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A real conqueror of off-road: videos of Chevrolet Niva

Chevrolet Niva was presented as a worthy replacement for the well known, we can say, legendary Niva (VAZ-2121). Seeing only one roller: "Niva riding a dirt-video", you can see that Chevrolet, like his predecessor, has an exemplary record when driving off-road. The popularity of such Niva has found that is what its quality and reliability, unpretentiousness during operation and, of course, for a relatively low price. Let us consider the potential, which has Chevy Niva, as well as introduce some videos.

 Chevrolet Niva riding on mud


First, about the characteristics of

Of course, to quietly go on a jeep far beyond the normal roads, you need to have awareness about the technical characteristics and possibilities of the car. We consider Chevrolet Niva, therefore and we shall familiarize with its basic parameters.

First of all, note the size and weight of the vehicle. At almost 4-metre length and 1.7-meter width of the car weighs only 1,8 so This is a big plus compared to other SUVs, since in this case is much less likely to sit down "the belly" in the mud or when driving on rough terrain. By the way, the roads are not afraid of the field: the model has a solid-200mm clearance. Thus, going fishing or hunting, you can safely download all necessary things in the Chevy, because its capacity is 450 kg, and Luggage volume with folded rear seats – 650 liters.

Pulls the car forward quite simple 4-cylinder engine displacement of 1.7 liters and 80 PS About the lack of a strength of this engine for lack of roads, we will discuss below. While we note that the work of this unit with a 5-speed mechanics, in addition, a 2-speed transfer. In General, reduction gear on the field will rescue always, even in the most difficult situations. To include a lower gear, You are slowly, but surely will be moving forward on the most serious dirt.

Transfer case combined with a locking center differential, and the car is also equipped with permanent all-wheel drive – the element from which the conquest of the roads is simply unthinkable.

Finally, it should be noted suspension design of Chevrolet Niva: we are talking about spring suspension, front independent and 2-lever, rear – dependent and 5-rigging.

Now it's the turn to see how it behaves Chevy Niva in mud videos are presented for these purposes.

Chevrolet Niva in the conditions of hard off-road

Experienced motorists after reading the characteristics of the fields are certainly appreciated by all of its off-road capabilities. But all the same we will describe the behavior of Chevrolet Niva, if she has to move on asphalt.

So, first of all, it should be noted that Chevy is able to confidently carried over rough, but a relatively hard surface. Potholes, bumps, holes, bumps – all of this car literally crumples under him, the benefit of the suspension is soft enough. Only we should not abuse the ability to auto: there is a risk that after one particularly large mountain on the way Your Niva hard landing right on the protection of the oil pan. Yes and no involves off-road driving fast, no.

Next, let us, as Chevrolet Niva quietly conquers the steep hills, slopes, serious pits, etc. But really wins. Firstly, this contributes to the high ground clearance, which we have already mentioned in the previous section. Secondly, a significant role is played by the angles and fascias (the first is 37 degrees, and the second – 35). The only thing required from the driver at movement on the field of – the due care in order to avoid contacts the bottom of the car with the surface of the earth. For all the rest can not be afraid.

The next moment – this movement through deep muddy track. Here are some nuances:

With all this Niva overcoming the most serious obstacles that come up to her. As already noted, a huge positive role for the car plays a relatively small weight. The matter is that entrenched machine with small weight can easily go from the muddy captivity, if the driver is sufficient for раскачает. Very good show, as moves Niva Chevrolet dirt videos numerous Amateurs of this SUV.

Summing up the results

If You watch the video where Chevrolet Niva brilliantly overcomes the dirt, other obstacles, you will understand: this car with all seriousness can be called the pride of the domestic auto industry. In due time, the usual Niva (VAZ-2121) is loved by many for its off-road performance. When preparing the change SUV, before the producer, the challenge was to preserve these qualities, and, where possible, improve them. Compare both cars: old field, and a new - impossible, and there is no sense in this. But one can say with confidence that Chevrolet Niva is a suitable vehicle for off-road. And this is indisputable.