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Gauge car: the basic characteristics and recommendations

As a person suffers from pressure or vacuum, and improper tire pressure harmful to the car. It is to detect, let us say this "disease" tire was created gauge car, available in almost all confirmed motorists. However, it should be noted that the owners of some expensive cars are taken care of by the producers themselves, in vehicles of class "premium" sensors, tyre pressure monitoring, as a rule, are included as standard.

 Review of the automotive gauges

To avoid many problems tire pressure should be checked almost regularly. Miscellaneous tire pressure can affect the exchange rate stability of the machine, then when braking it would just be a sidetrack. At high pressure car can accelerate faster and better react to turns of the wheel, but rather strongly pressurized air tires sharper will be passed all the pits and bumps wheel and suspension, so wait for the smooth movement of the machine is still not worth it. In addition, with перекачанными wheels may increase significantly the braking of the vehicle, hence it is clear when You like would stand winter tyres, and on the ice they behave the same way as the summer with normal amounts of atmospheres. With regard to the low tire pressure, the ride on such wheels dangerous and harmful not less, than on the tire with the high pressure. In such a situation, the vehicle begins to devour an enormous amount of gasoline, slowly gaining speed, and brake it also increased. With all this, the wheels with low pressure and friction wear out sidewall tread.

In principle, what there should be pressure in the tires of Your car, you can look in the user's manual within the cap, or on the driver's door. Depending on what country produced car, the unit of optimal pressure may be different. Also gauge car can have a scale that measures the pressure with different units. But all of them are interrelated and understand the dimensions simply here with such a formula: 1 bar = 1 kgf/cm2 = 1,019 ATM = 100 kPa = 14,5 рsi.

Many, of course, are resorting to such a popular method of measuring the pressure, as clicking on the bus finger, but this method is good only for a very rough estimate of where to err on the floor of the atmosphere can be very easily. So, what you really want to have every motorist in its Arsenal is an accurate pressure gauge, details of which we'll discuss shortly.

Types of pressure gauge

So, the pressure gauge is a device that allows you to monitor the pressure in the tires of the car. From the tire pressure, and thus the quality of the measuring instrument depends not only the condition of the car, but Your own safety.

The modern market offers us a great variety of tire pressure gauges, however, before buy gauge car you need to understand what their types are. All car gauges, usually divided into two main groups – the gauge car digital (electronic) and analog (mechanical) pressure gauge.

Gauge analog

 gauge analog

This type of device is a device with a marked scale and arrow that shows current pressure in a car tire. Analog gauges are considered the most reliable, and if you use them correctly, these devices provide fairly accurate reading.

However, we note that the mechanical gauges have such a feature, as the growth of measurement errors when approaching the upper limit of the measuring range, i.e. to the limiting values of the scale. Despite this analog gauges are not less popular among motorists and are in good demand, due to its low cost. Note only one thing, that if You are going to buy a car gauge, the principle is: "the neighbor gauge more expensive, so it ’ or" all not worth it.

Digital pressure gauge

 digital pressure gauge

Electronic car pressure gauge, as a rule, displays the results of measurements on the LCD screen, it is convenient that can display a value in user-defined units of measurement. It is believed that the digital tire gauge yields the most accurate readings than analog. But, anyway, all the electronic pressure gauges are also divided into several classes  depending on the exact readings. The higher the class of gauge, the more his testimony. The first class belong devices with accuracy from 1 to 0.5, the second – from 0.5 to 0.1, and the third class of – up to 0.05. So before buying a digital gauge car  you must decide what accuracy You need.

As for the price of digital sensors, their value can range from one to two thousand to several tens of thousands of roubles. Here all depends mainly on the accuracy, functionality manometer, its size, and also such characteristics of the shell, as the strength and ergonomics.  the Only drawback automotive digital pressure gauge is only in the batteries to run. When the battery runs out, and You need to measure the pressure, but You haven't got a spare kit, it can cause considerable inconvenience.

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