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SUVs Toyota – individuality, iron-clad

SUVs Toyota many and varied. Among them, it is difficult to name the best, so let everyone choose their "ideal" of the car:

 The Toyota SUVs are very popular in the Russian market

Lineup and photos SUVs Toyota for more detailed information is available on the "vast expanses" world wide web. And we will try to specify the "individual" features of each model of SUV that make it stand out “similar”.

Land Cruiser i Land Cruiser Prado

 The interior of the Toyota models filled with style and rich decoration

Old SUVs Toyota still "ply" your wheels spaces endless highway. Land Cruiser – the most senior representative of them. The model is produced by the company since 1951. His prototype was the legendary military jeep Willys, and the basis for the first generation of the SUV was a truck produced by else before the war.

 Toyota land cruiser 200 is adapted to any weather

In the Land Cruiser was introduces the new concept of the build on which are based all the modern jeeps and Toyota SUVs. It was based on the carrying frame of the body, all-wheel drive on all wheels and a motor for 6 cylinder. Such design features have provided models of off-road and high performance. Due to this the car has become popular in many countries around the world. Especially in Australia, where the SUV has become one of the symbols of the country.

The first new jeeps Toyota Land Cruiser 200 rolled off the Assembly line in 2007. Before testing the prototype lasted for 3 years (2003–2007). The car comes now.

 Prado has inherited some elements of the Toyota land cruiser

Prado is the "heir" 70 series Land Cruiser SUV, which the company produced approximately 11 years (1985–1996). She was considered the "Lite" version of the full weight of the jeep. A little later the car was sold as a 90 series, and then as an independent model.

 Land cruiser Prado - classic for 7 passengers

Since the second generation, this SUV Toyota issued three and five versions. More relevant now is the fourth generation of the car. In 2013 and 2016 model experienced a serious restyling. After the last update, the SUV received a new turbo diesel engine (2.8 l) and a new automatic transmission at 6-speed.


 Toyota Sequoia and did not get to the Russian motorists

Sequoia is “full” the SUV. As the car made its debut in 2001. New SUVs Toyota Sequoia enjoy a high popularity among the residents of USA and Mexico. On the Russian market the car is not presented. During the development of the first generation Sequoia used components and parts with the Land Cruiser and Prado.

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 Sequoia is one of the most spacious SUV brand-Toyota

In Canada, the model has filled the gap that was formed after the "care" from the market of this country Land Cruiser (1995). Now comes the second generation of the car. Model range and the prices of SUVs Toyota Sequoia fully depend on the requirements of the US market. To this country, first of all, the calculated model.


 Almost-SUV Toyota 4Runner nevertheless very roomy

These small Toyota are issued by the company since 1984. Since the advent of the model have been five generations of the car. The last (fifth) was launched in 2009. According to the international classification jeep refers to the specifications K2 (midsize SUVs).

On 4Runner fourth generate a first for SUVs company was established all-aluminum engine, the package which included branded gas distribution system of the company VVT-i.

FJ Cruiser

The "extravagant" representative of the model range. Original SUV brand-Toyota the FJ Cruiser was planned to produce only a limited edition. But after the start of sales of the model caused quite a stir among true fans of Toyota.

 Many find the FJ Cruiser the most stylish SUV in the Toyota company

The appearance of the SUV much like the exterior of his famous ancestor FJ40, which was produced in the 60-ies of the last century. Thanks to the bright appearance of the car is difficult to confuse with others:


 Pickup Tundra perfectly copes with bad roads

Huge pick-up truck to drive all wheels. Issued by the company (as a separate model) since 2000. Large SUV came replaced obsolete T100. The first generation car was the basis for the creation of Sequoia, so both models have many common parts and components: engine 4.7 liter, transmission.

As you can see, the "off road" of the range of the Japanese company's impressive diversity. All models and photos of jeeps Toyota say that each car has its "character". And this is an important quality for any modern car!