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Opinions and reviews the first owners of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 model year

While retaining its ’corporate» traits, Cherokee 2014 model year has become even more effective and more original, gaining many new advantages and positive qualities. However, according to fans of the model, she left and "the problem areas. 

First impressions

The first impression when looking at the Grand Cherokee 4-th generation – this is his controversial appearance, far from being " courageous brutal death»as it was in the nineties. Hard, aggressive forms were replaced smooth, smooth lines of the body, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee: reviews about which testify about previous popularity auto, classical rough SUV turned into a more accurate version, ideal for urban conditions.

In General, the car looks more stylish and elegant, although a large number chrome-plated elements, used in the decoration of its exterior – rather, it is a matter of taste. A more accurate form acquired bumpers of cars, as well as its rear doors, the relief which has changed for the better.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

However, in the design of his body appeared somewhat controversial elements, such as the rise of type "Pappus», «decorating» the space above the back door, where previously housed the customary antenna. Although, in principle, the look of a car it ’innovation» not spoil. Positive characteristics deserves optics refurbished Grand Cherokee, as well as its visibility, which can be put firm ’four» (because of the pillars).

However, sharing his impressions about controlling a car, some motorists say fogging his headlights during the period "running" (to 8 thousand km). In addition, you may also get this problem, as the creaking of the rear cargo door, arising in the cold. This is due to the fact that the rubber seal is installed in the upper part, on the frost ’dubeet». The same applies to the windshield and brushes, which when exposed to freezing temperatures for some time lose their mobility. Most frequently, so that ’to revive» their need for 10-15 minutes, which is very inconvenient.

Beauty with U.S. scale

Regarding the internal arrangement of the jeep grand cherokee 4-th generation, you can see that everything has changed for the better.

 The instrument panel Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

In short, the salon is equipped with a large chic and truly American scale and deserves high marks from motorists. Although, focusing on the owner reviews Cherokee 4-th generation, you notice that there is a small nuances. Namely:

 Transmission Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

"Technical stuff" and "pitfalls" internal "filling"

Concerning the technical aspect, the Grand Cherokee in this plan can be called quite harmonious and balanced. In General, revised and upgraded engines of the past generation, which manufacturers have supplied Grand Cherokee 2014, differ quite decent quality and reliability. About Targoviste and dynamics engine models, all owners say that enough for a car with such dimensions. The traditional diesel variant is the best tegometall and efficiency. However, despite its many laudatory features, reviews of diesel Grand Cherokee hint that some shortcomings in this modification is still there.

The first remark made about the performance of the power unit of this type, was his excessive noise, which arises at the moment of arming. That is a start, by Grand Cherokee with a diesel engine happens to "loud growl», clearly audible outside the car. However, within this sound has less intensity. At low revs hot, 3.0-liter 241-strong motor makes a pretty nice ear, calming, growing at high speed. The fuel consumption of granovskogo diesel quite acceptable. The average is about 9.5 litres per hundred kilometers.

As to other technical aspects, positive evaluation can also be given to the work of the electro-hydraulic amplifier steering column, through which the treatment of this heavy and heavy vehicle does not cause any discomfort and “hard”. Small criticism, however, speak about feedback steering, however, is not a fundamental observation, as the Grand Cherokee still applies to vehicles of different categories, what ’friendly” and “intelligent” sports car.

Some questions related to the work of the gear box when you hit a car in a traffic jam, although, if to speak about its functionality in General, it is beyond praise. In the process of switching to the second transmission in such cases are felt a sharp twitching and tremors that does not add to the comfort of driving. But speaking in General terms, you can see that the level of «driving comfort» Cherokee 2014 very worthy, as well as the quality of its charms.

 Riding on the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

Quiet, powerful, sedate, but it ’devilry»

Of course, Grand Cherokee, it is difficult to call a classic SUV in the best sense of the word, but with obstacles he copes with confidence. Although there are some "but,”… more specifically, you notice that travel on the floor not very good quality at low speeds significantly reflected in the car. When choosing more dynamic speed mode, these feelings disappear and are replaced by a feeling "sweating», smooth and smooth ride.

In urban conditions Grand shows its best side, gaining momentum very quickly and smoothly, even when controlling ’six» there is an impression that under the hood concealed nothing like V-shaped " eight».

However, and on light off-the Great Indian, too, does not think it ’confused», quietly passing through the mud, pebbles and even wet clay. The only obstacle to truly off-road driving on the UPS and potholes can be skirt front bumper, located a few smallish that can just tear off when too heavy traffic. But, along with this, to the value of clearance cars, component 218 mm, quite difficult to find fault. For normal drive ’without much extreme" it is enough.

On the road the car is quiet and reserved, and, despite the large size, rolls it hardly felt. The only time you should not try to log on it in turns at high speed. It ’fraught” “good drift» due to the fact that the sharp pressing the gas pedal Cherokee starts to behave like a car with rear-wheel drive, and this is better to know to perform the maneuver.

In addition, among its indisputable advantages are good opportunities for pages with a slight angle, which allows maneuvers in quite difficult conditions.

 Manageability Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

The pros and cons of the model according to its owners

Summing up the above, and, referring to the reviews of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 model year, you can create a short list of the obvious advantages and negative qualities of the car. The positive aspects of car ownership are:

Well, among the most serious shortcomings of the Grand new generation include:

In conclusion I would like to add that, like his other brothers on the North American workshop, Grand Cherokee 4-th generation consists of contradictions, and this should be ready bullish on car purchase. But, because of the reliability and quite attractive rates that ’apparatus» there will always be willing to buy it. In the end, they can be safely attributed to those rare instances automotive world who are just like them. And point…