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The cable for the winch for SUV

 The cable for SUV

Today more and more popular despite its high price, it becomes a synthetic rope for the winch. While choosing the material from which the product is produced must be based on conditions and tasks with which he needed to cope.

There are two kinds of steel wire ropes for winches: metal and synthetic. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the final decision in the choice of products remains with the owner of the SUV.

Durable wire rope – it is a dream and a genuine need for those who like to lead an active way of life, to hunt, to fish, to participate in various extreme trophy and the competition for SUVs. In this regard, the owners of SUVs need to buy the cable for the winch.

 What is the rope for winches to choose?

The importance of the cable for the winch

The cable for the winch in the part of the traction design has a very important significance. Select the product on the basis of the limit loads on the winch. However, the strength properties and service life depend on the quality and type of material used, as well as its diameter.

In addition to steel wire ropes more and more car owners are beginning to use synthetic analogues. They are made from Vectran, Kevlar and polyester. Rope winch in its capacity as a minimum is done with single margin, and is better if it is double.

The winch is the most important thing – cable and drum. The elastic component is responsible for how efficient traction and secure the device. Because the rope for the winch, you need to choose five main characteristics:

It is important to take into account the fact that any elastic component is prone to twisting. If the answer is positive, then the winch would be difficult to work with, and the period of its operation reduced.

 The value of wire rope for winches

The application features a metallic cable

A metal cable for the winch twist of steel wire and used in the form of rigging in many areas of production and construction. Uses cable and winch for off-road vehicles. Despite the fact that today in market there are many different synthetic materials, a metal wire is “classic” and are still popular among car owners:

The result of the kinetic energy that is stored during the stretch, with powerful force pushes it back in a chaotic manner, and this is enough to seriously hurt the man. Because sometimes the owners of SUVs forget the basic rules of safety that leads to tragic consequences. Therefore, when selecting a product the human factor plays a very important role. Sometimes such products, the rollers protrude slightly from the bumper, to draw the attention of vigilant traffic police.

Meanwhile, a metal wire is not corsets in the winter, which is quite important for many car owners. It is relatively indifferent to chemical substances on the highway. It is not pinching between turns himself directly to the reel.

 Metal cable for SUV

Especially the use of synthetic rope

The best lines on the SUV are made of high quality synthetic materials, namely Kevlar (traditional) or dinky (the modern version, very high quality imported fiber). Such material as “Dyneema fiber" (SK - 75) has the greatest protection from UV-radiation. It is the most durable material in the world, which is used for the production of synthetic ropes.

Synthetic rope for electric winches in many respects superior to metal cable, primarily for security. Typically, such cables have a length of from six to a hundred meters. It is soft and pleasant to use. The end of the cables, which are purchased to order, professionally braided (fire, loop, hook, thimble). The last five meters of the rope are closed dark sturdy case, made of nylon, to protect the synthetic rope from damage.

Disadvantages of synthetic rope are:


 Synthetic rope for SUV

Synthetic rope is made of polymer fiber which has high strength and low setting expansion. The temperature at which begins to melt and deform the cable between 150 degrees and the limit working temperature mode is equal to 65 degrees.

Thus, the synthetic rope does not yield on its own the parameters of the usual metal. Weight one hundred meters of synthetic rope is about five pounds, which is several times less than steel. It is more durable similar metal by fifty percent. The winch, which includes such product will last quite a long period.

An important positive side of synthetic rope is its ability to stay afloat and not go down. In addition, it almost does not absorb moisture. But the synthetic rope needs to properly addressed:

To the synthetic product has served all the prescribed maintenance period, it is necessary to monitor its condition.