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Khungi for pickups

You are the proud owner of a pickup truck? Do you like it for its efficiency, practicality, style and visibility on the road? You want your car has become more solid look? Today, manufacturers offer a huge number of various accessories for pickups to significantly transform them. One of the most notable among them we can note khungi for pickups, which, as experts say, should be equipped each of pickups, as in the car, especially valued usability, universality and appearance, and all this perfectly complements and decorates kung. To understand why indeed is so required by kung, we must find out what it is, and what purpose it has.

 Kung for pickup

What is kung?

In principle, the abbreviation "kung" stands for  the body of a unified normal size». Initially under the shelter was understood as a variation of the army of the van, which is intended for transportation of special equipment.  Today cab is any body of closed type, which is popular not only with military equipment, but also for peaceful purposes. 

Khungi use for the new, trendy, ergonomic tuning of a pickup truck. The prospect of the cab to pick-up is so great that even body kits and other items of tuning recede into the background, because they can simultaneously provide and aesthetics and functionality. The main task performed by the kung for pickup is the protection of transported cargo against rain, mud and selfish intentions.

Types of kung for pickup

Today produces several types of kung:

Full VOX. This kind of cab is made of plastic and equipped with special roof Luggage. The front of the cab is attached directly to the car chassis. Here and hosted aerodynamic arc equipped with the stop signals. The back part of the cab is designed to open and close, and it is installed a special locking device, which protects the contents of the cab from burglary and theft.

 Kung Full Box

Star Box. This kind of kung is made of fiberglass with increased strength. His side Windows and rear window door  tinted. Star Box  has a three-layer painting and fully match the encoding of the plant, which manufactures car. The inner part has a greater resistance to damage than the same FullBox, the increased lifetime of the cab. Also StarBox is equipped with an additional stop sign, on the back of the property has two lighting interior and working shock absorbers.

 Kung Star Box

Cabin (Canopy). This model Kunga - a simpler form, if compare with the previous two, but the car with the cab looks like a real SUV. To install the cab does not require drilling or otherwise distort the body, as the Canopy is equipped with a special installation package, which greatly simplifies the installation Kunga the body without harm to the latter. Also cabin has panoramic side Windows, spoiler with repeater, handle with lock and rear door, which opens with a gas absorber.

 Kung Canopy

Cover for pickups are also used for decoration of the car, and, as a rule, they have kind of an aluminium sheet with curved edges. Such kung has a neat appearance, which is in harmony with the design of the car, high strength, because they are made of pure metal without the addition of plastic and has a small scales and the high angle of lifting the cover. Khungi cover for pickups quickly installed on a body and quickly removed.

 Kung cover for pickups

How to choose kung for pickup?

Kung for Toyota pickup is not just additional gadget, but a kind of accessory. So you need to be able to pick up kung for the truck, in order not to face any problems and undesirable consequences.

Before to buy kung for the truck you need to pay attention to the following details:


Rates at khungi for pickups

Every owner of the truck, who decided to retrofit your car shelter, should be willing to pay a sum equal to approximately 10% of the value of the vehicle. On market rates at khungi depend on several parameters, here are the main of them:

Generally prices at khungi for pick-UPS ranged from 60 up to 140 thousand rubles. A little cheaper cover pickups, prices have value from 50 up to 100 thousand rubles.

Why should I install the kung-on pickup?

Reasons to install kung on your pickup truck, extremely easy.

If you want to clearly see the advantages of the cab to pick-up, you should see a short video about this accessory: