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Tires continental SUV!

Continental tires - the ideal solution for cars with high maneuverability. With this coating, designed for driving on rough terrain, modern all-terrain vehicles can fully realize their potential. Innovative rubber compound, which is made of tyre, provides long-lasting resistance to intensive mechanical stress.

 Continental tires - the ideal solution for cars with high maneuverability

Characteristics of tires

A distinctive feature of this production is its high maneuverability on turns and when braking on wet surfaces. The advantages of the tire are continental:

 Line of tires for SUVs

Emergency brake sound effects are missing. This line of tires for SUVs creates:

Slats, aqualabel and in-depth lateral grooves ensure a smooth patency of the car in any bad weather on paved roads and off road. Studless tires can take enough water, thanks to four longitudinal grooves in the center of the tires: they break the water layer, clearing the way.

Due to equal pressure distribution throughout the area, reinforced shoulder area and special elasticity of the material, the tires have a high resilience to damage and a longer service life.

 The car tires continental provides a perfect grip

Summer version

The car tires continental variant differs in summer optimized grip and stability on the road. Jeep confidently overcomes any rough terrain and asphalt surface, showing good handling characteristics during the move.

Large grooves provide a stable support under load and stabilize the tire, enabling you to perform active maneuvers at a sufficient speed turns, maneuvering around obstacles.

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New complex (asymmetric) profile and additional sipes not only provide high-quality traction, but also shortens the braking distance significantly. This is made possible with the innovative shape of the grooves of the tread: the tire is now in contact a greater surface area for force transmission during braking. The rubber blocks of a complex configuration to provide acoustic effect of absorbing noises when driving.

 The Car Tires Continental

Winter version

Continental winter tires are adapted to the harsh Russian snow-covered roads. The material the tires are made of natural rubber with a mixture of silicon - this ensures a high rolling resistance. Dense and flexible material of tyres adapted to weather conditions with minus mark. The results of testing winter tires have shown great results when:

 This grade choose Pro and Amateur from all over the world

Innovative tyres with spikes provide a perfect grip with icy or snow-covered ground and high traction characteristics. Firm contact with the road is obtained due to the flat contour of the tread, which provides safe movement on frozen surfaces.

Powerful tires with excellent characteristics of permeability are ideal for four-wheel drive SUVs. Now safe maneuvers on difficult sections of the roadway are achievable. Check out the video review the most hardy of tires for SUVs.