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Montblanc - roof racks car

Many car owners go for tricks, equipping their cars accessories to increase the lifting capabilities of the car. One of these devices is the hitch, allowing you to tow the car with a small trailer. But the trailer for a carry always will be. There is also the possibility to increase the capacity of the car, though not so much as a trailer when using a roof rack installed on the roof of the car.

Earlier this trunk was improvised design, then there was a factory fit, but they were only designed for a certain brand. Now many car trunks are universal fixture and fit different cars. And because the benefits of such racks are obvious, and many companies are engaged in their production. One such company, which is one of the leaders, is Montblanc.


Features trunks Montblanc 

In stock in this company there is a significant range of these accessories, Montblanc boots provides both General purpose and specialized.

Go through some classification of products of this company. Let's start with themselves trunks. By itself, the trunk Mont Blanc represents two transverse slats, which are fasteners mounted on the roof. This is the most simple design of the trunk. Differ in these trunks Mont Blanc profile crossbars, type fasteners and carrying capacity.

 The design of the racks Montblanc

Often cross the trunk have a square or rectangular profile. This profile shape of the cross is considered a classic. But there is also a roof rack with crossbars have an aerodynamic profile that provides less resistance to air flow, however, this advantage is not significant, because it simply disappears when transporting goods.

As cars have different design features, roof rack Mont Blanc can be equipped with different types of fasteners.

So for a car that has gutters on the sides of the roof, this company can offer the trunk with a special attachment to the gutters.

 Montblanc to mount on smooth roof

For cars with roof rails on the roof, there are boots in which the panels are fastened to the rails. The kinds of mounts to the rails may differ structurally, because the car can be fitted with roof rails rack or roof-integrated roof rails. For these types of railings are different types of fasteners trunk.

 Mount trunk Montblanc on the roof rails of the vehicle

Positive qualities trunks Montblanc, their shortcomings

Positive quality Mont Blanc roof racks is their versatility, because fasteners can move the crossbars, which ensures the applicability of these boots on different cars.

 Montblanc mount for bike

It should be noted a very high capacity data trunks. For normal cars it usually does not exceed 100 kg of the Lack of trunks, consisting only of the cross, is the insecurity of the cargo during transportation.

This disadvantage is missing in Mont Blanc roof racks, equipped in addition to bars with mounts and even the glove box with a rigid skeleton. This frame protects the goods from damages, because it is inside the box. Often there is the opportunity to purchase the trunk and the box separately.

 Trunk Mont blanc with cargo box

Additional accessories

In addition to trunks company offers a large number of optional accessories, among them a special attachment for skis or bikes, plugged on the cross, duffel bags, they are also soft cargo boxes, cargo basket.

 Trunks Montblanc mount for transporting skis and snowboards

The company also provides a range of parts of their trunks. So in the event of a breakdown, for example, fasteners, repair boot Montblanc will be simple because of the possibility of acquisition of fasteners separately.