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Acura rdx premium SUV from America


Photo Acura rdx show the perfection vehicle, the reasoning in detail and carefully designed, as the body in General and hotel details. The profile of the SUV is not aggressive, but in the tradition of Japanese brand looks very impressive. Massive bumper, typical of Acura's "brand" false radiator grille, xenon headlights paired with not small foglights — all this makes the ‘look’ RDX serious, rigorous, and thorough. Add stiffness to the image and massive mirrors (large enough, but without going over), and the hood with the characteristic curves.

The rear of the car is in harmony with the profile and gives the crossover somewhat sporty look, in particular, due to the massive spoiler above the rectangle of the fifth door. The Acura's designers were not to overload their offspring twists lighting, and tail lights arranged horizontally, coupled with small neat bumper look concise, simple, stylish.

If you look at the car from the side, you'll see that the flowing lines of the long hood flow in inflated the line of the sill glasses, and later in podstekolnoj space the fifth door, making a panoramic view of RDX harmonious and perfect. Add the image of a large radius wheel arches and stylish, just huge for this class of vehicle, drives — and you will get a complete image of the updated Acura RDX.

 Acura RDX 2014 full face

Dimensions body:

Additional dimensions:

As for painting, motorists can choose from the suggested color:

 Acura RDX 2014 food


Luxury, exclusivity, high class — such words can describe the interior of the RDX. Manufacturers do not skimp on the finishing materials and used only the best: high-end natural skin rich tones of parchment and ebony, best plastic, with aluminium or wood (your choice).

Ergonomic interior also did not disappoint. In the car, it will be convenient not only to all passengers of any height and weight, the seats are designed at the highest level, but also the driver. The space between the rear seats and backs of the front is not small, the designers have thought about the middle rear passenger — it just won't be less convenient than others. For convenience, the owner has 8 positions of a driver's seat and the most conveniently located control panel. The only negative, in the opinion of experts, this congestion of the Central console, which is to give a more representative view of the front panel transferred the majority of controls.

In General, the interior of the crossover is more than worthy. And if we add to the visual characteristics and even various gadgets in the form of auxiliary and entertainment systems, as well as excellent sound insulation, with well-distributed through the cabin noise insulation materials, it is possible to imagine how comfort and convenience will be accompanied trips in this car.

As for roominess, 2177 liters of trunk (maximum when the rear seats folded and with consideration of underground space) — this is very, very little. The minimum amount will be 740 liters of clean space or 1735 liter only when transformed seats.

 Acura RDX 2014 beauty


Family Akura provides car owners to buy the only available powertrain — this is a 6-cylinder 3.5-liter engine with maximum power of 273 horsepower. Perhaps it's only the difference of the updated Acura RDX 2014 from its predecessor, the first generation. As for the fuel, then the producers do not leave a choice — only gasoline. Attention — this motor is much quieter than its previous turbo version, but still less than powerful.

New heart Acura allows you to reach huge values of torque of 340 Nm at 5000 rpm, making the SUV has the ability to accelerate to hundreds in just 7 full seconds. Fuel consumption will be no more than 11 liters per hundred on the highway and around 15-16 — in city mode.

The power unit is doing its job running automatic 6-band box — it is also opposed to the previous generation RDX. The drive can be performed both full and front — at the request of the owner. If the selected four-wheel drive, it should be noted that the torque between the two axles will be distributed evenly.

If we consider the suspension, then any changes to the notice will fail — it's the same Amplitude Reactive, and the same front front McPherson, rear multi-link scheme. Naturally, all disc brakes connected to the systems EBD, ABS and Brake Assist. Although the operation of the car, and will feel a change in course, but most likely it will be only thanks to a quieter engine and improved aerodynamics of the vehicle. Add new EPS and updated adaptive dampers — and you will be able to theoretically estimate the smoothness RDX and his confidence on the road.

The only problem noted by those who have already had the opportunity to evaluate the crossover Akura RDX in the go — it's some problem with the inclusion of low transmission, basically no more no complaints.

 Acura RDX 2014 engine

Equipment and prices

In Russia ordinary car owners can already buy a SUV Akara RDX 2014, but with only one basic service set. Do not underestimate the meaning of the word "basic", because the manufacturers are almost filled the car systems that facilitate the process of driving and entertainment of passengers.

That offers Akura in the package Texno:

As you can see, picking, offered to buy the Japanese, is very worthy. In the Russian Federation it will cost an average buyer at least 2100 thousand rubles.

But that's not all. The owners (only in the US) have the opportunity to get possession of the package, Technology Package, which will include additional gadgets premium:

Price on Acura PC 2014 model year with superior service in Russia is still unknown.

As a summary it should be noted that the crossover Acura PC is a worthy representative of its class along with the more famous and popular European and Asian and fellows and will not go unnoticed among ordinary consumers.