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SsangYong actyon sports specifications


In 2006 was legendary debut of the SsangYong actyon at the motor show SIA. As noted by experts in the field of automotive, the new model managed to find a combination of comfort of a sedan and capacity of SUV. In addition, the tests were marked by a high properties of the dynamics, with low fuel consumption. The car is designed for everyday travel and recreation. In this article we will look at the ssangyong actyon sports specifications.

Technical characteristics of the car

In the design of the car was attended by a British specialist, as a result of his creation did not go unnoticed on any road. The car has a sharp profile and built on the basis of frame construction. The production of engines for cars SsangYong carried out concern Mercedes-Benz. In the car Actyon has a gasoline engine of 2.3 liters, the total capacity is 150 HP also Presented a version based on turbo high power characteristics-the engine of 2.0 liters and 141 HP Two modifications presented on the choice of the buyer – a car with a five-speed mechanics and machine with a four-level switch speeds.

The car has all-wheel drive system and a set of tools of active and passive safety. Therefore, when the driving of the vehicle guarantees not only comfort but also a high level of security. Presented in the basic configuration, two airbags, ABS, integrated and modern system, cruise control, absorbing column, and heated front seats, electronic drives of glasses and mirrors on the part of the passengers and driver. The machine has a modern multimedia system with 6 speakers. 

As paid options when buying, a system for dynamic stabilization, branded alarm and finish the space skin. 

New version 2010

Later, on the basis of this platform was created in Ssang Yong Actyon Sports. From the previous version of the car he went to the front part, the engine and transmission, identical to the characteristics of the salon, but the increased space of the Luggage compartment.

The Luggage compartment is presented in the normal execution or with trim function (optional). In the process of modernization of the car has been increased in length by 320 mm. Overall length due to the extended Luggage compartment increased by 51 cm, the new model has increased the weight back and decreased the angle of the Congress, with regard to the technical parameters, here, major changes have occurred. Ssangyong new actyon specifications decided to leave at the same level, changing the design and a set of options for customers. 

The rear part is constructed on the basis of a beam axle with 5-lever suspension. The whole design is complemented by helical springs. In the car Actyon Sports includes AWD system, complemented by dual. When the car gets on the roads automatically turns on a reduced number of transfers. 

To create the body of the car used a space frame. The frame has a high degree of reliability due to the three-layer design. Thus, for off-road driving in a car is the main element of passive safety system which protects it from damage. Impact energy when riding on the road due to this optional solution effectively absorbed and all the bumps are extinguished. 

The diesel engine is a powerful framework that allows you to quickly accelerate and to overcome various obstacles. Tractive effort of diesel installation is 2300 kg. Thus, the vehicle can be used as a tug.  In the normal version of the Actyon Sports has an airbag for the driver, electric drive, fog lights, alloy wheels and Central locking. The standard version is supplemented by protection for the cargo compartment based on plastics. In the extended version of the car features climate controls and additional airbags. Add-ins for the body in the maximum configuration there are several options. 

The wheelbase is wider to trim used budget materials. In the configuration of the middle level include cruise control, heated and electro. Sunroof, Parking assist system – all of this as additional options to the basic version. The Luggage compartment of the second-generation car was 485 liters.  The second generation Actyon equipped with diesel engines type of two types. The power of the first option – 149 HP, a second power-165 HP Car has to equip either a six-speed mechanics or automatic system with 6 speed modes. Drive 2x4 in the car allows you to accelerate to 195 km/h, all-wheel drive version can accelerate only up to 190 km/h. 

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Version 2012

Auto suspension has a fairly simple design, the back part is based on the dual transverse levers. The supporting structure of the body has been strengthened by a rigid frame. Pickup Actyon Sports were represented in the second modification in 2012. Changed dimensional characteristics of the vehicle remained the same wheelbase, the Car has a length of 4990 mm, height 1790 mm. the Level of clearance under the leverage increased to 188 mm, ground clearance at the rear was 212 mm.

Version 2012 – a car with a diesel engine of 2 litre capacity 149 HP there is a six-speed automatic or mechanic. The maximum speed for the car is 163 km/h. a version with a gasoline engine of 2.3 liters, its capacity is 150 BHP the Car has a five-speed mechanics. As in previous versions, it is possible to install in the car more options – system cruise control and active safety element of driving. The main changes in the 2012 version are the release of the car with petrol and diesel engine, increasing overall performance and overall vehicle weight.