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Detail about the characteristics of Ford Kuqa 2013

The first generation of urban crossover from the German subsidiary of Ford, published in 2008 was perceived by consumers rather restrained, bestseller auto is not. The reasons can be sought and disassemble a long time, but we do not begin, as all this is already done by the manufacturer, thoroughly versed in all their shortcomings and постаравшийся fix them when creating the second generation Ford Kuqa 2013 model year.

 New Ford Kuqa 2013

Dimensions Ford Kuga 2013

First consider the overall characteristics Ford Kuqa 2013. New SUV began to look more Mature and aggressively, which contributed not only modernization of the head optics, the bumper and grille, but changes in the dimensions of the car. So, at identical with the previous generation wheelbase, equal 2690 mm, crossover second generation became longer 81 mm (up to 4524 mm), but it was on the 8 mm (1702) mm and 4 mm below (1838 mm). The Ford Kuqa 2013 clearance increased by 10 mm and now, is an impressive 198 mm

Ford Kuqa 2013 offers also more spacious Luggage compartment in comparison with the previous generation (it increased by 46 liters and amounts to 456 liters when the rear seats folded – the whole 1653 liters), which provided not only the door actuator, but also a unique system for Hands Free. To open the trunk, dirty hands or shoes, - it is fairly easy to foot under the rear bumper. It is worth noting that the installed there sensor does not place even налипшая dirt or snow.

 Opening of the baggage door Ford Kuqa 2013

Engines and transmission Ford Kuga 2013

Gamma power units installed on the new crossover, consists of two petrol and two diesel engines, developed with engineers paid particular attention to the issue of cost-effectiveness.

Petrol motors belong to the family of modern Ford EcoBoost engines, equipped with turbochargers, systems of direct fuel injection and systems regulating phases:

 Wheels Ford Kuqa 2013

Diesel engines are the corporate family турбонаддувных Duratorq TDCi engines:

Petrol power units are paired with six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, diesel same engines can be either the same mechanical transmission, or robotic PowerShift.

 Engine Ford Kuqa 2013

Innovative solutions in the Ford Kuga 2013

For a start the robotic checkpoint PowerShift, which is able to pre-select the following transfer, while minimizing the loss of power and speed when switching. Extremely fast and smooth transition from one show to another makes driving incredibly enjoyable and provides substantial fuel savings and reduction of amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The intelligent system automatically selects the optimum gear, depending on the current situation. For example, when making overtaking, it can include a lower gear, thereby provides a lot of power for faster acceleration and guaranteed safe completion of the maneuver.

When managing Ford Kuga crossover with the manual transmission is extremely useful it can be gearshift indicator, located on the dashboard. He determines the optimal time to move on to the next transfer, thanks to that driving becomes more efficient.

Another innovation system aimed at saving fuel, received the name Ford Eco Mode. It takes into account the speed with which the car is traveling, the most frequently selected transmission, manner braking length of trips and other factors, on the basis of which gives tips to reduce fuel consumption in accordance with the style of driving a particular driver.

 Front row seat Ford Kuqa 2013

Intelligent all-wheel drive system, which is equipped with Ford Kuqa new 2013 model year, manages to twenty times to assess the situation on the road for the short time, a person is required to bat my eye. Thus there is a constant redistribution of torque between the wheels for optimal handling and ultimate traction with the road surface. It is worth noting that the system is only activated when it is really needed, so on relatively flat and straight roads crossover actually goes for the FWD mode, makes it possible to substantial fuel savings.

Invaluable assistance to the driver has and systems Curve Control, which compares the actual speed of the vehicle with the right in a specific point of rotation and makes adjustments to it in case of deviation from the norm. This is done on the basis of information received from sensors of vehicle speed, lateral roll, lateral acceleration, wheel speed and steering angle. All the data are analysed hundred times every second, and if the motion path is incorrect, Curve Control begins to its amendment by braking of each of the wheels individually, giving them a variety of brake efforts. When entering a turn at too high a speed of this system is able to reset approximately 16 km/h every second.

Ford engineers fruitfully and worked on the issue of reduction of noise from road and wind, resulting in the beauty Kuga second generation can safely lay claim to being one of the quietest in its class. This achievement was possible due to special aerodynamic design of the side mirrors, more stringent door frames, new seals, more thick glasses and modernization of chassis components. Eliminates noise and turbulence also promotes special deflector ClimAir you do not close the Windows on the front doors even in the rain.

 Dashboard Ford Kuqa 2013

Picking and rates Ford Kuga 2013

Offers Kuga  in all four categories.

The basic version of crossover, dubbed Trend, equipped with:

Price crossover in this set is about 900 000 rubles, which by the way is 60 000 rubles cheaper than its predecessor. 

 Speedometer Ford Kuqa 2013

Loaded Trend Plus differs by the presence of:

The cost of the Ford Foundation in this case starts  with a mark 995 000 rubles.

Ford Kuga Titanium is equipped with:

The price of the Ford Kuga Titanium is already significantly above and will Ford Kuga and starts from 1 200 000 rubles.

 Options Ford Kuqa 2013

The highest edition of Titanium Plus is different:

Premium equipment Kuga proposed in Russia at the price of 1 425 000 rubles.

Also note that each configuration of the car Kuga has a high degree of security. Novelty  is equipped for the full program. In the cabin is provided by the already 7 airbags, ISOFIX for child seat, as well as three-point seat belts. And this is not surprising because the Euro NCAP tests crossover received five stars for safety.

In addition to the submitted Ford Kuqa 2013 photo, you can also watch видиоролик with the test drive this car: