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New features and major technical changes UAZ Patriot 2015

New "person"

 New UAZ Patriot 2015

UAZ Patriot 2014/15 model year soon will be available in specialty centers, and today we accept orders for its purchase. So, wanting to be "in the first row– you can use the services of authorized dealers.

The changes undergone by the vehicle, can be described as very significant. First of all, they touched his body parts for painting which used advanced technology cataphoretic deposition of soil. Manufacturers also stated that in the future it is planned to make the automobile UAZ Patriot is fully galvanized.

In the appearance of the car changes will be as follows:

In addition, change and carrying capacity of the Patriot, which, in the updated version will be 1 ton. As to structural features of the body, the manufacturers will continue to use as a base frame structure, and in the next "five-year plan" of any "revolutionary" innovations in this regard is not planned.

Future updates of the technical part

In General, specifications UAZ Patriot is very decent and acceptable for a car of this class. For example, it is expected that an updated version of 2015 will receive more advanced turbocharged petrol engine of the type having a smaller, compared with the existing variation, the volume and more power. In addition, will be upgraded and modified the existing variants of the power plant, as well as improved handling car.

At present, the Patriot is equipped with two types of engines: diesel engine with a displacement of 2.3 liters and 114 HP power and 2.7-liter four-cylinder petrol power unit with a capacity of 128 HP In addition to the involved mechanical gear box. Although the appearance of "machine  it is expected that the installation of the new motor.

Among other changes, noteworthy, it is also worth noting:

New transfer case

Well, the main event in the field of its device at this time was the emergence of a more efficient transfer case with a larger step-down ratio and the management of electronic type, developed by Hyundai Dymos. Notice its presence can already in the cabin, calling attention to the fact that the usual control lever handings is absent here. Instead, you can see the appearance of the electronic selector "washer” with the provisions 2H, 4R and 4L.

The design of this element can be called more Mature. For example, due to the fact that in this case the motor is securely pressed against the crankcase transfer case, wires are arranged neatly, and not hang down, as it was before. Yes, and engine damage is possible in rare cases.

The only thing that causes some "strained" when exploded the study of this structural element – the way it's connected. Due to the specific design of the system, each wire is placed in gidroizolirovat channel, reaching housing raddadi, which between them form a small space, which can get dirt and debris. Small difficulties expected and, if necessary, repair of this unit, which will have to produce the opening of the protective cover.

For mounting the transfer case new generation of producers had to completely change the tunnel floor, which implies that future models will be equipped with this option. However, some time from the conveyor of the automobile plant will go version of the Patriot with handings of the old type, which created a stock of necessary spare parts and components. However, to buy a car in this version, you will have to pre-order it and wait a few months to half a year.

All the same affordability

In General, the updated Patriot promises to be more qualitative, reliable and comfortable, compared to its previous generation. According to designers and developers of the model, it will be a worthy competitor counterparts Korean production, advantageously distinguished by its attractive price.

By the way, the price of UAZ Patriot 2014/15 model year starts from the figures in 568 thousand. In addition, buyers also remains available for modification "Welcome", with the transfer box of the old type, the cost of which is about 499 thousand rubles So that they will have a choice between an old, good friend or "Patriot" new generation. The diesel version of the model for the 2014 model year can be purchased for $ 711 thousand rubles and above.

Growing sales of the car confirms that the manufacturers ’s going on the right path", trying to make it technically and aesthetically perfect. And this means that he, in his new incarnation, is still of interest to motorists. Look, because until 2015-16, there is just a little…