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First aid kit car with their hands

Motorists known that the first aid kit in the car – is not just a mobile warehouse of medications which are populated by the owner, and a very important element. The kit is regulated by Ministry of health Order №325 "On approval of first aid kits (car)" and a set of amendments to this document. The last one dated July 1, 2010, the official statement said that the amendment took into account many factors. From the composition of the car kit excluded drugs, expanded list of medicines to stop bleeding and dressing of wounds.

 Car kit

First-aid kit

Car first aid kit, a new sample must have such a filling:

As shows the list members, who had a car first aid kit with the old model, has changed significantly. In the composition of the old kit for car included:

Thus, instead of completely excluded drugs in a new first-aid kit added a lot of bandages. Such a step is absolutely logical. In fact, a very small part of drivers possesses the knowledge in the medical field, which is enough for the correct application of medical preparation. Before the first aid kit car regained its new composition, often had to hear complaints of the drivers that have been in an accident, the lack of materials for dressing of wounds and eliminate bleeding.

Pitfalls of the car kit

As the composition of the car kit is defined at the legislative level, the cost of such sets in different pharmacies and the automobile should not differ greatly. In fact, we are witnessing a rather substantial variation in prices from different vendors. What is the reason for this phenomenon? It seems that not all first aid kits "equally useful». Very often car enthusiasts are offered a kit that is good only for passing the examination. Know this kit is very simple – it produces a low price. This set – a pure formality. Of course, technical examination you go, but will it succeed with such a first-aid kit to provide timely and effective assistance in an actual emergency?

 New car first aid kit

Understand, what is different this first aid kit from the full version.

The main danger is that even clearly falsified packs and their components can have a real certificate from Минздравсоцполитики. Therefore, when buying the kits be careful! Remember: your security – it is in your hands! Don't be tempted to buy cheaper kit. The lack of a timely adequate assistance during accidents may cost much more.

What else should be in the medicine Cabinet?

The developers of the new kit argue that in the new version into account the experience of the countries of Western Europe. However, many experts consider the set, which has a first aid kit for car, insufficiently thought-out.

First of all, the question arises: is it reasonable to take as an example the auto first aid kit developed countries, where the rescue team arrives on the scene within 3-5 minutes? Thanks to this efficient operation of the emergency kit for the car in Western countries is purely symbolic. In our country where the assistance arrives for 40-60 minutes after the call, such adopt experience yet.

 First aid

The following is a list of funds, whose presence in a car kit can significantly increase the chances of victims of survival and rapid recovery. It is worth noting that complement your first aid kit in accordance with these recommendations, anyone can already now, despite the fact that these funds are not in the official list. The fact that the order Минздравсоцполитики concerning picking automobile first-aid kits, has recommendatory character. No one has the right to claim the driver, first aid kit which includes additional медсредствами.

How can help in the salvation of man new kit car, you can see in the following clip: