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Acura ZDX: a high level of comfort and a real luxury luxury

"Luxury" performance and comfort

Updated Acura zdx impresses with its high level of comfort and memorable appearance. However, it is the appearance, modernization has affected the least. Overall the car looks very bright and unusual. Thanks to the sharp edges of lighting devices, the bumper enormous size with additional air intakes, drop the roof, high sill line and “open” wheel arches this car seems like a real "the stranger from the future".

The best proof of the uniqueness and exclusivity of this unusual car are photo Acura zdx, which can be seen below.

 Acura ZDX

Convenient and comfortable cabin acura zdx 2014 model year, fits five adult passengers, are equipped with great taste and luxury. Here you can see all the components of real comfort class "Suite": the skin of excellent quality, soft, pleasant to the touch plastic, and a huge number of various functions.

However, some confusion is the question of placing passengers in the back who to get to their seats, have to use all your skills physical training. Yes, actually, and relax in these seats they are unlikely to succeed: the owner reviews the Acura zdx confirm that legroom here quite a bit, and the head when the seat rests against the ceiling.

In General, we can see that the Acura SDG – this car is more for the person managing them, rather than for its passengers. So, on the equipment the driver's seat will take a closer look. First of all, note the softness and comfort of the chair, which, incidentally, powered in the ten directions, and equipped with functions of heating and ventilation. Only positive characteristics deserve and other attributes designated driver, multi-function steering wheel and dashboard with original and stylish design, trimmed with genuine leather.

 The dashboard Acura ZDX

Another advantage of the Acura is its trunk with a capacity of 736 litres, capable "transformed" in 1970 liters with folding rear seats. And this is not speaking about it more devices that facilitate the transportation of cargo of various sizes and shapes! As well as its luxurious decoration carpet, their quality is not inferior to the coatings of floors in hotels luxury.

Complete package features

Motorists will be able to on your experience to make sure all the luxury this splendor by selecting one of the possible modifications of the model that is available in our country. These include: the base case, as well as a complete set with additional packages Technology Package and Advance Package, which differ in features and quality to be installed on their audio systems and more impressive list of different options that are simply designed to create comfort, both the driver and his passengers.

 Front row seats Acura ZDX

First and foremost respect and admiration it deserves music fills the car, for which "meets the speaker ELS Surround. Her kit includes ten high-performance speakers, total outstanding 435 Watts. (We are talking about expensive versions, the basic configuration of the model got a brand new system Acura, having changer for 6 CDS and 7 speakers with a capacity of 266 Watts).

Multimedia system car has an 8-inch display, back-up camera, navigation, and in addition supports voice commands, and Bluetooth connectivity. Besides all this ZDX 2014 completes dual-zone climate control  and Keyless System Access with engine start button.

Acura has not saved not only comfort, but also on security and arms, leaving the conveyer  car such new features as:

 The rear row of seats Acura ZDX


Price on Acura zdx 2014 at home production starts from level 47 thousand US dollars. For the most "Packed" instances of American dealers are asking about and 57.6 thousand dollars. Well, in our country the price of the Acura zdx is about 3 million rubles. So, wish to live in true comfort and luxury, will have to fork out.