Among other things, it is important not to make a mistake when choosing the lowest price of the rubber Mat in the trunk or on the floor of the cabin, as these products have a property, at high temperatures, cause very unpleasant smell of burning rubber in the cabin. It is good to pay attention to the terrain.

 rubber Mat in the trunk

Upon closer examination, mats made of rubber are the most budgetary products of this kind. Among the negative qualities have the ability to easily absorb odors, and in addition, have a solid mass.

Textile floor mats

 Textile Mat in the trunk

In the summer, made use of a textile mats. But, despite the lightness and aesthetics, textile mats tend periodically скомкиваться, and fall under the pedals, which, of course, hinder the full operation of the vehicle. Mats textile weigh quite a bit, and so very quickly absorb moisture, and in their drying, spent much more time than, for example, while drying rubber. In this case, it is necessary to take into account available in an assortment of velour floor mats and carpet.

Polyurethane floor mats

 Polyurethane Mat

In addition to the above carpets, in the course of popular carpets made of polyurethane. They have a weight is twice less than rubber, easy to stack and removed from the cabin. Carpets made of polyurethane cleaned effortlessly with the help of detergents and quickly dried.

Summing up the results

In addition to the aesthetic function of the Mat is to maintain stability of things in the trunk, and to prevent contact with moisture metal parts. Currently, the car owners seek to combine practicality and style attributes in your vehicle, and in this regard, buy car mats in the trunk now is not the task even think.

Popular in the production of car mats in the trunk mats are made of polyurethane and plastic. They fulfil the necessary conditions for safety of the goods and water resistance of the trunk, but all the existing characteristics, polyurethane floor mats have a great advantage over the plastic as the latter, due to its physical and mechanical characteristics, stronger slip at the time of manoeuvring the vehicle.

When transporting cargo in the trunk, it is an inherent disadvantage in the direction of plastic mats. But the rubber Mat in the trunk, optimal, because it costs too low, and functionality, by contrast, shows that for a little money you can buy a practical accessory.

After a thorough analysis of car floor mats, we can make a rough outcome:

Summed up, the conclusions are presented, but only for You, not for someone, remains the choice of an accomplishment of your car! Only depends on You comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. Go ahead and buy the mats in the trunk of Your car!