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Crossovers to 400 000 rubles

Many motorists dream is not just about the car, but the car of the raised passableness. To and in the village you can go, and the assault on the city of obstacles (like curbs) did not create any difficulties. That is, many of our compatriots is vital SUV or crossover.

However, not all have an impressive sum for the purchase. Most simply cannot afford to spend on a car more than 400 000 rubles (well, maybe a little more – 30-50 thousand), and this means that the number of search results is rather narrow and limited to the domestic representatives of the SUV segment, as well as used cars. On these versions, you must stop.

Domestic SUVs

Crossovers all grades up to 400 000 rubles, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In this price range to fit the following representatives:

This list is exhausted, but if the original amount add a little (max 60 000 rubles), then you can consider another 3 options:

As you can see, the selection is small, so you need a balanced approach to the acquisition, the more so that the first 3 models have moved in the twenty-first century with the USSR, with all the ensuing consequences.

This "car for hunters and fishermen" call SUV can only conditionally. Exterior and the machine does not attract, but calling him ugly too impossible – he just plain and bland.

 Niva 3-hdvernaya

Jeep equipped with in-line, a 1.7-liter fuel-injected engine. This unit gives a total of 81 HP All this influences on the ride. Of course, none of this car and does not require records speed, however, acceleration up to a hundred for 19 seconds. – clearly overkill. At the traffic lights near the driver's no chance. Overtake someone on the track requires a careful, as the maximum speed of this "go" is 137 km/H. fuel Consumption – 11 l / 100 km

The same applies to the road. Yes, clearance machines considerable (220 mm), besides, there is a dependent rear suspension, 16-inch wheels, transfer gearbox and four-wheel drive – however, with a negligible draught (only 127 Nm of torque) climb in the slightest serious dirt is not recommended, although afraid the first primer is not worth. Automatic transmissions for cars not available – only 5-speed "mechanics”.

As for comfort and safety, it and say nothing – the driver has to endure  the blows of fate", and on the road to rely solely on their attentiveness and reaction. No airbags and electronic systems "basis" and there is no trace.

However, for 364 500 rubles. you can get ABS and EBA. Air-conditioner, too, it is only the presence of power. Noise just disgusting.

 Niva 5-tidvernaya

This option differs from the previous one only in the presence of a larger number of doors and higher costs. As weak engine, the same suspension and transmission, the same comfort (or rather, lack thereof). The only difference is that here EBA and ABS cannot be obtained even for a fee – so VAZ cares about health of its customers…

Next in the list is the Ulyanovsk jeep. The exterior of the car reminds army SUVs 70-ies of the XX century (by the way, release of this "the PM" was started in 1972). The plant doesn't want to change anything.

The buyer can choose one of 2 engines fitted on the car. However, only in-line turbocharged, 4-cylinder "benzinnik» fits into the budget (430 000 rubles). He has a rather large volume – 2.7 litres, but its characteristics are not called outstanding – only 128 HP and 208 Nm of torque. Maximum speed is 130 km/h, and fuel consumption in the combined cycle is claimed to 10.6 liters per one hundred square meters. Pleases only the fact that this unit is designed for 92 gasoline. the 2.2-litre diesel is preferable, but its price is close to half a million rubles (475 000 rubles).

Car clearly designed for off-road driving – the XXI century it safely transferred such fundamental things as fully dependent suspension, and clearance impressive – 210 mm Discs are also rather big – 16 inches. But with so  powerful" no wonder motor and get stuck… The SUV has permanent four-wheel drive. But the presence of a 4-speed manual is an obvious anachronism. «Taxiing» facilitates the hydraulic amplifier.

With regard to the cabin, its advantage is the presence of 7 seats and upholstered – design and safety are missing in principle. In General, Spartan simplicity.

 UAZ 469

Then takes the baton of  the Chevy-Niva». In comparison with competitors, this crossover looks much more modern and more effective. Smooth body lines, rounded optics, short overhangs – not ideal, of course, but looks better opponents. Pleases, that the spare wheel is located on the trunk lid – did not have to climb over it under the car.

With the engine, all is not so rosy – the exhaust 80 horsepower engine, displacement of 1.7 liters – weak aid on the roads. Accelerates he is very sluggish – 19 sec. to 100 km/H. Its thrust leaves much to be desired – 127,5 Nm of torque. Nevertheless, the motor is a very greedy and consumes 14 liters per one hundred. Suspension presents an independent multi-link scheme of the front and the rear. Clearance of 200 mm, and disc brakes are only on the front axle.

