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Innovative model of crossover Acura mdx 2014

For the first time Acura YFC saw the light in 2000 — it was the first generation. Long six years, the manufacturers did not make changes in design, collecting information from users. And in 2006 released the second generation of Acura YFC — significantly improved crossover mainly been focused for American users. 3 years later, i.e. in 2009, the crossover has undergone restyling. And the start of sales in Russia Akura a little more updated, and now in our country will be supplied relative to the "fresh" Acura MDX 2014 model year.

 Acura MDX 2014 full face


Photo new Acura YFC 2014 model year looks imposing, dignified, reserved, but, nevertheless, quite athletic. In her appearance there are no superfluous elements. The front of the car flaunts a trademark of the brand, the false radiator grille framed by a chrome frame, unusual "optics» has a very interesting shape on the front bumper has a lattice insert, and the edges of the additional air intakes with fog lights round shape. Side smooth contours of the car body and the high line of the side Windows visually lengthen the novelty. Behind it is rather simple, but at the same time, distinctive and tasteful.

The dimensions of the crossover:

 Acura MDX 2014 food


The interior of the Acura — this, of course, luxury and representativeness. For upholstery use only chic leather tanning and finishing — natural wood or a nice quality chrome. With regard to the placement of the driver and passengers, the seats are built in the system 2+3+2.

According to reviews of the race drivers seat for the driver, passengers deserve praise. Moreover, the driver's seat can be adjusted by electric actuator in 10 different directions, and for passengers – 8.  the Only drawback that you may notice motorists — this close the space between the second and third row. But the developers have taken into account this point, so the third row passengers to ride in the car will be most interesting — there will be entertainment console. As the large doors of the car will provide a comfortable fit in the cabin.

Relative to the location of the control systems, the designers decided to bring them a large part of the Central panel, as well as “download” the steering wheel. Therefore, the front panel looks pale.

The minimum amount of Luggage will be 234 liters, maximum (with the addition of two back rows) — 1344. There is a possibility of transportation of cargo on the roof, but its weight should not exceed 75 kg

 The dashboard Acura MDX 2014


Russian motorists can evaluate only one engine option — this gasoline 3.5-liter unit. The six cylinders arranged in a V shape, each with four valves, and the system multipoint injection provides a maximum power of 290 horsepower at 6900 rpm per minute.

The maximum value of torque — it 355 NM at 4500 rpm's — and they are quite enough for a confident and comfortable motion at a speed of 220 km/h To 100 km/h the vehicle can accelerate a little less than 8 seconds, and it is very even not bad, considering the dimensions of the vehicle and its external clumsiness.

Will delight motorists and not the highest appetite Acura. This is a real 18 liters in the city and about 12 liters  on the track. But this, as it turns out, is not all. If necessary, use the system VCM half of the working cylinders can be turned off, and the consumption will be even less.

 Beauty Acura MDX 2014

The engine is paired with six-speed automatic transmission with sequential SportShift gear. Transmission with the adaptive option Grade Logic, previously set at 5-speed automatic transmission, and a Hold Control system, responsible for the stability of the vehicle on the uphill and downhill slopes. That is specifications Acura MDX compared with the second generation significantly improved.

The Acura MDX is equipped with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive — it is an active all-wheel drive that allows you to lock the rear and center differential and VSA — a traction control system. This system allows to adapt the specifications Acura YFC and stability of the car to the road conditions and the nature of the fabric, distributing traction on all wheels in the most optimal way. Also on the Russian market can be seen and the model only with front-wheel drive.

Independent 100% suspension — it's the good old positively proven rack MacPherson front and multi-link system at the rear. Three modes of IDS settings allow you to adjust all the parameters of movement for maximum comfortable driving in sport, comfort or normal modes.

 Equipment Acura MDX 2014

Picking rates

In the free market for the Russians will be offered 2 options of the vehicle. This is the initial default Techno and more advanced Advance.

Picking Techno will include:

Cost of all this luxury pleasure will be in the area of 2.55 million rubles. Given this configuration Acura YFC 2014 the price is quite restrained.

Equipment Advance supplemented by such "bells and whistles" as:

Optional equipment will add to the cost of approximately 350 thousand rubles, and the final price Acura MDX 2014 will vary in the area of 2.9 million rubles.