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Operating experience with the Acura MDX second generation

The company ’Honda"with the brand ’Acura»plans to start shipping its auto luxury markets of our country. To date, the cars of this brand came to us exclusively illegally, through the “grey’ of the dealership. Deciding to remedy this situation, Japanese manufacturers have proposed to the Russian motorists are three models of the brand, including the crossover Acura MDX. First Premier auto luxury with this name took place over a decade ago, in 2000, and in the mass market in the U.S. and Canada, it was released in 2001); In 2006, the world saw the second generation of the crossover and, by the way, this generation is very often found on the roads of the Russian Federation. In addition, in anticipation of the rapid sales in our country was declared on regular restyling of the model, i.e. in Russia Acura MDX II 2014 will be more advanced and "cool".

Operating experience with Acura YFC second generation

Despite the small prevalence model among local motorists, some lucky people have managed to buy their own experience ekspluatacii Acura YFC second generation, so that they can share experiences and thoughts about "communication" with this car.

 Appearance Acura YFC second generation

His beauty, in the opinion of many, indeed, furnished with great range and taste. First, it is very wide and spacious. And third row seats here explicitly. Although leg room for adult passengers there is certainly not enough, but for children – just a fairy tale. Secondly, it is decorated with high quality materials, and they meet even the most inflated requirements in this area. The same can be said about the convenience of the driver and passenger seats with lateral support and is equipped with a special roller that supports the back.

Also worth a mention separate three-zone climate control, and "music" auto, which in this case "meets" multimedia system with subwoofer and DVD player. The only thing that "clouds" the joy of using all these gadgets: English interface of the climate system and the limited number of formats read by the player.

 Beauty Acura YFC second generation

In the field of technical equipment Honda Acura YFC also shows himself quite well. The main advantage of the 3.7-liter 6-cylinder V-shaped unit J37A1, "charged" 300 "horses", you can call it ’s a small appetite.  For all its power, this "machine" eats in a rustic mode, only about 7.5 l that for this class of cars is a true miracle. By the way, and in the city this indicator deserves a surprise. Average consumption in this case reaches not more than 10 litres And it ’stylish handsome” “content” gasoline 92nd brand. Complemented it "wonder" one of the options gear box: 5-or 6-band "machine working well and smoothly. Even the usual 5 mortar "enough", and with a six-speed automatic machine at all – the bomb!

 Engine Acura YFC second generation

As for his suspension, then the reviews Acura YFC divided. And if some motorists characterize it solely on the positive side, admiring her energy intensity and reliability, while others speak on her more "cold". For example, in the number of "disease" of this structural element called:

What to look for when buying a Acura MDX 2014

For our country producers have prepared two complete sets of Acura MDX 2014: Techno and Advance. Price on Acura YFC Techno is about 2 million 550 thousand. The cost of a complete set of Advance will start from the level of 2 million 900 thousand rubles.

 New Acura YFC 2014

When buying a new model Acura, many potential auto buyers are advised to pay attention to the following points:

Generally, the above problems are observed in 66 % of new cars and the range away from the norm when it is 3 to 8 mm, Even in expensive set of "Advance" specimens with a well-fitting bodywork is very rare (about 2 out of 6).

In General, judging by the hint of disappointment in the reviews of those wishing to own a new model, the quality of this "premium" crossover is far from ideal. Although, maybe in the future everything will be different? Let's wait – we'll see! And fans of Honda ’ s a good buy!