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Jack for SUV

Choose a Jack for the off-road: tips for motorists

The modern motorist is not already carries with him in the trunk of a huge variety instruments on the case in the road with his “swallow” will happen some misfortune. A huge number of electronics that are crammed with today's car, the complexity of the design of the machines has led to the fact that once a standard set of tools, in fact, already do not really need. But the Jack for SUV shall be obliged to carry in the trunk every self-respecting owner of such a machine. This tool is never superfluous will not be, will not lose its relevance and demand. Moreover, the Jack may need not only when you need to change a tire. So, what jacks are available on the market and in specialty stores? What to look for when choosing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of jacks? To these questions we will now briefly try to answer. 

The use of a Jack


People who bought driver's licence around the corner and those who knows absolutely nothing about cars, think that the Jack need only to raise your four-wheeled friend, replace the wheel, and then again to put it in the trunk of a car until the next emergency. In fact, it is not so. If you own a SUV, to apply the Jack may have in other situations. For example, Jack can help out when there is a need to get out of the mud stuck vehicle. In some cases the Jack may even replace the winch (with certain restrictions, of course, but this feature the Jack for an SUV is). If you need to push the kinked metal construction, high-quality Jack sometimes not enough. And such cases can be listed and listed. As you know, the use of jacks is not limited only to lifting the car. 

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Key features

It is accepted to distinguish several types of jacks. And, regardless of design, all the jacks in some of the similar characteristics. And when you go to the market or to a specialty store to buy a floor Jack for SUV, pay attention to the manufacturers capacity. Since your SUV is heavier than the ordinary passenger car, then stop in front of the models, where the declared capacity of two and a half tons. Better to let this parameter will be a small reserve than will be incident at the critical moment. 

You can pay attention to the height of the wings. However, this criterion is more important for owners of passenger automobiles.

But at the height of the rise is worth paying attention to. The Jack must lift the SUV body to a certain height. In extreme cases, consult with the seller-consultant, which, of course, there is in every self-respecting outlet. He will tell you the right model of the Jack. 

And, of course, look at the price tag. Do not skimp on quality, a good Jack penny simply may not be worth. Trust the proven manufacturer that has been able to prove itself in the automobile market. If name brands you are nothing to say, look into the world wide web, read reviews about manufacturers in the Internet. Choose “middle” that the product was good quality and not cost a small fortune. 

Varieties of jacks

Let's start with a screw Jack. This device is of little interest to SUV owners. Screw jacks more are becoming the drivers of small cars. The load capacity of the Jack is poor. And to raise “swallow” are used only certain places on the body. Have a screw Jack, in fact, only one serious dignity. The device is cheap, whichever model you choose.

And it's better to spend time, and from year to year enjoy the purchase than working with a Jack, constantly in mind to blame yourself, he treated low-quality product. 

Pay attention to the rhombic jacks. And also say, owners of SUV it is better to pass the device data. This is a really common form of jacks, but only among owners of passenger cars. From advantages-low price. Almost the same as that of the jackscrews. Moreover, rhombic jacks are compact and have a relatively low weight. In General, more suitable for a lady driver on the car. And, since we were told about the advantages, talk about the shortcomings.  Main – low carrying capacity. Moreover, Jack has a certain instability and a slight elevation. So, this kind – definitely not for SUV owners. Only where he can help - on a level road with the wheel. And under certain conditions. In General, spending money on diamond Jack is not worth it. 

Consider the hydraulic jacks. The owners of SUVs can draw attention. This Jack and has a high load capacity and trunk space does not take a lot. Moreover, to cope with them can avtoledi, which, somehow, went as a passenger car to an SUV. A lot of strength to lift a car using this Jack is not needed, this can not even doubt. The only one drawback-not every SUV is a Jack on the lift height. So before purchasing it is better to consult with the seller. 

 Rack and pinion jacks

And finally, we moved on to the rack and pinion jacks! For the owner of the SUV – a great choice. If you like to ride off-road, participate in any competitions on his SUV, constantly go hunting in the most remote places, where the pavement never smelled purchase a rack and pinion Jack. Think long and it's not necessary. Yes, the dimensions of the Jack are not the smallest, and the weight of what is said, male. But you, if you wish, you can raise your car more than a meter! As you well know, with this Jack you can get your SUV, even from the deepest of ruts, pits. And Jack even after such a work will look like new. Dirt, snow, rain…. This Jack is not scared of anything. Do not forget that the Jack can be safely used as a winch. 

Get yourself and your car only the best. And most importantly – be a responsible driver no matter what car you have never driven. Good luck on the roads and be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones!