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Trunk on Chevrolet Niva: installation and maintenance

How to buy quality trunk?

 Trunk on Chevrolet Niva

Sometimes motorists owners of Chevrolet Niva, not enough space in the trunk to pack all my things. In such a situation, the best solution will trunk on Chevrolet Niva. It will help to travel as you can, the more things. In addition, will be much better and appearance of the car. I.e. Chevrolet Niva will be complete, and will also acquire functionality.

Feature of some models is that trunk on Chevrolet Niva is mounted in the usual place of the body. However, it does not require additional fastening roof of the vehicle. But do not forget that there are models that require drill holes in the back and a special attachment on the thin metal roof. And this leads to a loss of warranty on a new car just because of fasteners and decorative ornament.

Installation of roof racks in the field of Chevrolet can be made very simple clicks and in a fairly short time. Some types of roof boxes mounted on the roof of a car, and some need to strengthen the фаркопе. However, remember that a container on the roof рейлинга has several advantages.

The most important advantage is fixed on the roof of the trunk is the ability to install their own hands without the need of special tools. In addition, there are models trunks, for the installation of which must be dismantled and the ceiling in the car and remove the trim panel. It will be quite a lot of details such as ceiling connectors to them.

Loaded trunks 

The details for fixing the trunk part of the pipe, plastic ending, mounting to the roof. As a rule, the load on the details of at least 150 kg. Very often used additional optics on the trunk itself. Due to this car will acquire elegance.

 Рейлиннг on Chevrolet Niva

The essence of fastening рейлинга consists in fixing fixing arcs and stops. Therefore, the roof is very easy to install and to dismantle. It is very important that after the removal of the trunk with a roof on it, there will be no scratches or other damage to paint finish. The fastening devices and parts have a special insulation material. In addition, it is very important to follow all the recommendations on installation, observing the permissible load on the roof.

The important factor is the fact that he is a very reliable. Having special equipment you have the opportunity to transport bulky goods. When you select a mount, you'll notice that they were reliable. It is also very versatile roof rack Chevrolet Niva. This is because it can be further refined and transported in any baggage. Such Luggage can make boat, bike, snowboard and other

How to quickly set up the trunk

Before installing roof Chevrolet Niva clean the roof of a dirt and a dust. Also do not forget that a long finding рейлинга on the roof can cause color under construction will be different from the main color of the car, i.e. the machine can burn in the sun. But eliminate this defect can be using polishing.

 Рейлиннг on Chevrolet Niva

Worth more details on the installation of roof Chevrolet Niva. To do this, paste the key from the plastic in a special slot, located on the roof. It should then rotate 90 degrees clockwise until it snaps into place.

After that you can disassemble the cover of support, then you have to install in a slot in the arc elements for fastening. Fix in an arc support helps Cam to pre-snuggles up to the arc. When you have the arc, take it to the roof of the Chevrolet Niva. But in advance of need to adjust the position of the Cam to arc support is equal to the width of the roof of the vehicle.

Support should be secured to the arcs so that the pillows poles are closer to the center of the car 1-1,5 cm from the place where you intend to install trunk. With the help of G-shaped key to tighten the fastening. It is necessary to check how reliable fixed mount. Cut the rubber gasket, check for size and insert it into the slot of the arc.

 Trunk on Chevrolet Niva

Top arc close by plastic plugs. The cover also supports close, and to do this, insert the key from plastics into the slot cover, and only after that it can rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise until you hear a distinctive click. To mount or unmount the clamp on the support, remove the bolt. It is very important at this point to hold a cylindrical mortgage hand. If you do not hold, the mortgage note may from his seat off. Only after this you can insert a clamp and screw the bolt. From the back side of the support place this sticker.

Protect yourself at work

 Trunk on Chevrolet Niva

In order to avoid a dangerous situation, periodically check the condition of the trunk and entire whether fastening, especially if the carriage of goods you do regularly. By rubber gaskets moisture and dirt do not fall into the gap between the metal case of a body of the Chevrolet Niva and trunk.

After you installed the trunk, not transport the cargo in the first day. Also cannot be deformed brackets of metal. Try to protective edging front fairing not contact the doors. Before transporting the spread evenly cargo so that he was closer to the edge. Necessarily very well to fix the cargo. Stick to the maximum permissible load. Before you go on the road, check whether reliable fastening. Cross set in such a way as close to the power brackets.

If the boot is fully downloaded, the center of gravity becomes on the roof, i.e. it can lead to changes in maneuvering. As the Council is to accept the fact that during the movement should not make any sudden acceleration, braking, rebuilds.