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Electric winches for auto

Each motorist, not once, not twice probiravshiysya on the road, in the end, think about purchasing a powerful winches automobile. Winch electric car – the miracle of technology, capable to pull your car out of the mud and even water by twisting the rope. But before you buy a car winch, you need to decide what qualities winches should assess first, and consider the already available on the market model. So, let's review the pros and cons of different winches!

Introduction: General characteristics of automobile hoists

So, the first and most important thing to evaluate when buying a car winches – the strength of her thrust unit – ton-force). In order to calculate this parameter, the maximum mass that can be moved from place this winch is multiplied by 1.5. Unfortunately, the availability of additional barriers and biases, as well as  the  a car in the dirt contribute to overload the winch. Because, even if the capacity of the chosen winch corresponds to the weight of your car, it is better to take winch "with a margin of" power, and not just enough.

Pay attention to the material from which made the cable – so torn Kevlar rope spend your time, but nothing more, and that's the break of the steel cable is fraught car damage and injuries to the present. If you still want to buy a winch with a steel cable, take care and availability of trosogasitelya – for example, the hanged man on the rope tryapichnogo flap, or a special trosogasitelya, which will cost you 700-800 rubles. However, remember about the benefits of a synthetic ropes – so, hundred-meter Kevlar cable weighs not more than 7 kg, not stretched, does not absorb moisture and does not sink does not come off with drum and does not spring weather.

To date, the most common electric winches for auto – that is, winch, working from the electric motor, current-bearing onboard network of the car. These winches consist of a motor block contacts, gearbox and a drum with reeled up cable. Different in capacity, electric windlass can be equipped with different braking systems, located inside the drum. As a rule, electric winch easy to mount on the car and even envisage the possibility of remote control. They can be used even when turned off the engine, but the battery enough for a maximum of 10-15 minutes to complete the work.

So, let's proceed to a detailed study of different models of automobile hoists, passed trust drive in the conditions maximally close to natural!

The model №1: WARN XD 9000i

 WARN winch XD 9000i

Winch was tested in the standard terms – mechanism had pulled the SUV and yank him 40 meters. A counter force when pulling the SUV out of the mud was approximately 2–500 kilograms, after which the car gave established load on the rope within 1 300 – 1 500 kilograms (weight medium SUV).

WARN XD 9000i – the brainchild of the famous company, which by default can't be quite so bad. Model costs more than 42 thousand roubles, has a high located in the housing of the control unit on what informs index "i" in the title) and a comfortable handle the mechanism responsible for the uncoiling of a rope. Pulling the rope runs easily and with minimal resistance. The rope is a mark of a maximum length of bestowal, after which there are five spare turns of rope, allowing not to wrest it from the mount. Drum diameter small – just 63,5 mm. Brake model WARN XD 9000i withstood the entire testing program and never failed, that proves its high quality. When edinokratnom "sdergivanii" machines and pulling SUV at the distance of 40 meters winch showed perfect results.

An important property of this winch – the presence in the engine of the two holes. If the winch is immersed in water, the liquid under the pressure sucked into the engine and erupts from it through the second hole. This, of course, gives the rotating anchor motor good cooling, but in the motor can get sand and mud, which in theory is fraught with a contamination of the bearings and the collector. However, experiments have shown that even after severe pollution winch easily triggered. Unfortunately, after the first 20 meters broach in the clogged with dirt and clay winch failing power supply. Conclusions: do not rely on the "maybe" and leave winch untreated.

The model # 2: MW 8288

Assembled in China model Master Winch 8288 is not promoted brand, and therefore should not exceed 30 thousand roubles. Figure "8288» - maximum traction winches, measured in pounds, which translated into pounds is nearly 3 759 kg of This model is a reputed manufacturers like "sports", and therefore is focused on high speed of unwinding and twisting the rope. Block solenoid winch is located so that it can be easily move under the hood, or even the interior of the vehicle, pre-increasing cross-section and length of the wires. Handle responsible for the unlocking of the drum, conveniently placed and has a good fixation. Contact between chamber solenoid unit and vstavlyayuschimsya it connector cables from the remote control found to be satisfactory.

