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I bought a Toyota land cruiser Prado 150

Why Prado 150?

Welcome, dear readers. I want to share with you the experience acquisition SUV Toyota land cruiser Prado 150, since I bought it a month ago, but because it was still fresh in the memory of emotions. I am sure that this article will be interesting for all who choose “off” finally from their automobile драндулетов, and take this car, which will allow to overcome the obstacles in its path. Recently, for example, returned with friends from hunting. Rode – forest and wide steppe, and relies on our roads – stone with cobblestone replace each other. For us drove two friends at hand cars. I'm with a group of friends – at its Toyota Prado 150.

We arrived to the destination point, prepared to hunt, and no friends and no. I called a friend, who is on a Vase went to ask where they were lost. In vain called – so many unpleasant words and expressions in the address of the car never heard vocabulary its definitely expanded). How happy I was then, that from their old “Zhiguli” the Prado 150 moved. I still liked when I advertise on TV saw. Thought “if I could save the money on such a unit”. But never has accumulated ’ s got a loan. Honestly, so like this car, that with the decision of the long delayed.

My personal opinion – made the best possible choice of options. The car moves slowly on a flat and not very smooth line, and the rugged (and inaccessible) places the same simply no. About the main features of the SUV and about what one should pay attention to when buying a I want to tell you next.

 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150

A bit of history and the main differences

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is the fourth generation of the SUV Land Cruiser Prado. The car was presented at the international exhibition in Frankfurt in 2009. Dimensions Toyota Prado 150 follows: height – 1880 mm, width – 1885 mm, length – 4760 mm

This SUV is built on an enhanced platform Toyota 4Runner and is available in five and seven-seater versions. The fourth generation of the Prado has received more bulky body, due to which the SUV became possessed large in comparison with its predecessor, dimensions. To increase the rigidity of the structure bending, spar frame has been strengthened.

What needs attention?

Before buying a Toyota Prado 150, you must define the purposes for which you buy a SUV. If you want to travel with the whole family, not even forgetting about the favourite mother-in-law, it is best to opt for the seven-seater version of the SUV. If you plan to carry heavy items and goods, quintuple option you more fit. The Luggage compartment пятиместного option SUV is 621 until 1934 liters, while the five-seat model, this indicator ranged from 104 to 1833 HP

Special attention deserves the interior of the vehicle. He must look expensive. This really is a “male” beauty which does not find flaws. Stylishly decorated, multi-function steering wheel, leather seats, excellently designed center console geometrically regular forms, moderately bright illumination of the instrument panel, which guarantees excellent readability.

 Toyota land cruiser Prado 150 beauty

Very capacious and expensive beauty. If the motor show you sit behind the wheel of an SUV and not feel like the king of the world, then, you accidentally miss a Toyota Prado 150 and in Lada 4×4. No simplicity, the boredom and monotony in the cabin Toyota land cruiser Prado 150 you will not find.

In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to the equipment of the SUV different electronics. Even in its most basic Prado 150 has a light and rain sensors, rear view camera (image displayed on the monitor in the center of the torpedo, the diagonal of the monitor 4.2 inches), cruise control, heated seats, Parking radar, and powered the steering wheel position on the flight and tilt.

Do not forget about the PUSH START system, thanks to which you start the engine is only one touch – fast and easy, Smart Entry system, which allows you to open the locks of doors with one touch of the handle without the use of the keys. Please note that in versions of SUVs SFX (80) and SFX (E3) is not normal, and a touchscreen monitor, and instead of the usual audio system with nine speakers appeared DVD player and a 14-component speakers JBL. Along the perimeter of the “iron horse” with 4 camera review. The navigation system can quickly recognize all the commands in the Russian language. If you tried to test navigation system, but it commands does not recognize, the two options – or it isn't there, or the king, that is, a Toyota Prado 150, not real!

But what's the Suite?

If you want to get the best, choose the package SUV SFX (E3). Looking at the basic package, it seems: “Yes, here there is everything one can dream of! I would actually lived here. What else in the Deluxe version, you can add?”. Turns out you can. In particular, the salon looks more stylish thanks to the inserts under the tree. For maximum comfort of the driver, a Deluxe version of the SUV is present position memory steering wheel, exterior mirrors and driver's seat.

In addition, if you choose Prado with third-row seats – congratulations, you get exactly the “top” SFX (E3). The point is that the third row of seats is valid for a maximum configuration. Pay close attention to this, because of ignorance you can buy seven-seat SUV, having paid for the options you absolutely will not be useful in the future. Please note that the third row seats SFX (E3) is equipped with electric, which makes it even more comfortable.

 Toyota land cruiser Prado 150 Luggage compartment

“Heart” Prado 150 – you're what?

It is impossible to purchase a car and not ask the installed power unit. Alas, this, at first glance, a truism, completely forget some motorists. As a result, they have a car that absolutely does not suit their capacity.

In what would be picking you have not purchased a Toyota Prado 150 diesel-engine will differ a great power – after all, this luxury SUV. And still, they are different. And the choice of a particular model should take this into account. In the domestic market consumers are offered three types of motors:

So I purchased the Toyota Prado 150 in its maximum configuration (I do in life is a maximalist), I tried really the best of engines. Feeling, I tell you, chic. I don't exceed the speed in the city, but on the highway to drive at full speed – this is the responsibility of each owner of the Prado. Extreme guaranteed! Lover of speed will come in delight.

Another important detail – country of origin. Because SUVs produced and for the East, pay attention to in the VIN third digit was a unit. Figures 3, 4, 8 or letters B and C means that the car is released for hot countries. Such Prado not suitable for operation in the conditions of our winter.