In the cabin is much more comfortable than our opponents. The interior clearly resonates with the family of SAMARA – General outline of the panel, identical to "tidy». Remade the Central part of the torpedo. In the price quoted fits only basic modification, but it is much more generous "Never" and UAZ. There actuators front Windows and mirrors (heated), radio, alarm, coasters, Central locking and adjustment of “wheel" tilt – just the top luxury in comparison with the above listed models.

 Chevrolet Niva

This perelicovannyy option 469-th model. The engine remains the same – a low-powered, gluttonous and nikudyshney, for the same volume, draught. However, the shifts are, and not only in the price. The car received a 5-speed gearbox, appearance becomes a little nicer (though not dramatically). Perhaps the most important innovation – the presence of a metallic roof.

Inside once it becomes clear that such a complex words like “design” and “ergonomics» constructors of the Ulyanovsk car plant in school were not. To see the readings have to take your eyes away from the road, adjustments steering is not in sight, as well as other amenities. In one word UAZ – car for severe drivers.

 UAZ Hunter

This list of the relatively cheap domestic crossovers and SUVs ends.

Used models crossovers

However, not all motorists chase new machines – many prefer. foreign cars. But to buy a quality and not too old car (up to 4 years) will have to narrow your search for Chinese instances.

This is the most likely contender to buy. After unleavened exterior of our machines (some exception is Chevrolet Niva) design «Chinese" may seem very attractive. Powerful bumper with large foglights, a massive grille, lovely profile and feeds – what else do you need for inexpensive crossover?

On the secondary market come across a car with petrol engines 1.6 and 2.0 liters. The first one develops 119 HP, and the second gives 136 "horses” – much better domestic counterparts. Craving is also at a decent level – 147 and 180 Nm torque, respectively. In addition, Tiggo is much more economical fuel consumption in the city-run mode does not exceed 7 liters.

All models are equipped with a  5-mortar"and still apparent benefit in the comfort have independent multi-link suspension on both axes. Of course, it was paid kickbacks with off-road positions (machine with a 1.6 litre engine is available only with "nedoprivodom»), but modification with the engine 2,0 has a database 4x4. Brakes at the front and rear disc brakes, while domestic auto rear mechanisms still drum type. Clearance is almost as "our" (190 mm).

In terms of comfort and nothing to compare – all "Chery" boast air conditioning, adjustable wheel, trip computer, music, full electric package, heated seats and mirrors, roof roof, Parking assistant, and other options. But the most important – these machines are equipped with airbags and electronic assistants (ABS and EBD). Yes and in the cabin definitely nicer than to contemplate the design of our models, although to say that interior "Tiggo» sinless, language is not rotated. Shortcomings him enough, just not as obvious.

 Chery Tiggo

TagAZ can be called the main rival Tiggo" in the battle for the buyer. The representative of the Taganrog automobile plant is the same being "Chinese", but with a different logo. But there are differences in motors. Vortex Tingo has 132-HP motor, the volume of 1,8 litres. The thrust is 170 Nm of torque. For urban crossover it is quite enough, and on the off-chance too.

In a couple to it serves as a manual gearbox (5 steps)and robotic transmission with so many same-speed transmission. That's the only drive in the machine exclusively front. The fact that the vehicle is on the city roads, and specifies the equipment of the independent multi-link suspension at the rear axle.

Comfort in the cabin, which, by the way, is similar to the interior "Tiggo provide air conditioning and music, and security watch stand up 2 airbags and ABS. The price for a used and fresh instance fluctuates at around 370 000 - 400 000 rubles

 TagAZ Vortex Tingo


As you can see, buy a new car up to 400 thousand rubles problematic, because such models are practically no. In this price category fits only Lada 4x4, but if you add a little (to 60 000 rubles), you can purchase one of UAZ, or Chevrolet Niva. These machines are extremely low level of comfort and safety, the use of obsolete technologies (especially UAZ), small capacity and engine thrust, high fuel appetite and traditionally nevazhneckim quality of domestic products.

But find anything really worthwhile and not too tired, the market of used cars, for the same amount and also fail. In the given price category extensive choice is only among the Chinese crossovers Chery Tiggo. Of course, there is the TagAZ, but this is mostly the same car, though has a different engine, as well as other transmission. These machines are much more comfortable and safer, but in respect of their quality so many questions. However, looking following the test drive, you may decide that it is these cars will be for You the most optimal variant: