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Options for tuning Reno Daster

Many car owners produce tuning their iron horses, but they all led by the different desires. Someone wants to make the machine more functional, while others chasing achievement of the best external qualities of the car. But all with one purpose – improve the car and make it different from the other.

In this article, we discuss possible improvements and tuning Reno daster. More options are available to the buyer even when buying a vehicle, such as tinted glass, alloy wheels and strap on the exhaust pipe, it can all be found in various configurations, but unfortunately, not everywhere. For this reason, the Renault duster tuning will have to replace yourself. The situation is similar in the case of painting and plating of individual sections of the body, such as door handles, side mirrors and bumpers.

Where to start

There are several types of possible protection bumper, as from significant physical damage and natural phenomena. There are special grid bumper, which will protect your car from penetration of small insects and other road debris. Such a grid would cost 3000-3500 thousands of rubles in terms of its installation.

There are other types of protection bumper, who can not only make your Reno aggressive and defiant in appearance, but also keep the body from possible damage. Varies three main types –the chrome arc, corners, and pipes. Most often bumper pads are made of steel, but there are also combined model, with the addition of rubber, polyurethane, plastic, aluminium and stainless steel. Accordingly, prices for all types of protection are different. Since the cost of chrome protective tube bumper Reno daster varies from 7000 up to 30000 rubles, without mounting it and this is just one area. Rear bumper Reno daster price of which on the average makes 2500-20000 rubles together with the installation will cost a lot of money.

 The bumper on the Reno Daster


The next step – tuning of the saloon Reno daster. Here you can convert a lot and improve the beauty, equipping it for their own convenience.

For example pay attention to the GPS - Navigator. In our time, this is quite a necessary thing, which is sure to find its application in your car. You can also change the handles transmission and replace the wheel, ottyuningovat' pedal, upholstered chairs to change or replace them. Also you can look at the glass. Tinting their film can be of different colors. Installation of decorative consecration salon, noise and vibration, sound and more. In one word, all at Your own discretion.

 Tuning interior Reno Daster


To produce off-road tuning Reno daster is necessary to pay attention to several details. In the first place necessary tyres calculated on the bend. Unfortunately, there are few options shinovoy picking renodaster. We can consider two fairly inexpensive option, for example:

Now we will look at Zend-tracks. They vary, both in production material and size. The average price for a pair of ranges from 7500 to 15000 rubles, as such You will need four or six.

Pay attention to the protection and strengthening of the coupling. Its price ranges from 2500 to 4000 rubles, without installation.

 New tyres Reno Daster


Another detail that can be improved in Renault duster - sills. Protect thresholds can be using special pads made of chromed steel, designed not only to meet the savings function, but also as a decorative element. This plate will cost 15000-18000 rubles, without installation.

Protect duster from possible problems, you can with the help of a set of full protection of the bottom of the engine compartment. With him crossover will be able to move even on sharp stones.

As for the engine, for the most part, the engine of this model meets all required conditions, he is a powerful and qualitative. To improve it, you can refer to the chip-tuning, which will allow to change the standard settings, leading to a change in the dynamic characteristics and decrease the overall consumption of fuel.

Renault Duster is a crossover, which means the possibility of its movement in the terrain. If you are worried about the safety of paint on the lower edge of the body, you can install the dilators of wheel arches and door moldings. This product is a rubber pads on the truck. A set of dilators will cost You 8500-9000 rubles, but the lining of the door 12500-13500 and without installation.

 Protection bottom Reno Daster


In conclusion, I would like to mention that the tuning of the car, and in particular Renault Duster, the procedure is not cheap. However, if you do decide to convert their car, then do not hesitate and do it! Good luck in your endeavors! And below, we provide You with Renault daster tuning video: