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Operating experience of the Lincoln Navigator

You won't find it among the broken road sections in the taiga, not discover the перепаханном field. Lincoln Navigator – the car confidently and calmly cuts through the city streets, feeling himself as the true ruler of the road. For others this Lincoln is associated with luxury, comfort, suites – in a word, is a vehicle superior brand. But only its true owners know what lies behind such a colorful appearance. We generalized the experience of operation of the Navigator Russian motorists. Results of offer to Your attention.

When have learned about it?

Release of Navigator began in 1997. In principle, the car gave a start to a new segment in the world of wheels – the segment of expensive, luxury SUVs. I must say that the Americans it was a success: since from the very moment of release and to this day Navigator is the sales leader in its class.

We on the roads still can meet a considerable number of navigators it is first generation. Huge (more than 5 meters long and about 2 in the width and height), powerful, fine SUVs attract fans of large cars. We have an old Navigator loved for what he allows become the real owner of a luxury car for relatively little money. Besides drivers say among the reasons for his sympathy for the SUV no undue amount of electronics in the cabin.

 Lincoln Navigator the first generation

But the main character – this is the second generation

Indeed, still most popular Navigator, issued since 2002. What he says owners?

1. First, respond positively to motorists on the external appearance of Lincoln. In General, they note, the exterior has kept the monumental traits inherent to the first generation. The drivers pay attention to the following:

Owners say that the updated hood somewhat alarming at first, so as to adoption the driver gives the feeling of constant danger swipe at something minor or not to notice low obstacle. But generally satisfied with the second generation, because it looks massive, приземисто, effectively and stylish.

2. Secondly, a brilliant assessment of our compatriots was awarded the beauty of the Navigator. And this is not surprising: in its decoration used only high quality materials, which create the atmosphere of glamour and gloss. Owners say that looks interior is modern and stylish. The greatest interest among Russian drivers invokes the standard American placing the automatic transmission lever. In the Navigator, he is not under the steering wheel, and between seats, in the tunnel. Along with the General modernist design in auto-traced native American features. For example, we Navigator front panel is designed so that visually divided into two independent parts: respectively, one for the driver, and the second – for the passenger. This classic style of each Lincoln issued in the fifties.

 Lincoln Navigator second generation

The Central console also gives notes of old-fashioned. Owners say that in this respect, the design solution is simply beyond all praise: as if there were no spare keys, but really all just hidden behind the special opaque фальшпанелью. What is it? Drivers share a secret: just touch panel finger, as she shoots up and you will find numerous control buttons. And they are indeed many. In the Navigator has the following electrical equipment:

Assessing the functionality of the salon and finishing in General, motorists have noted the highest level of quality, comfort, roominess. But much more feedback garnered Lincoln Navigator specifications. We will discuss.

3. As already it became understandable, thirdly, there is our compatriots beautiful picture from the point of view of technical parameters of the Navigator.

The car is equipped with a powerful 5,4-liter unit with capacity of 300 PS Drivers say that the engine as it is impossible to perfectly fit into the General character of the car.

However, note motorists, we must understand that such a motor and "eat" a lot. Indeed, the average fuel consumption in the city is about 20 liters on the highway same figure is 15 liters. Moreover, these figures are directly dependent on a number of external circumstances, as well as the condition of the car: some have even 28-liter consumption.

 Lincoln Navigator second generation of beauty

But the main technical advantage of Navigator is its suspension. Yes, Lincoln not to leave the city, but he's not built for it. Suspension of an American smooth and comfort, allowing you to enjoy the movement of the car.

Also the vehicle is equipped with system of a full drive. There are rear-wheel drive version, but spread in Russia it has not received.

The new generation of comfort

Another lineup navigators begins with 2007 as the date of commencement of serial production of the third generation). When designing a new model engineers decided to take into account the specific wishes of the real owners, but, of course, about the Russian drivers and they did not think. For this reason, still abundantly produced Lincolns rear-wheel drive, which sold out completely in markets other than the domestic one.

But loved our car owners extended version of the Navigator with the corresponding index L. advantage, drivers say, is not so much extra long base, how much increased trunk (it appeared additional 700 litres when a third row of seats): when folded the second and third rows volume it is as much as 3,700 liters! Impressive record.

Externally, the car has not changed much (except for the grille and headlights), but a lot of new received a beauty. So, according to the owners, appeared much more rich interior, which includes:

On the technical side, changes in the engine, which has preserved the previous volume and power, but is designed now completely different, but the reviews, actually he is the main weakness of the car, saying that annoying that when it is fully loaded.

Equipped unit with a new, unique 6-speed automatic transmission. Owners Navigator third generation say that a new box gives the opportunity of quick acceleration through the use of closely spaced gear ratios. However, the car has not traditionally offers to лихачеству.

 Lincoln Navigator third generation


For the buyer Lincoln Navigator price is a secondary issue. However, it is necessary to study and given the circumstances. Thus, the cost of the Navigator varies from 550 thousand rubles for the model year 1998-1999 and almost 3 million for Lincoln 2010. Our drivers speak, that the car is standing, the price clearly adequately reflects its quality. However, they warn: beware of suspicious cheaper options available. It is, as a rule, already almost fully "dead" navigators. In the rest Navigator – a car that combines the comfort of a representation class with the massive appearance of an SUV.