If you want to buy the "fast" automotive winch, you should take a look at this model. In addition, the low gear ratio is well combined with a powerful motor. Pull winch is such that the model MW 8288 effortlessly handled with maximum load 4 000 pounds, which is almost 300 kilograms exceeds its nameplate capacity.

The model 3: SPRUT-9000

 Winch SPRUT-9000

Very cheap model that will cost you 15.5 thousand rubles. «SPRUT-9000" has ebonitovoy box under control unit and is easily established in mezhramnuyu Oise region. By the way, this affected the length of the winch.

«SPRUT-9000" is equipped with locker pipe, through which the unwinding the cable passes with little resistance. Unfortunately, this winch is the weakness of – its brakes. Winch was ten tests with the rise of cargo, during which the brake could prevent a crash cargo only twice. In other cases, the load dropping significantly been slowed, but not stopped completely. Consequently, "Sprut" is unlikely to be able to drag the car on a steep ascent, and the owners of the model should think about pricepke tether anchorage.

The average transport speed of the SUV for the electric winches – 1 meter for 23 seconds (current value – 250 A). The main advantage of this model is that even after three months of downtime winch easily triggered and is scrubbing the vehicle at a distance of up to 80 metres. After that in untreated control unit starts to "get stuck» solenoid, the unit gets very hot and cooled only by immersion in water. When to take pity on a mechanism running on smotku contactor can oplavit'sya and fail completely. Also during the "field" test winch was disrupted with mounts (435 meter pullback). Eventually cheek drum was broken, and failure became razrushivshayasya inside spring brakes.

The model №4: coming UP DV 9000

This model came to us from Taiwan. She looks like a model Tabor and Warn, but has another, tough enough mechanism unwinding and very affordable cost – 22.4 thousand rubles. The main advantage of this winch is its remote control – a very convenient made so that the mode switch is closed with a rubber band for better protection against the ingress of water.

Have COME UP DV 9000 and significant disadvantage – its disgusting mounting system. For example, when you try to pin the control unit on the trial winch immediately collapsed fasteners – bolts flunked out the thread, and in some cases swirled head. However, winch has a high rate of broach (1 meter by 20.3 seconds). In the "unlucky» copies quickly refuses motor (known to occur breakdowns already on the first 30 metres pullback). In the collector quickly melted fins and brush not only get jammed, but break. It is also possible jamming of the bearings due to rust.

The model №5: KDJ 9000L

 Winch KDJ 9000L

Everything in this model says about her extreme budget ’ her cheeks winches not chromium-plated, top screeds flaunt curved ends nuts loose etc. strength winch KDJ 9000L is a unit solenoids, a strategically placed over the motor, however, the connectors for remote control are made at random. Installing constantly loses contact, and the remote is not very convenient, but is very large. Fortunately, the model is equipped with buttons, allowing the transportation of the remote deactivate button decoiling and coiling rope.

The lever to unlock the cable executed so, that covered mud hands will be with him slide off. But this design, there is a significant plus – producing manually poddergivanie rope, you can be sure that the release lever itself will jump into position to block dryer, allowing you to run once again to the windlass.

The process of reeling in KDJ 9000L is quite noisy, but it always fulfils its nameplate capacity (4 082 kilograms). However, one should not overestimate its capabilities – there are cases when during the test workload 4 100 kilograms (slightly exceed the passport norms of KDJ 9000L burst cable.

Overview of winches: findings do

So, what would winch you choose, try in a timely manner to clean and rewinding rope after use. Not worth it to check the possibility of winches and make it work under heavy loads for a long time. When operating on winding the cable on an empty drum any motor overheat and fail. In addition, the engine can escape varnish, which are filled armature winding, and that in some cases, lead to a short circuit.

Be attentive to your lebedkam, read the manufacturer's instructions and try not to ignore the high temperature of the motor – if, of course, do not want to "burn" at the first trial. To check whether the motor is overheated, put on his palm. If his hand fervently, try to cool the motor, watering it with water or covered with a compress of marsh, Tina.