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Trailer SKIF for pickup trucks and crossovers

Trailer SKIF is a vehicle that is not equipped with an engine and is intended for movement along with the car. Car trailers already quite a long time, are not uncommon on the roads and they can be found at every step. The main purpose of this trailer is transportation of different cargoes, which is very handy for people who prefer outdoor activities and travel. In addition, trailers are good that decreases the load on the vehicle, and, consequently, decreases the wear of the main means of transport.

Note that for the last years trailers due to its popularity suffered both quantitative and qualitative growth. Therefore, when the decision to purchase a trailer for the car, you must not only pay attention to the trailer SKIF specifications, as well as its features and purpose, but also to observe a few rules, which will be explained below.

 Tourist trailer

How to choose a trailer?

It is due to the flexibility and versatility of such devices, as trailers, more and more people decide on buying it. Moreover, in order to realize the transportation, it is not necessary drivers to have any special skills and categories of driving.

Trailer SKIF M2: design and specifications

Despite the huge variety of car trailers, one of the popular models of the trailer among caravanners still remains the model of the trailer, as SKIF M2, which is a  the motorhome", that is, a comfortable tent special construction, placed on a motor-car trailer.

 Trailer tent SKIF M2

The accommodation module of such a house during the movement is folded in a trailer, when the trailer cover forms a large and comfortable, trunk, where can fit a large-size equipment. Under the same scenario, hinged cover the trailer itself trailer form the bedroom to four bedroom place, and the tent is set around the trailer, forming a residential area – dining room and kitchen. In the trailer there is also a possibility of installation of kitchen equipment: refrigerator, gas-stove, you can install a sink and a water tank.

 Construction trailer SKIF M2

 Inside the trailer tent SKIF M2

Advantage trailer SKIF tourist that due to its light weight and compact dimensions it does not reduce the maneuverability and passability of the vehicle-towing. Also, when you install this device does not require careful site selection.

The main and probably the only disadvantage of this type of houses on the wheels can be called only constant Assembly and disassembly of the residential unit when changing the place of Parking. Also a little confused by the low capacity because of "мотороллерных" wheels.

Where and how many you can buy a trailer SKIF

Buy a high-quality trailer there is a possibility in the company ’SKIF moreover, the company proposes to take such devices in rent, and at a reasonable cost. If you can not visit the company office, you can make a purchase on the electronic site of the company, where besides the new trailers are also presented various models of used trailers SKIF. In one word a wide choice of various models of devices for cars allows You trailer SKIF buy one You need.

As for the cost of trailers, tents SKIF, their prices range from 35 to 80 thousand roubles, depending on the size and capacity. On b\ушный same trailer SKIF price is, as a rule, not more than 30 thousand rubles.

Reviews trailers-tents SKIF

Reviews of trailers SKIF, as a rule, only positive. Many use them for a very long time, and without loss of quality, praising the data in the devices of the apparent ease of use and comfortable conditions of carriage. 

Almost all owners share their experience regarding the operation of these carriers of cargo. Users claim that these trailers able to last for a long time only in full compliance with all terms and conditions of operation. It should be noted that many models of trailers SKIF are calculated on a variety of operating conditions, but the problems are mostly can occur when overloaded.

Alexey 37 years: My neighbor cottage trailer-tent SKIF. As then we even went on a fishing trip with this trailer. Quite convenient and on the road brings. Himself neighbor constantly praises, says that compared with other the best option if you follow all the rules of operation.

Valery 40 years: Love SKIF, 've been using it for more than 5 years!!! This miracle also have my three friends. In season we get out as fishing, or just relax, everything is just fabulous. In other words SKIF – this is, as they say, and inexpensive, and satisfying!