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Winter tires for SUVs

Cars belong to a special category of vehicles which evoke associations with confidence and power. We are particularly pleased to manage such machines in the winter time, because you can not be afraid of no ice, no snow. In this case, winter tires for SUVs the owners shall not always. Next we learn how justified such a step and that should be taken into account when selecting tires for the car category.

 winter tires for SUVs

The majority of motorists at the first cold snaps have started to think, to update their budget crossovers and replace the old winter tires for the new. Not every owner of an SUV is able to invest in the upgrade of all wheels, because all four must be changed simultaneously. Payment for the balance and перебортирование is added to the direct costs for winter tyres. The similarity collapse recommended, too.

Choosing winter tyres owner of the car is thinking not only about meeting their own requirements and prestige, and security. If priorities will be defined incorrectly, there may arise a certain kind of problem until emergencies. Some motorists can fully trust the opinion of consultants in service centers and stores. So choose easier. Others rely on advertising. Third, in turn, use the Internet-shops, forums and blogs to choose one or the other модельзимней tyres for SUVs. Combine all the above-mentioned sources of information would guess not every owner of a car, and this selection method is just the most efficient and rational.

 winter tires for SUVs

Individual manufacturers and sellers to completely trust is not recommended for advertising stereotypes draw is not worth. Explains such mistrust that tire manufacturers are focused mainly on the increase in wholesale sales. The interests of the buyer rarely can affect the seller's store, even if the buyer permanent. Most likely, the staff of automobile salon focus on the state of his own wallet or on the instructions of their superiors. Custom views can also be found on Internet forums.

Remember that the universal option any automotive product does not exist. There are no ideal tires, any bus must also be selected in accordance with individual conditions and manner of driving. Buying all-season tires, car owners often try to save money. In big cities it is quite convenient, however, there are restrictions on the temperature qualification within ten degrees below minus. Thus,the all-season tires for SUVs important not always.

 all-season tires for SUVs

Axioms to be followed in formula 4 x 4

•SUV so-called because he goes on ice and off-road.

•Stability on the road decreases due to an increased clearance. Slippery roads this applies more, since the presence of windage and bad aerodynamics.

•Полноприводность but influences only the acceleration, braking no differences.

•during the Winter advantage SUV is the higher level of cross-abundant свежевыпавшему snow.

•At the same tires the passenger car and SUV brake way of the second will always be more.

Key features of winter tires class 4 x 4

Winter tyres for crossovers have a number of distinctive features in comparison with other tyres.

Thanks to a balanced selection of key indicators of the car owner chooses quality winter tyres for SUVs, resulting cross-country ability increases, the level of maneuverability gets better, also improves handling on snowy and wet roads, stability under emergency braking and cornering.

 winter tyres for SUVs

Thus, take care of buying qualitative winter tires, resulting in occupant safety in winter will increase significantly. It is strongly recommended not to delay replacement of winter tyres, otherwise the driver will not avoid fatal and unpleasant situations.

What to consider when buying winter tires for SUVs

In any case, when choosing tires in doubt, try to trust the person who you think versed in this issue. The Council knowledgeable person will be able to save money and help to avoid many mistakes.

So does need winter tires for SUVs?

There is a tendency, when the owners of SUVs not equip your car winter tyres and this decision in a certain sense justified. Why do they do this?

 rates for crossovers include the existence of комлпекта tyres

These reasons are the main and should be considered in more detail. Because of the quality kit winter tyres machine will not only be protected from snow drifts, but the occupants safe. With regard to the all-season tires, according to the performance characteristics they are worse winter and summer sets.

For the winter period would be the best высокопрофильная rubber, that is, those tyres with tread less, profile and more. In this case, the SUV will walk more confidently and through the porridge of water and snow and snowy roads. Corrupt on the bumpy road of these tires is significantly more complex as compared with the low profile option. Due to the quality of shock absorption for uneven riding with such tires much more comfortable.

When choosing winter tires should pay attention to such factors as the index of capacity. A certain load capacity index is typical for each brand of car. Exactly this indicator should be followed. Otherwise, the tires may be prematurely destroyed, if the index does not correspond to their carrying capacity model SUV. The data are often placed near the speed on the sidewall of the tires. As an additional protection, you can use snow chains for SUVs.

The choice between studded and нешипованными tires

Of course, it is preferable to use studded tires. Нешипованный option is suitable only if the driver has extensive experience and SUV is operated in a large Metropolitan area. When driving on the Packed snow or ice surface with rubber studs manifests itself best.

Advantages studded rubber 

We can not agree that the choice of winter studded rubber in terms of security and more relevant. However, in this case, you should consider a number of nuances. First of all, even the most high-quality studded tyres are intended for a drive not on the asphalt, but the snow. Thus, if the purity of roads in your city is controlled strictly, but the choice of these tyres will not be the best option. The problem is that the asphalt road makes all the advantages of studded rubber disadvantages, since the area in contact with asphalt decreases, braking length increases tire wear is also increased.

If we are talking about the movement on snow-covered road, studded tires are the best option for security driver and passengers.

What are the optimization and innovation can introduce modern tire manufacturers?

Among the innovative technologies that introduce modern world manufacturers of tyres, the following should be noted:

Peculiarities of the choice of the tread.

Previously, all-season tyre for SUVs quite satisfied by car owners, however, modern technology contributes to the growth of speed, power, tightening requirements for manageability. From the reliability and quality of tires depends traffic safety.

 all-season tyre for SUVs

Should pay attention to the tread pattern, as the length of a brake way defines it. Each tire designed for execution of separate functions on different road surfaces. It is very important that the wheel tightly вцеплялись rolled in the snow on the road. Resistance to spin important on the roads with porridge from a slush and dirt, and the grip is important when driving on frozen asphalt. Of course, the best performance achieving very difficult, so when selecting tires pay attention to the moments of silent manufacturer.

Classification drawings of tires

Only you can decide which tires choose for SUV driving in winter time, and the main advantages and disadvantages that you can learn from Internet blogs and forums, the global automotive magazines and directly from the owners of SUVs.