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Land Rover Defender is a hero from the past

Royal car Defender, is a direct descendant of universal Land Rover, which appeared in the distant 1948. For fifty years, land rover defender has improved, modified, but always remained similar to its "parent". Modern machines are produced since 1983, and in their design has not changed. Today, this English car sold in more than 140 countries. In the same 1983 produced exclusively long-wheelbase models, which were, as a three-door and five-door". In its name, this model had only figures which were equal wheelbase cars in inches. For example, a three-door version has the same wheelbase 90 inch, five-door, respectively 110 inches. Seven years later, there appeared the "four-door pickup truck called the "king". Here he already had wheelbase equal to 130 inches. In the same 1990, the car finally awarded the title "Defender" (defender). In a standard complete sets appeared wheel drive and power steering.


 Is used by the army England


Element sovremennogo reliable land rover defender, of course, off-road. For this purpose it was created. It should be recognized that the English vehicle can handle any road and no matter where he is currently. Whether it's humid tropical jungles, white icebergs in Alaska, the Grand canyon in Arizona or impenetrable Siberian forests. The car anyway and if it is necessary, will always come to the rescue. Because, the machine can travel on any road surface, it must meet certain requirements, namely to the coverage body. No doubt, enamel body should be durable and to protect the car from all sorts of dirt and dust. In addition, the coating should provide excellent appearance, regardless of the climate and weather conditions.

However, masculine appearance "defender" will always be a subject of constant dispute. Body land rover defendervsegda covered with a special coating, which effectively prevents the accumulation of static electricity. In addition, the body is treated with a special compound, not dopuskayuschimi any chips. In most cases, the body there are two kinds of enamel. This is the color "metallic"or uniform shade. Each of these colors is covered with a transparent varnish, which can increase the depth of the lustre of the enamel. Whatever changes have not experienced the Land Rover he always kept all their own constructive peculiarities. This includes strong and reliable steel frame, hard bridges front and back, as well as a panel body made of aluminium. Sure, the landing was never comfortable.

 Brutal look SUV


Hinder rather high ground clearance and thresholds. But, this problem can be easily solved. For this purpose, a special optional step that can be set only for a surcharge. To the rear seat access will be even more difficult. Back door too hard and get through it, is problematic. Three words about the trunk. It's uninhabited. Do not leave without attention, such a necessary thing as winch. She was able to get land rover defender of the most difficult situations, proving their effectiveness. Moreover, modern winch can be remotely controlled.


Due to the fact that there are a variety of options wheelbase and the body, beauty Land RoverDefender can be a greater flexibility for installation of cargo space and seats. In this regard, the vehicle can run a completely different tasks. Improved seats gained the most convenient profile, better lateral support and all they, as a rule, facing in the direction of motion. In addition, the seats can quickly add up to get an extra seat. For example, the model 110 Station Wagon can quite easily folded back row thanks to a special spring mechanism.



For version 90SW, where there is a standard second line, provided by the separate seat, leaning back to lateral walls. This also applies to models 110SW, in which you can install custom third row. Also, you can order a leather-trimmed seats, instead of the standard fabric upholstery. Among other things, the audio system at Land Rover also has its own innovations. As an addition, mounted tweeters. They are located in the upper part of the salon. In principle, the cabin there is nothing superfluous, however, that in terms of ergonomics, it is all right. The biggest dial, it speedometer, and all other scale devices have a diameter of two times less. But the Central console looks in the shape of a square. With the help of the placed buttons, you can control with air conditioning, Underfloor heating and glass, seats, and also to control radio. There, on the center console are available buttons to control the front glass.

Technical characteristics

Since the beginning of this century, all the cars Defender can be equipped with transmission with four-wheel drive, traction control system type ETC and free wheel differential. However, for military and commercial versions provided by classic transmission part-times. The engine is terminowy diesel, having a volume of 2,4 litres and capacity of 122 PS in Addition, there is a system common rail. Modern and advanced engine not only fully meets the EU4 standards, but has a special adjustment system, which allows to use low-quality fuel. In addition, the new diesel engine for about 30 percent of the total noise. A new 6-speed transmission has gained even greater range of gear ratios. This is necessary in order to improve the performance when moving along the road with hard surface and off-road.


In addition to the existing sets S and SE may offer additional option packages, ventilated brake discs and original wheels with a light alloy. For example, to new models of 2012, became available motors 2.2 liter capacity. However, the engine is still the same (122 HP). Because installing a new motor, speed Land Rover Defender increased to 145 km/H. the British went further and now, a vehicle may comply with the Euro 5 standards. Due to the fact that optimized the whole process of combustion of fuel, significantly decreased the exhaust gases.

Prices and configurations

In addition to some changes under the hood, manufacturers can offer for Land Rover Defender two new package of options. This Off-RoadPack and Comfort. The first package is required for those of motorists, which will travel over rough terrain. This includes the protection of a bottom, antilock braking system, wheels and off-road tires. In the Comfort package has everything that you will need for improved comfort. This audio system, air conditioning, remote control locks, and power Windows. At the moment, the cost of the machine may vary depending on configurations and varies from 1, 2 million rubles to 1.7 million.