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Features of the new Mercedes GLK

The West German automobile concern "Daimler-Benz at the new York auto show in the spring of 2012 organized presentation of the new mercedes glk, which received serial number X204 and is designed to significantly increase the number of sales of cars of this model. Mercedes glk 2014 model year is already included in the top -3 best  SUV - crossovers.

Technical parameters of the car

Restyling changed the exterior of the car compared with the previous modification, giving it the severity and confidence. Has been corrected and the linear dimensions:

Thus, clearance of 210 mm, the car is able to accelerate the 30 - inch water barrier to overcome a 23 - degree rise and continue with a 25 - degree slope.

Cargo space is easily transformed and directly connected with the position of the aft seat. Depending on this, it is 450-1550 liters. The weight of the model 1960 kg

 Front Mercedes GLK

When making the Mercedes Benz glk through authorized dealers is invited colors body parts from 3 types of paints - nematallah: Polar white, Black and Red (Fire opal) and 9 types of paints is the formula different colours: Black Obsidian, Silver, Iridium ,Silver diamond, Silver, Palladium, Grey luzonite, Grey Tenoric, Blue Cavansite, White Diamond and Cuprite Brown.

The choice of alloy wheels for mercedes benz glk also huge, because we offer the entire 14 design options and option 3 of the disk diameter, R17, R19, R20. The range of rubber is impressive, and the tires can vary in width to the front and rear axle: 235/ 50 R19, 235/ 45 R20, 235/ 60 R17.

Engines for the Mercedes glk

Design Bureau West German car manufacturer has introduced a new range of engines  mercedes benz glk klasse 2013, equipped with Start-Stop.

On the European market, the car is available in seven versions of the motors, and 6 of them operate on diesel fuel, and one unit on gasoline. In Russia, the Mercedes GLA is available with a pair of diesel and two petrol engines.

Diesel engines:

Gasoline engines:

 Mercedes GLK rear view

Transmission, drive, suspension and the rest of the technical part of the car

Dealers in Russia will offer only four-wheel drive 4MATIC version with 7 - speed manual transmission - automatic 7G-TRONIC PLUS and electric steering wheel adjustable type.

Of particular interest is the 7-speed "automatic", which has the following advantages:

 Mercedes GLK dashboard

All-wheel drive device 4MATIC, which is equipped with  mercedes benz glk, qualifies as one of the best complexes of this type in the entire lineup of cars in this West German automobile concern. The thrust force and torque are redistributed as needed, the quality of the traffic value of the determinant does not matter. In addition, the adhesion of the wheels with the road surface gets an extra boost, the car does not throw around, increases the chance of maneuver and increases the safety of passengers when driving a car.

Such interaction could be achieved only through the full integration of stabilizing complex ESP electronic sensors, systems kontrproduktivny ASR and complex control of the traction motor 4ETS in General electronic circuit on-Board computer of the vehicle.

In the new version of  mercedes benz glk class used base S204 car C-class wagon body. Front suspension - techniciana independent type, rear - independent mnogoluchevoi device. Dampers gas filling is equipped with the upgraded system to cushion the blows,changing the amplitude of the product depending on the quality of the road surface, which actively affects the operation of the entire suspension.

Picking and rates Mercedes glk

In the basic configuration updated  Mercedes JLC offers  with the following options:

 Trim Mercedes GLK

Advanced Russian motorists when buying can make an order for  retrofit  Mercedes Benz glk such packages as Comfort, Comfort Plus, Luxury and Sport. We offer a list of options will occupy a single page, here are some of them:

 Motors Mercedes GLK

As for the cost of the car, then we suggest you consider a table that displays the price of the Mercedes glk  existing configurations on the Russian market.