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Operating experience the Kia Sportage in the new body

The premiere of the third generation of the Kia Sportage in the new body took place in March 2010. Manufacturers have stated that work on the model was carried out for 3 years, and major developments were made in the European branch of the company. A distinctive feature of the car you can call it expressive and original design solution that fully complies with the spirit of modern fashion trends.

According to most car owners, who had to deal with the model, its exterior is one of the absolute "aces» car, making it attractive and interesting to consumers.

 Kia Sportage in the new body

It is, indeed, quite elegant and has its own recognizable style that make the car visible on the road, and a clear proof are photo Kia Sportage in the new body. It is particularly noted such things as eye-catching design fog light car, as well as the quality of its xenon lighting, perfectly illuminating the road in any conditions.

However, there is a body and its drawbacks, celebrated by the current owners:

 Kia Sportage 3 rear view

Internal arrangement: pros and cons

Concerning arrangement salon Sportage you can hear different opinions. However, most car owners found it quite convenient and comfortable. Everything here is "in their places" and does not cause any conflict. Especially encouraging is the presence of a comfortable armrest, as well as the presence of 2-planar adjustment of the steering column.

Positive feedback has earned options such as Handsfree system and heated rear seats. Another point worthy of attention: the absence of a so-called jumper back, allowing the back surface of the floor is completely smooth.

Of course, the new Kia Sportage not without weaknesses in the area of arrangement of the cabin. One of them can be inconvenient location button on-Board computer that you want to reach that distracts from control over the traffic situation.

Electric power steering does its job on "great", although some motorists say too “easy”. But this is a matter of personal preference.

 New Kia Sportage

"Along the way"

In General, the appearance and internal arrangement seems clear enough. It remains to discuss the more interesting questions related to the technical equipment and the capabilities of the car.

Given the relatively young age of Sportage, to talk about the level of reliability and quality of its powertrain is a little tricky. One thing is clear: radical changes in their design compared with motors fitted to the last generation model, was observed. However, they have undergone some modifications, which increased their power, tegometall and efficiency. For example, the engine with a displacement of 2 liters of gasoline has risen to 150 HP (previously 140 HP). Preserved and two 2.0-liter diesel modifications received from producers at 136 and 184 HP, respectively. And from the ‘top’ V petrol "six" the producers decided to give up, preferring it more economical and practical ways.

Upgraded a positive impact on the dynamics of acceleration, but its behavior on the road and when overtaking many motorists described as "dull" and "boring". And pressing the pedal to the metal, don't expect something special. So, maneuvers on the road you have to plan ahead that much pleasure does not deliver.

 The interior of the new Kia Sportage

In principle, however, any complaints and claims, the engine does not cause, as well as the quality and functionality of its charms. It is, of course, can not be called tough, but rather, elastic and flexible. The effectiveness of its work depends on the selected speed and the nature of the drive. That is, overcoming obstacles and irregularities requested to reduce speed, given ‘conodoguinet» this structural element. In General, it is worth noting that with its new suspension car behaves very well on the road surface of various types, at that time, as the old model Kia Sportage caused on this occasion much debate and questions.

In addition, the assurances of some "extreme", provided that enable stability and blocking, Sportage good enough manifests itself in off-road conditions. However, experiments in this area still do not get involved, because in the end, these "test" for serial auto, not prepared in a special way for off-road riding, can result in failure.

Automatic six-speed box fans model is characterized as a rather "effective” and coordinated. Similar opinions are being raised about its braking system, characterized by reliability and durability. As a rule, necessary to replace the brake pads occurs after the passage of 30 thousand km, which for a car with "machine" very good.

 The beauty of the new Kia Sportage

For and against: views of the owners

Given the above, it is possible to make a rating of positive qualities and obvious shortcomings of the car, which should take "into service" prior to its acquisition.



 The engine of the new Kia Sportage

Build and quality

Another serious point of having a direct impact on the quality and reliability of the vehicle: where do Kia Sportage.

Typically, we receive several auto Assembly options: Slovak and Russian. Rarely you can find original copies of production in Korea. To be fully accurate in Slovakia Sportage passes all the stages of the Assembly process, after which its disassembly into individual kits and send to Russia.

Unfortunately, about the Russian Assembly, you can find a lot of critical reviews associated with the following points:

So, to the Assembly of the car is also worth a look closely. To navigate in this case, it is necessary to VIN code, located on the windshield before driving by the place where the first letter say about the country of origin of car:

For short, you can come to the conclusion that Sportage 3 generation – car, perfectly suitable for urban conditions, the average level without serious "posts" and defects, which makes it quite convenient and comfortable. And this is the main advantage of the model.