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What better radar

Radar detector or a radar?

 Typical radar detector

Before determining what the radar is better to choose, you must make a small remark. One can often hear that the radar and the radar detector is virtually the same thing, but it is not. Therefore, it stands to immediately determine the concepts in order to not cause confusion and substitution of the word forms. The main principle of the radar-detector - bearing of the radar signal within the range. In other words, a radar detector in its zone of action defines the presence of other radars for all of the available frequencies. Use of these devices is not legally prohibited, so they can be purchased and used in all territory of the Russian Federation.

 The radar is prohibited for the use in the Russian Federation Laser meter speed and range ЛИСД-2M

Slightly different is the case of a radar detector. The principle of its action is based on the decompression of the signal and its subsequent suppression in the range of frequencies on which the radar is working. In other words, if the radar is within range detects signals from other sources configured, there is an original "stub" of the backward wave frequencies. The use of this device on the territory of the Russian Federation contradicts the legislation, therefore, its use is banned, and strict sanctions in case of use - fines up to several tens of MW and the confiscation of antiradar. On the territory of our country are sold exclusively radar detectors, but among motorists they still are called RDDs. Now that we understand the nuances of the two types of radars, for convenience we will call that type of device is customary for all name - antiradar. Over the last 20 years apparatus for measurement of speed of movement of transport in Russia is significantly changed, and has undergone many changes. It all started with the simplest radars, who worked at frequencies in the so-called X-band (10.52 GHz) and were appliances with permanent radiation, and at the current moment the new radars operate in low-power KPulse-range (24.01 GHz) and are devices with modulated radiation. We should also highlight instruments such as the ЛИСД in which technology is used radiation short-wave within the range of 0.7-1 mm. Active usage of this technology in Russia began only since 2001. The devices of this type are widely used and employees of traffic police, the Principle of operation is based on the fact that in the range 0.4-0.5 seconds was possible to measure the speed of the vehicle with high accuracy. Therefore, the choice of antiradar consider radars that use the traffic police, so that they can work in a range of The frequencies.

That you have to define? 

So, we came close to the direct identification of opportunities RDDs. All of them are divided into several categories, which depend on signal planned to intercepting: Radar detectors mode UltraX. As the name implies, these radars are configured on the X-band pulse radar. They have been used since 2002, when in the list of special means of traffic police appeared radar "Sokol". Immediately after the Korean engineers were flashing all new radar detectors with installing the software the unit, which allows you to define data and radar.

Radar detectors mode UltraK. These radars can successfully пеленговать determine the speed of the device, which work in pulse range of The frequencies. Their use began in 2004, almost immediately after the traffic police lots of new radars "Berkut", "Iskra-1" device and photo and video recording, the principle of which is arranged on the basis of these radars. This time, the Russian customers again responded promptly, and only a few months later among automobile accessories appeared radar detectors, defining device in the range of The frequencies.

Radar detectors in the mode pop. All radar detectors American production (having the certification MPH)have a licensing system for determining pulse mode with frequency. These include brands such as Cobra, Escort, Valentine One, K40 and others. This system has great potential and functional characteristics, than Chinese and Korean counterparts, but for use in Russia, they must additionally be "programmed" to recognize domestic radars. But already ready radar detector with this regime is able to detect virtually any radar in its coverage area.

Radar detectors in the Instant-On. Data radars are not intended to define the impulse signals, but recent modifications allow to successfully perform this function.

The basic requirements to антирадарам

In fact, a radar detector is a system of premature discovery and pre-warning of finding the limits of the equipment, which measures the speed of the motion of objects. Proceeding from this, we can define the basic parameters, which are necessary in order to determine how to choose a radar detector:

By combining all these features, there are several categories of radar detectors with different price range:

Budget option

This category contains device, the price of which is not more than 150-200 dollars. A small price due to not using quality materials and technologies, as in the more expensive models, which definitely affects the use of such radar detectors. How good of a radar in the given price category? In this site you can select such radars, as Crunch 2210 (price - 1700 rubles) and the more expensive model Crunch 229B (4950 RUB). Regarding the latter, you notice that he has a number of useful features that will be more than enough to detect radar: the ability to work in X-band, and Ka, pulse ranges UltraX and UltraK, protection against detection пеленгатором, the discovery of the laser signal within 360 degrees, modes of operation of the device - the "City" and "Track", copes at temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees, with a weight of only 160 grams. For a budget-friendly option is one of the best new products developed in the last time.

 Crunch 2210 - best INTL from the budget category

Also a good radar detector will be representative of the Star brand, model Pro 40 - ability to work within four bands, bearing 360 degrees, the operating mode - from -20 to +80 degrees. At that, its price is only 3250 rubles.

 Star Pro 40 is a good budget option antiradar

In this price category fell even the famous American brand of Cobra, model RU 715. This model is designed for use on the track. The device works with all the technological features of these devices police, as "Iskra", "Berkut", "Sokil", "RADIS", "Chris", "BINAR" and others. Accepts all types of radar and laser signals, has regular and convenient led screen. Its price - 2390 rubles.

Speed trap average price category

Fell in this category radar detectors price of which ranges from 200-450 dollars. Represented, as a rule, exclusively brands such as Cobra, Super Cat, Beltronics and others. Each of these brands is unique, however, in Russia it is advisable to apply only certain models. One of the best radar detectors - American Cobra VEDETTA SLR 650G, the price of which is nearly 16 thousand roubles. This radar, which will be relatively easy because of its features. Is the latest 2013, which in addition to the outstanding technical data has an ergonomic design and has the convenience during operation. Have long to list all the features of this radar detector, therefore mention only the main - he is able to recognize absolutely ALL radar and laser velocimeter in Russia, including such facilities as the "Arrow", "Kordon" and "Robot". Very high performance is ensured through the use of two microprocessors, the main reception path is made with the use of technical gold, which greatly increases resistance to corrosion.

 Cobra Vedetta SLR-650 G costs about 16 thousand roubles

What the radar is the best in this category? Perhaps there is another representative of antiradar middle segment - canadian Beltronics RX65 EN Pro. As it is characterized by well-known automotive journals of the world, it is a legend, which has become in life. Perhaps, this is the best representative of the family of antiradar middle class in terms of price and quality competition which may only be Escort Passport 8500X. This is the most perfect instrument of the canadian company which is capable to work under any conditions and in any bands. Its price is 13 600 rubles.

Radar detectors premium

It would seem, nothing could be better? However, there are radars that are close to the limit of the technological capabilities of all radar and radar detectors. The leaders are three brand - Beltronics, Escort, Valentine One. The price category of those models start from $ 500 and up to 1000-1300 dollars. Their peculiarity is the highest speed of data processing, LCD displays and bearing of all possible frequencies.

Answering the question of what the company radar is better, you can safely answer: there are only a few representatives is Cobra, Beltronics, Escort and Valentine One. Speed trap of these firms - leaders in the market of automobile accessories in this category.