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Modern body kit for Chevrolet Niva

Body kit for Chevrolet Niva will be an indispensable element of tuning Your car, and this will present a unique protection from all sorts of troubles on the road. Variety on offer at today's market structures bodykit all the external parts of the machine allows you to choose exactly which most accurately fits into the exterior design of the car and perfectly accentuate the style of the owner. Maximum body kit for Chevrolet Niva You can see on the photo.

 Body kit for Chevrolet Niva

Выразителбный image of a machine

1. One of the most expressive protective elements is the grille of the front bumper for Chevrolet Niva. Such a body kit on the Chevy Niva is a kind of calling card of the vehicle, its elegant exterior presentation own reliability and efficiency.

The range of body kits of this kind is made, usually of steel with anticorrosive, the diameter is 76 mm (you can meet and 60 mm) blends perfectly with external dimensions of the car. The designers assure the surprising ease of mounting such body kits and absolute неподверженности material of these details to the temperature changes. This guarantees exceptional durability.

In addition, all of the aerodynamic properties of the car when installing such a lattice remain unchanged: streamlining, dynamics, maneuverability of the same.

 Front bumper grille

2. Protect the front bumper of the car from  the charms of" Russian roads from falling small stones in the air collector or the radiator, paintwork from scratches, small holes, and similar problems can bodykit in the form of the bottom front protection for Chevrolet Niva. It is made usually from stainless steel, as the grille of the front bumper has the same characteristics in terms of quality material, installation, durability factors corrosion and duration of use.

As an element of external tuning, this detail is able to turn the car in a more serious and solid transport. What is particularly valuable for owners of Chevrolet Niva is the possibility to combine the bottom front protection with any color machines.

 Bottom protection of front bumper

3. An excellent way to protect from constantly rising dust when driving, shock small (and large) stone on the surface of the hood, the ingress of particles of dirt on the windshield and an endless list of other road consequences can serve as such an accessory, like a cowl of the hood. 

Even flow of water when traveling in rainy weather or the weight of the snow in heavy snowfall would not so destructive act on the wipers – vent hood assumes part of the load, reducing their potency. It is convenient and safe!

Hood deflector is an acrylic plastic apron, which is able to restore the original shape even after significant damage, only he possesses good opportunities to perceive changes in temperature and changes in atmospheric pressure.

Fixing this car accessory can withstand considerable power influence that guarantees faultless reliability even under heavy blows. There is information that it is the hood deflector is a way to protect the paintwork coating machine from разъедающего impact of road dust.

Any owner of Chevrolet Niva will be able to demonstrate a creative approach in choosing this accessory: available deflectors different colors (transparent, blue, dark-brown, and other).

 Hood deflector


Tuning car thresholds

1. Most малозащищенными and easily prone to damage can be considered thresholds Chevrolet Niva. These small strips are most susceptible to changes in temperature and corrosive to erosion because of the constant contact with water, dirt and other substances. How to escape from such a calamity?

There is a way to install on top of these details to the protection of rapids, made of durable aluminum with a natural complement of plastic linings. Installing the power even to the woman, by means of special brackets can be easily put on or take off thresholds. This part of the tuning will give the car more accurate, but, more importantly, for a long time postpone the problem of restoration or even forced replacement of the thresholds.

 Protection of thresholds

2. Special refinement and grooming will purchase a car, when on the side Windows and ветровики You wish to install special deflectors.

Data protective structures, usually, they are made of plastic thin and durable species that have excellent strength characteristics, perfect anti-corrosive characteristics and безпроблемным way to clean the surface using a simple washing.

To all the benefits remained adds a fast and reliable way of fixing these deflectors: developed a special tape that as secure as possible and without unnecessary complications can attach these details to the door of the machine. Such external mount on the upper side border of the dark Windows of the vent will give the car a special charm.

 Vents at the side Windows


Protecting the rear of the machine

1. In this issue, will be very useful to use protection of the rear bumper design development of the pipe of stainless steel with special breaks, which clearly copy the surface of the Chevrolet Niva and provide a perfect landing on the back of the truck. On the positive aspects of the application of this protective enhancement, you can write a report. From shocks, dust, stones for the visual effect of the importance and severity. All in one set – body kit on the rear bumper of the Chevrolet Niva.

 Protection of rear bumper

2. Body kits can be used for installing the corner protection of the rear bumper Chevrolet Niva. This is a great way to avoid the problem of damage to the rear bumper careless contact with a number of ongoing or standing in the Parking machine (i.e. when the external dimensions of the driver feels bad).

Durable steel ring with a diameter of 60 mm, worn on the corners of the rear bumper, will not only salvation from damage, but will add the external design of Your car highlights of style. Corner protection of the rear bumper is usually made of steel, a material that retains its Shine long enough, and restore the lost after a long trip lights can be simple wiping with a damp cloth on the surface.

 Corner protection of the rear bumper


Range of attachments for Chevrolet Niva can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. Appearance, price and functional characteristics are ideal for any choice. Make Your  Chevy Niva truly luxurious car with  using the function body kit, where competently combines practicality and taste!