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Freelander 2 is the second generation of the SUV

 Freelander 2

A bit of history

UK company Land Rover again worked on the SUV Freelander 2, the car of premium class. Speaking about the historical past of this model, let us remember that the first Freelander appeared on the market in 1997, it was a crossover vehicle with a monocoque body. Model long been settled, has caused much controversy in the automotive community. In 2003, she suffered a deep modernization that was raised at a fairly high level opinion of the Assembly, packaging and electronics. And on the global market first crossover won finally his place. The second generation came to light in 2006. This year's modernization attempts were then entered the market model in which the statistics were modified car, mainly diesel engine. In 2010 in a model appeared 2.2-liter diesel, and in 2012 – the new unit with the turbine with the capacity of displacement of 2 litres.

Excellent work of our designers and engineers

At this stage, the restyling of engineers and designers did their best stronger, changing and external data and technical components. Now, crossover received more attractive exterior. Designers took the bold decision to combine the sporting appearance and turned his profile. Although it is somewhat similar to its predecessor, but need "highlight" is present. New Land Rover Freelander has chiseled profile, smooth flow in the form of wings, the arc is more pronounced wheel arches. Front and rear lights updated, led items allow you to better see the car in the flow of the rest of the movement. - Xenon light smoothly complements didulya areas in the headlights that looks stylish and expensive. The shape of the radiator remained unchanged, just facing supplemented by a frame of chromium.

 Land Rover Freelander

On the bumper specialists more clearly expressed aerodynamic lip at the bottom, and fog lanterns decorated chrome rings. At the sides particularly changes have occurred, only discs and wheel arches are getting bigger and body consisting of five doors, with a rather smooth lines, high doorways and fry them, remained the same. When choosing the color of the car, future owners can choose among three new: AintreeGreen, MauritiusBlue , Havana. Old enamel color remained in use for painting Freelander: white, silver, grey, beige, red, dark green, black. Basic stocked now the tire R-17, but as an additional option proposed R18-R19. Tail lights, as the front was updated in relation to the ceiling, which has been led basis. More in the back of Frilander nothing moved. Remained the most correct form of the tailgate, for convenience passing along the hard road, bumper cropped from the bottom. As for the size, but the indicators are: - length 4,5m; - width of 2 meters (including mirrors – almost 2,2 m; height with roof rails – 1.8 m, and without them – about 1.7 m; - the ride height - 200 mm

The Interior Of The Land Rover Freelander 2

That's where tried producers Freelander 2013 year, so it is in the salon. There are car owners will be pleased with the color monitor 5 inches, situated on the additional panels between the two dials. Console decorates 7-inch touch screen. On this screen displays pictures from the camera's rear panel, using it is controlled by radio-and Navigator. In the installed base MP3 CD with 8 speakers with a total capacity of 650 watts, but at desire it is possible to install even modern Meridian with subwoofer. Under controls for audio system is a climate control. In the new crossover you can find such things as electric handbrake, access to the interior is without a key, machine plant without the key, the system is going using the buttons in the center pane.



I must say, the cost of all this is not petty. Color gamma of the interior finish also expanded, appeared three new options: rich brown, the color of ivory and ebony. In interior rear seat raised more than 50 mm relative to the front, giving the best view, and gives comfort. Chair of the first series are made with luxurious lateral support, driver's regulated in 6 directions with the help of buttons. I must say, the most appropriate words describing the beauty, are comfort and space, because on the back row is placed freely three adults. Seat back folded in proportion 60:40, which gives the opportunity to put in the trunk of a lot of things. The lower part of the trunk of flat, which is convenient for placing things. Trunk volume can be increased up to a maximum of 1600 litres. The distance between the wheels, even under the trunk is about 1 meter that allows you to place a large burden. Here there is an additional pocket for storage of clothes, a support for glasses and bottles.

Technical characteristics

 A variety of color options

In our country vehicle presented with two diesel and two petrol engines. Parameters of diesel engines:

2.2 – liter mechanics 6 steps consumed more than 6 litres per 100 km, and the 2.2 - liter unit with ACP, consumes up to 10 liters per 100 km, but with rapid acceleration.

Gasoline engines have the following [characteristics:

- 3.2-litre six-cylinder with six automatic transmission, not cheap, city-strip consumption almost reaches 15 liters per 100 km;

- 2 liter EcoBoost with Turboatom and six-speed avtomatlasd little less 9.2 litre.

Freelander 2013 is equipped with modern security system. There ABS, traction control and intelligent system of a full drive.




We consider a car can overcome any obstacle. It is fast and convenient in control of the city, a strong off-road. Freelander two generations have passed the test temperature of air from -40° up to + 50°, were run at the height of 4 km. Passed along the slopes of the rocks, mountains, and participated in other extreme travel.. the Car is equipped with a system Webasto, which can be controlled using the remote, and the management system is displayed in the salon. Russia to buy new Land Rover Freelander 2-th generation, i.e. 2012-2013 can be from 1 million 244 thousand rubles. This price covers the SUVs basic version, if you want to buy Freelander with top set, you will need to buy 1 million 947 thousand rubles.


It is important to say that from the owner reviews, maintenance, and repair of this car is very expensive. Details are few, at service stations rates high. The fact that the company is engaged in serial production, and distribution of spare parts – no. There are several factories in the UK, which are made under license. Besides, the technique is quite complicated, hence such rates.