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Operating experience the Volvo XC60

 Five seater car Volvo XC60 is presented in the form of a compact crossover with the latest modifications

The history of the brand

The five-door concept Volvo XC60 was presented in 2007, the Swedish concern Volvo Cars at the show in Detroit. A year later in Geneva exhibited already a production model of this compact crossover, created in common with Ford Kuga platform.

In the same Geneva in 2013 debuted the facelifted version of the urban SUV, which differs from the original design of the exterior, head optics, electronics and interior characteristics of engines.

Despite the popularity of the updated version, the Swedish automaker has already announced the second generation of the XC60, the appearance of which is scheduled for 2016. Also stated that the novelty will receive all the latest developments from the flagship XC90.

Presently, it is important SUV Volvo XC60 modifications of 2013, produced in Belgium (Ghent), so we consider it in detail.

Impressive appearance

New class C/D was more aggressive and sporty. Smooth curves and rounded body, as well as the slope of the windshield, make the silhouette is easy and rapid that confirmed aerodynamic performance.

The head lights, grille, air intake and fog lights give the crossover predatory "blink" and emphasize the sporty character of thoroughbred "stallion".

 Externally, the Volvo XC60 looks very sporty with "predatory" squint without unnecessary visual noise.

As a result of restyling the car got a new rear view mirrors original shape, matte finish metal elements, side moldings, dual exhaust pipes, wider bars (without edging) major brand label.

Regular aluminum wheels model Cratus have 18-inch diameter, but they can be replaced by a huge, 20-inch counterparts. By the way, the latter is installed in versions R-Design directly on the plant. "Clad" wheels in tires Pirelli P-Zero.

Scandinavian interior design

Salon Volvo XC60 not just comfortable, it's incredibly comfortable that is felt immediately and in full.

On the center console facing the pilot, very conveniently located controls high-quality multimedia system, on-Board computer and reflector ovens. Elegant graphical dashboard TFT 8 is equipped with a sleek round dials, and leather "the wheel" is the petals of gear.

 Leather design, elegant round dial, with the latest multimedia system give the XC60 a special style

In the cabin is dominated by inserts made of natural wood, creating a warm atmosphere. It blends well with the contrasting two-color upholstered seat, which is available in light beige or inky black. The front seats offer two levels of stiffness backs and cushions for a comfortable fit.

 Comfortable chairs and Duva level of rigidity of the backrest is directed to all the conditions of comfort for proper fit when driving

The function of Sensus Connected Touch  are to provide communications and Internet connection that gives access to multimedia resources, GPS and navigation, as well as updating maps and other useful information. Thanks SCT all passengers have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Overall, the interior design is absolutely not inferior to the exterior design: soft line panels, excellent ergonomics, excellent quality of all materials and modern appliances, plus a flexible variability of the Luggage compartment seats and a multipurpose vehicle.

 The Luggage compartment has impressive size and well thought-out ergonomics

Characteristics Volvo XC60

Updated Swedish crossover has all the advantages of XC series: high speed acceleration, fuel efficiency, reliability and, of course, the legendary security.

Five-seat crossover from Volvo's larger “dnoplatfonts" Kuga. Its dimensions are: D - 4 628 / W - 1 891 / In 1 672 millimeters. Ground clearance when the data size is, real hard for this class, 230 millimeters.

The layout of the power plant XC60 is very peculiar. The entire line of engines of this model has a row structure. They are placed transversely in the forward portion of the vehicle body between the front wheels. Solid wheelbase (1632/1586 mm) with ease it allows.

 Diesel and petrol engines the Volvo XC60 can be described as moderately powerful

Aggregated motors this model only automatic transmissions with six or eight bands. All depends on the configuration of the crossover.

The drive crossover though and full, but not permanent. A portion of the torque, if necessary, can be transmitted to the rear axle through the multi-plate clutch of the third generation "Haldex".

Front suspension McPherson presents, and back – double wishbones. The construction utilizes coil springs, rack & pinion steering, equipped with electroerosional, transversal sway bar and disc brakes. As befits a technology premium, driver available all sorts of electronic AIDS.

To completely relax and enjoy the ride in a comfortable car class "Luxury" allows latest security system company Volvo Cars, called City Safety. This development monitors the vehicles moving ahead, with the help of lasers and "seeing" the danger, giving the electronics to increase the pressure in the brakes, which, in turn, contributes to the instantaneous braking when the pedal is depressed. If the pilot ignores the threat, then City Safety will stop the machine.

In addition, the Volvo XC60 has the following active safety systems:

Passive safety airbags and inflatable side curtains, seat belts and active head restraints.

Equipment and their cost

Basic modification of Swedish crossover Volvo, in addition to the standard "classics", can boast of high-performance microprocessor, laser radar, camera Parking sensors, and a host of different sensors.

 Basic Volvo XC60 has a fairly good feature

With additional options offered by the manufacturer, the buyer can create a unique layout of your own "horse".

The amount with which you will have to spend to buy Volvo XC60 favourite configuration can be found in the table below.

You can also look at other brands for a large sum here. In this article you will learn about the fastest crossovers and SUVs.

Impressions motorists

For a full evaluation. Volvo XC60 owner reviews are of key importance. And respond motorists about this crossover is very flattering, you could even say enthusiastically. Summarizing their statements, we can note the following advantages of the car:

 As it turned out, bissenova headlights of the Volvo XC60 ineffective

Less significant, but very unpleasant deficiencies, many believe the lack of winter package options in most of the proposed models, as well as the poor efficiency of the bi-xenon headlights in the rain.