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Winch for UAZ

Winch, car is an important, and often an integral element, especially if you're a fan of extreme off-road trips or live in a place where there are no roads become impassable roads with the onset of the rainy weather). The main purpose of the winch – towing the vehicle and moving of heavy loads (or the car) using a winding rope.

Since most of the owners of the car UAZ - this is exactly Amateurs оффрода, the installation of winches on the UAZ for them is essential. However, when purchasing a winch to be very careful to avoid unnecessary problems.

 Winch for UAZ

Selection criteria winches for UAZ

It is quite obvious that, due to the structural features of the UAW, the SUV will fit any of the existing types of winches: manual, automatic or combined. But still, the main criteria for the selection of the machine is still considered worth it.

1.    you Need to first define the carrying capacity of the winch and the conditions in which it will operate.

First of all, think about what "take into account the" waiting for the winch – off-road driving (hunting, fishing and other), extreme tourism or sport riding off-road), for personal needs, where required picking up heavy loads or towing, and maybe for the appearance and give the car a "adulthood».

 Getting UAZ out of the morass of winch

Each winch for UAZ has such characteristic as the index of capacity. This characteristic indicates the maximum weight of cargo that can pull winch. Today the overwhelming majority of winches are equipped with the same engines, the index of capacity which is within the range from 8000 to 12000 (it is equal to 3.5 tons to 5.5 tons).

For off-road driving many recommend winch with a small capacity, but imagine what will be your disappointment when the winch will not be able to pull your UAZ even from a small puddle. Therefore it is better, a little play it safe and buy winch average power with the index of capacities from 7000.

If you purchase a winch on UAZ to participate in sports driving, then you will certainly come to the above winch. But since we are talking about the competitions, where possible, time plays an important role-the capacity of the winch in this case it is better seen from 9000 and higher. But when using a winch for the individual farm pay attention to the cost model with the index of capacity from 5000.

 Capacity winch

2.    Also pay attention to the compatibility of the car and winches.

This refers to the ratio of the weight of the vehicle and the characteristics of the installed winch. Simply put, as UAZ applies to vehicles of  the average weighted» class, you should not install on it winch designed for lighter vehicles. But the winch designed for more "heavy" machines very fit. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the more power the winch is, the more its size and weight. And the extra weight on the bumper of the car – junk front axle load.

3. The formula for calculation of traction for winches

 The formula for calculating traction

Price winches for UAZ

Of course, everyone understands that there is a certain range of prices for winches for UAZ. They depend on various characteristics of the crane carrying capacity, weight, power consumption, etc. Buy winch on UAZ of the 2000 rubles, and for 20 000, but this does not mean that the second option will be effective the first. You can make your choice based on the characteristics of the winches that are important for You!