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Mercedes Sprinter: from start of production up to the present time

The release of the first generation

The history of the vehicle for commercial purposes, called "Mercedes Sprinter" began in 1995) To create this model was used platform malotonnazhna T1, enjoyed great popularity, beginning with his first release back in 1977.

Mercedes Sprinter managed not only to keep a high bar set by its predecessor, but has achieved great heights, including awards "Van of the year", awarded to him in the first year. For a good start was followed by a less successful sequel, as evidenced by the number of issued copies of the model (about half a million pieces), exceeding the total amount of the issue T1 almost half.

In the first years of the release of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter was available to consumers as much as nine base trim. This number was not very powerful version, full weight was 2.5 - 3 tons.

Tooling modifications 208D, 308D and 408D included 2.3-liter diesel engines with four cylinders. For more serious tasks were intended version index 212D, 312D and 412D, obtained as the main driving force of 2.9-liter 5-cylinder engines from 102 to 120 HP, the Most "advanced" in their lineup were modifications 214D, 314D and 414D, equipped gasoline "shestnadtsatiletnyaya, the work volume was 2.3 l (125 HP). In a linear row "Sprinters" the first generation was also attended by hotel modification NGT, with a gas cylinder, driven by a motor with a displacement of 2.3 liters and power, component 125 HP

 Mercedes Sprinter van

The front part of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in the first generation was equipped lever-spring independent suspension type. On the back of the car was equipped with continuous bridge structures, equipped with parabolic springs. As this vehicle was supposed to be used in conditions of varying complexity, initially set its technical equipment was included lockable rear axle differential with auto on. Later came and modification with a full four-wheel drive (since 1997), the number of variations which pleasantly pleased. It was attended by:

Specially for this model were created two types of gear boxes: 5-range manual transmission and 4-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the equipment of the car could enter the ABS system used to provide active safety, and after 1997 and the PBS system.

Even cooler, more

February 2000 saw a number of changes with the "Sprinters". The most important of these was the emergence of ultra-modern power unit, endowed with direct injection Common Rail. Cars of this line got the General index of CDI. In the same year, the group Mercedes introduced the outfit their cars electronic stability control.

In 2003, the model has undergone another facelift, which concerned mainly the appearance of the car. In addition, thanks to the introduction of new, high-tech engines and electronic component of high quality, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter has become more dynamic and "understanding"when their creators real intelligence. In a number of variations of this generation models included:

 Mercedes Sprinter cargo van

The second generation

The release of the second generation "Sprinters" began in 2006. Fans was presented the car in six different body styles. Among them includes: chassis with 2 and 4 doors; cargo van; the van; side versions with 2 and 4 doors. In addition, the feature of the second generation car was the emergence of three types of wheel bases. Instance with the short base, minibus Mercedes went to 3000 mm in length 5070 mm and width 1933 mm turning Radius of this modification is to 11.2 m the size of the long wheel base "Sprinters" - 4025 mm, medium - 3550 mm

Conversion and modernization touched and body models. Distinctive features of the second generation were:

Improvements have been made to the technical rigging of the car, in the basic version of the complete set which includes:

In addition to the above, the Mercedes Sprinter got better motors, the most powerful of which was a 3.5-liter, 285-horsepower gasoline engine, functioning in conjunction with automatic transmission with 5 speed manual transmission and rear drive. The rate of fuel consumption of this power unit in the city cycle is a 17.3 l, while traveling on the highway at 10.3 l

The most "representative" of the diesel version was the option of a 3.0-liter, 190-horsepower engine, running the same rear-wheel drive and 6-range gearbox.

 Mercedes Sprinter side platform

Restyling 2013

September 2013 was another important date in the history of the "Mercedes Sprinter". The car has again undergone restyling, this time affecting the appearance of the auto and system security.

Among the most notable innovations worth noting updated design of the front of the body, which includes a new grille and headlights, a style which is reminiscent of cars of the company. In addition, the car has got the original engine and improved system of the front optics. Downward (3 cm) has changed and the ground clearance of the car, which resulted in its greater resistance to wind lateral directions.

In General, security in its restyled version reserved maximum attention. The designers have tried this plan, supplying it with many relevant systems and electronic AIDS, such as the function Crosswind Assist, which allows to provide additional protection from side winds by automatic activation of the brakes.

In addition, the "Sprinters" feature another protective function, forcing emergency braking at speeds of 50 km/h automatically turn on the brake lights in auto mode flicker. During full braking at speeds of 70 km/hour, turn on the alarm.

The better altered and the interior space of the vehicle. Beauty has become more elegant and stylish through the use of a large number of elements of chromium, and the seats had a wonderful, practical upholstery are of the highest quality. The steering column has become a pleasant, "plump" shape, which has significantly improved its ergonomic qualities. Also "Sprinter" has received more modern audio and navigation system.

As the main driving force of "Sprinters" 2013 model year used the same engines. However, they have undergone some modifications, allowing powertrain auto meet the strict criteria of toxicity Euro 6, which shall enter into force is expected in the current year. A large part of their emissions is neutralized by injecting the catalyst urea. This innovation, called system BlueEFFICIENCY, allowed "Sprinter" to claim to be the first car that is fully consistent with the environmental standards of the new time".

 Mercedes Sprinter chassis

Restyling has undergone a passenger version of the car, and the Mercedes Sprinter cargo that build makes the assumption that the updated versions of popular commercial model will enjoy the same popularity and demand among buyers.

It remains to add that the Assembly is updated Sprinters 2013 model year will be produced at the facilities of the Gorky automobile plant, and the cost of these cars would be about 20 % cheaper compared to similar modifications produced in the territory of the European Union.

The cost and modifications available in our country

The average price on Mercedes Sprinter Russian Assembly is in the range from 1 million to 170 rubles to 1 million 590 thousand rubles. the First indicator corresponds to the cost of the van in the base, and the second value of the "top" version "Corporate Bus". The cost for passenger versions ranges from 1 million 450 thousand rubles and above.

In the domestic market will also be represented by the following model modifications:

Sale Mercedes Sprinter is carried out in dealer showrooms of the company and in specialized centers.