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Radar: how to choose the best

You need to understand in a multitude of questions before you buy a radar: how to choose such a device with regard to price and quality, what are the classification of radar-detectors where you want to install antiradar etc. are As a rule, such a device should be set to the axis of motion of the vehicle before his windshield, some of the radars have more sensors, or set the rear of the vehicle (laser).

What it consists of a radar detector. Ranges of antiradar

Before you choose a radar car, you should understand how it works. Any average radar consists of the following elements:

Classification of antiradar

To know how to select a good radar detector, you can select several groups of characteristics of the radar-decoder concerning its important parameters. The quality and type of display, the presence of voltmeters and compasses, color and shape antiradar not affect the determination of a radar detector signals. The important parameters antiradar include:

 Radar-Detector Escort

To have an idea of how to choose a radar detector , you need to first get acquainted with the models of radar detectors that all indicators are leader on the world market. These include the following brands : Escort , Whistler , Beltronics , Crunch , Stinger .

Each of these radars has its own frequency, they can be configured for a range of X, KA and K. oldest, and also the basic frequency, acts X-band (10525 MHz). The range of To – this is a new band used in radar-detector (antiradar ), he has a carrier frequency 24150 MHz. The most promising is the KA-band, which has a wider bandwidth in 1300 MHz. Before X band had such popular radar as a Barrier, and the Falcon, now this range is rather outdated, but, despite of it, support it and today's brand of radar-detectors. These include: Whistler , Stinger and Beltronics . Bandwidth of 100 MHz, as well as a large detection range have radars that support a range K. detection Range in the range KA – 1.5 km. All radars-decoders marked Super Wide can detect signals that have a KA-band.


 Antiradar Crunch 211B. Sho-Me 520

If there is a need buy cheap radar (50-60 dollars. USA), which is quite good, as it has updated processors and the ability to determine the radars at the distance of 1.5 km, you should pay attention to the model Crunch 211B. Sho-Me 520 has a range of definitions – 2.5-3 km and costs about $ 80. U.S..

 Antiradar Sho-Me 685 Beltronics radar 940A

For $ 100. The U.S. you can purchase a radar detector models Sho-Me 685, Crunch 214B, as well as Whistler XTR-335. The Whistler XTR-575 implemented on a much higher level than in the Whistler XTR-335 technology to determine all of pulse radar, but this radar-decoder is more expensive than its predecessor, it is 40-50 USD. U.S.. The best models of antiradar – the Beltronics 940A and 940І, and Stinger S550 or S650 and Whistler XTR-695, their cost is around $ 200. U.S.. There are also a number of models of radar detectors that are masked by manufacturers under various приборы.Если radar can be installed in the rear view mirror, then you need during installation observe some rules that will ensure a good job antiradar . In this case, it can be set only when the elements mirrors do not have a large number of metal fragments. Otherwise, the radar (radar detector) will be enough глушиться.