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Family SUV Chevrolet and its prominent representatives

This ‘jeep” can be only "American». This fully confirms the list of models produced ’magnificent Denver four», which includes such " giants», no need in advertising, as Shevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and Dodge. Some of these names are already a kind of " quality mark»confirming reliability and excellent technical characteristics of the vehicles of the category «SUVs».

This Chapter provides an overview on all models of jeeps company Shevrolet that deserve special attention.

Chevrolet Niva

Championship among SUVs manufactured under the trademark " Chevrolet» and popular in our country, is Chevrolet Niva jeep, developed jointly with the Russian AVTOVAZ. The car has a rather original, memorable appearance, through the use of soft lines in the design of the front of the body, ending elegant block headlights and fog round shape.

 Chevrolet Niva

Interior auto produces enough good impression, especially growing in a complete set "premium”with the original insert and the attachment. Among the drawbacks however bad the mobility of the levers of air ducts, the disadvantage in using gidrokorrektora headlights and stiffness in the back seat. In General, all at an acceptable level.

Under the hood Niva is located 1.7-liter 80-strong unit, consume gasoline. Front suspension – independent two-arm type, is standing behind dependent spring pakistanului option.

Updated Niva 2014-2015 model year promises to be even more spectacular in appearance and equipped inside. Judging by the photos published on the official website of the company, it is obvious that this will be the car completely different level: modern, elegant and stylish, which will not fail to note the fans of the model.

Nice and that in addition to external changes, Chevrolet SUV with name field, has been redesigned in the area of its technical component. For example, weak and outdated engine under the hood of the previous generation model, the producers replaced by a new version, with 125 ’horses» and the volume of 1,8 L. it is Assumed that for updated Fields will be developed a new version automatic gear box which will include the complete equipment of a car together with a revised and improved "mechanics”.

Manufacturers also hinted that the changes will affect the car's cost, which will increase approximately by 10-15 %. That is, the sales of the new Chevrolet Niva will start from the level of 490 – 500 thousand rubles.

Chevrolet Captiva

Presentation of one more popular models of brand ’Chevrolet” “off” performance took place in the spring of 2013. This time the restyling was subjected Chevrolet Captiva.

The update did not affect the dimensions of the car, which, as before, are as follows: 4673 x 1849 x 1727 mm, with a wheelbase of 2707 mm

 Chevrolet Captiva

Restyling has not practically affected the appearance of Captiva, which has retained its ’corporate» features and design. Easy ’retouching” was subjected to bumper, got a chrome trim in the area of the fog lights and grille, which appeared decorative strip, located near the upper edge.

Changes to the rear of the chassis have a more pronounced. For example, here came the bumper of a new type, and lights with led and exhaust pipes, received stylish nozzles trapezoidal shape, made of chrome.

Beauty remained the same. No global and significant changes it is not observed. Still linking it may be five or seven-seater. The quality of the materials used for its decoration, improved noticeably.

Concerning the technical aspect, favourably distinguishing American jeeps Chevrolet compared to similar figures “off-road family», here she is quite worthy. Russian buyers are offered three variants of the power plant:

Listed power units are complemented one option gear boxes: manual or automatic six-speed transmission range.

Now about the cost and variants of cars. The price for Chevrolet Captiva jeeps increased by about 10 thousand roubles, and in the basic configuration LS is about 1 million 080 thousand rubles More "advanced" version of «LTZ» will cost 1 million 400 thousand, and the option of a diesel engine – 1 million 240 thousand roubles

Chevrolet Trailblazer

Eternal interest and Chevrolet Trailblazer, the second generation of which the company produces Chevrolet 2012.

The distinctive feature of this SUV you can call it ’corporate» appearance with the characteristics in the form of two-tier false radiator grille and large logo trademark of the company, paint at the interface level.

 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Here you can see highly placed lights almond-shaped, elegant bumper cut in a special way, to improve patency of the car, and the hood with two edge of the ledge, towering cliff edges of the wings of the cars.

Model dimensions: 4878 x 1902 x 1831 mm, which again proves its reliability and respectability. Convincing and clearance of cars of 220 mm

The beauty of Trailblazer equipped with a true American scale. The vehicle is designed to carry seven passengers, provides comfortable accommodation for them, including on the second and third rows.

According to its technical characteristics, Chevrolet Trailblazer quite worthy proudly bear the title “SUV». In the Russian version, it comes with two engine choices:

A couple of them are mechanical or automatic transmission 5 or 6 ranges, respectively.

Russian buyers will be able to purchase one of two variants of the model, available in the domestic market: LT or LTZ, the cost of which will be from 1 million 290 thousand rubles (for basic modification). The cost version with ‘the machine” is expected to be within about 1 million 340 thousand rubles and more equipped and "rich" modification LTZ "pull" for the sum of about 1 million 620 thousand rubles

Chevrolet Tahoe

Last autumn saw the light of the fourth generation of the SUV, Chevrolet Tahoe, the output of which occurred simultaneously with the presentation model GMC Yukon in versions XL Denali and Denali XL.

Chevrolet Tahoe in the 4th generation resembles its predecessor, produced in the body GMT 900. However, he has appeared and own recognizable features, for example, other design grille and head optics, visually divided into two equal parts.

 Chevrolet Tahoe

Changed and the dimensions of the car, that in the new version was: 5181 x 2044 x 1889 mm and its weight, which amounted 2533 kg (2583 kg in the previous version).

Significant changes have occurred in the interior of the car, received a new instrument panel, center console, steering wheel and instrument panel. Increased number of internal space, etc.

New Tahoe 4 generations managed by one of the versions power units:

Aggregated specified power plant with the only option transmission: six-speed ’machine» Hydra-Matic 6L80.

In our country the emergence Chevrolet Tahoe for 4 generations, is expected next year. Estimated cost model at the moment not yet been voiced, however, in the United States this index starts from 44,5 thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Orlando

Special mention deserves SUV Chevrolet Orlando, representing original mix that includes the features of the minivan and crossover debut show which took place in 2010.

Comfortable and elegant car, designed for seven passengers, has a distinctive appearance and a decent overall dimensions: 4652 x 1836 x 1633 mm Height ground clearance is equal to 165 mm

 Chevrolet Orlando

For technical equipment models meet the following engines:

The role additions allocated to the two types of gear boxes: five-speed manual and automatic, 6 ranges.

The cost model is under 820 – 1112 thousand per basic and the most "progressive" option, respectively.

It should be noted that in July 2013 Chevrolet Orlando has undergone a facelift, though the car has been represented only to South Korea. But, nevertheless, it is expected that soon the model 2014 will get to us.

Of changes updated Orlando include: additional color body painting, redesigned front bumper with other foglights, and different wheels. The interior is as such no changes, except that several superior decoration materials.

Chevrolet Trax

Another bright premiers in the world SUVs, held in the autumn of 2012, became an updated version of the SUV Chevrolet Trax, as the basis for the creation of which was used Buick Encore BMW and Opel. The car has very bright, memorable appearance with muscular front and rear arches, original grille and spectacular fluting on the sides of the body.

 Chevrolet Trax

Beauty Tracsa is characterized by a good level snap-in that includes a large number of pockets and compartments for storage, intuitive dashboard and center console, and multimedia entertainment system.

The driving force behind a car is one of the engines:

Manual transmission or 6-band ’machine».

Like other Chevrolet SUVs for the price of this model is quite democratic. It is known that on the markets of Europe, the figure will be about 23 thousand dollars.