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Net in the trunk of your car

There are little things, seemingly insignificant, but is necessary, help you to get rid of many problems. For people with a car, such problems exist anymore. This article is devoted to the desired each owner of your own means of transportation little things – the grid in the trunk of a car. This thing will save you from some of the disadvantages, very annoying you during trips.

I'm sure many motorists at least once wondered: how transported in a car trunk things to avoid trembling, not skated, not falling, and kept this position, what have you? How to bring order to this bunch of things, constantly held by you in the trunk?

 Example of using the grid for the trunk


Moreover, that sounds подпрыгивающими books, balls, bags are annoying you and detract from the most important target ’s driving… things like a thermos, a vase, a package of products can break, spill or scatter! If you hurry, you might be late, откапывая necessary thing  in a heap piled in a heap objects. Anyway, much nicer when you are in the boot order. To prevent the above problems, there is a net in the trunk of a car.

It is an inexpensive mischievous device will make your trip much more comfortable.

Materials and equipment

Net for the trunk of a car manufactured from durable, elastic and high-quality materials, so that even with the strongest shaken, it is not broke and items held-to-grid for the trunk, not damaged.

The grid for the trunk are divided into several types:

- elastic outdoor mesh (are made of interwoven strands of a diameter of 8 mm, the size of a single cell of 50 to 50 mm,  perimeter of the entire grid, and each cell quite растяжим, as in mesh is woven elastic thread, well fit the cargo prevent overturning of subjects);

 Elastic outdoor mesh


- cheap outdoor mesh (twisted thread diameter of 3 mm, plus robust design, are suitable for small items);

 Economical net floor

mesh pocket (stretching up to 110 cm, in the complete set includes hooks, great if you want to store the items vertically);

 Mesh pocket

/ automotive wheel (sub-nets, made from high tent fabrics, tightly fits the wheel of any radius, have the handle to tire from R-12 to R-20).

 Case for automotive wheel

Also usually together with a grid included are special attachment, allowing you to install it in your car, while expending a minimum of energy and time.

Usually, net in the trunk when buying a car is right there, inside, in the prescribed form. If its missing or damaged, please contact your local reseller asking where it can be repaired or buy and install the new one.

It is extremely important to buy quality grid, not to have to install a new week. Here is a sample list of manufacturers of quality nets to the trunk of the car:

- Internet-shop Avtobag.Ru.

Company Address Of Comfort.

- Internet-shop


Why is it necessary?

During long trips – to the sea, river, or just on a picnic out of town – particularly important to use in the trunk of the car to the maximum. Net will help fill the things available deepening in the walls of the car, and so that these things will not fall out from there (if, of course, net for the trunk of good quality).

Need net, if you carry any fragile, or easily breakable items such as dishes, or shelves in the bathroom. Or, suppose you are going to go to the cottage canned vegetables and carry jars. Then you need net in the trunk, if you do not want to clutter up the interior of the vehicle pile of broken glass. And remain without stocks for the winter.

If you still think you don't need a net…

Even if your plans for the nearest future no trips to the sea, shelves in the bath and canned tomatoes, anyway you want to buy or the grid for the trunk of the car. As they say, prepare sledge in summer! At the last moment may not be the time to buy and install, or repair grid. Therefore, it is always better to be "ready". 

Operating procedure at the net in the trunk of a car.

It is not difficult:

In conclusion

What distinguishes this motorist? What state he keeps his car. The real connoisseurs perfectly all the way down to every detail. Because they know that improving the quality of the drive, they improve quality of their life.