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Expeditionary trunk with his hands on crossover

 Expeditionary trunk

Going on a long journey, I'm sure many will face the same problem as the lack of free space in the car. One of the best solutions to this problem may be to set the forwarding Luggage on the roof of the car. Today there are many types and models of this device, which can be seen in specialized stores. However, it is quite easy to do the forwarding trunk with his own hands, because somehow they all serve to accomplish one task, namely, the  for transportation of various mass and shape of goods  to unload the car and spread evenly over him cargo.

Expedition roof rack with their hands become indispensable in the road. Given that shoplifter trunk not even from the most famous manufacturer's worth a pretty decent money. Then how do the forwarding trunk with their hands, and save on the purchase, we'll discuss shortly.

From what we can make the forwarding trunk

Most modern roof racks today are made of aluminum, they are light weight, not bend and have excellent strength, so the material is likely to be the best option in the manufacture of Luggage on any car. The strength of the material is also not less important variable determining the duration of operational services of a forwarding trunk.

If You make the trunk on the Field with their hands or trunk on UAZ with your hands, then you can use the  and profiled a thin-walled tube. If this trunk for a loaf of their hands, try to use the black metal or stainless steel. In one word choices material for the forwarding trunk abound, all depends on Your preference and functions, which trunk will perform in the future.

Stages of the forwarding of the trunk with their hands

In order to make the trunk with their hands many motorists prefer to use  metal profile, so we consider it is such kind of  this device.

1. To begin, you need to measure the width and length of a roof of the car on which it is planned to install trunk. Proceeding from this, in the program  Excel, you can make a drawing of where immediately and calculated the weight of the whole structure.


2. First, boil the perimeter of the forwarding of the trunk. And in this perimeter ввариваем two bearing jumper with which to рейлингам will be fixed platform.

 The perimeter of the forwarding trunk

3. Since the distance between the ridges is too high, then you must вварить still intermediate jumpers.

 intermediate jumper

4. For increase of durability of a design attach the jumper together using the same profile pipe.

 Bonding jumpers

5. Think about aesthetics and aerodynamics of the trunk to the front put arc. Measure the desired size of the material, on the edge make the overlap of 5 cm and bends in the sector cut and fold.

 Tenderloin sector

 Bend the front of the trunk

Attach the arc to design, cut to size and positioned it. The arc also must first jumpers.

 Welding of the jumpers to the arc

6. Next you need to do bead forwarding trunk. It is best that they are removable for various occasions. So, for fastening the sides need to make a hole in that you must insert the sleeve of appropriate diameter and scald to our profile is not soft when tightening the bolts.

 Opening with bushing

Now do the Board. We shall cut racks in length of approximately 6.5 inches quantity  8 pieces. To вварить mounting stud drill 2 holes at 8 cm, insert a pin and welds her through these holes, then cut off the required number of threads and fasten the studs in the available holes.

 Studs for Board trunk

Then produce side upper crossbar. Front crossbar bend on the same principle as the front arch. Second do also.

For fastening the front top of the crossbar welds sleeve in the bend of the side of the crossbar, while the front crossbar welds piece of studs. Rear crossbar is done similarly.

 Fastening the top of the crossbar

So, our expeditionary trunk is almost ready, now we need.

7. Now you need to do a painting of our design – this will be the final touch. First, you need to properly ground, in order to avoid rust. The best thing to do цинкосодержащую primer, which can withstand the impact of salt solutions. The difference between the painting and the ground should normally take up to 24 hours. Paint the trunk can ordinary enamel. After painting to improve the appearance of the forwarding of the Luggage in the places of fastening bolts can deliver private (decorative) nuts. 

 Painted trunk with decorative nuts

Additional equipment forwarding trunk

Besides the fact that the trunk is necessary to create a free space inside the car, he is still able to perform other functions with the help of additional equipment:

In conclusion, we say that the expedition trunk of the car with his hands is not only a solution to the issue save space, but the safety of the vehicle. Thoroughly thought-out and is calculated expeditionary trunk allow outside to the car interior significant in weight and volume of goods.  And at precise engineering calculations installation design for the transport of goods over the body of the machine will not create a vibration, or a related driving fast whistling noise.

Also do not forget the strong fasteners. Such devices for cargo to solve the problems of each active motorist, whether it is a fisherman, a hunter or a traveler. Proper selection of mounting hardware is capable of providing strong fixation of things and the absence of violations in the dynamics of the vehicle.