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Overview and specifications of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014


American SUV jeep Grand Cherokee 2014, after a slight facelift and intervention in the technical part for the first time was presented at the motor show in Detroit in January 2013.

The main differences from the jeep grand cherokee 2013 immediately obvious when inspecting the car in front and in the cabin. Although the appearance of the model 2013. special claims was not, a new Cherokee has undergone quite noticeable changes to the exterior, which completely changed his style, clearly this can be seen in the photo Grand Cherokee 2014 presented below.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee  2014 goda

Immediately struck by the unusual, slightly narrowed front optics, framed by a strip of led lights. This style adds a new big bumper with compact foglights and large air intake, decorated with stylish chrome, cruise insert.

The side of the hood and roof of the car explicit have not changed and has preserved its original "Dimovski" look. Changes to the rear of the case has touched almost all elements contour bumper, shape and topography of the rear doors, the rear lights. The latter became noticeably larger allocated led ruler and perfectly fit into the new design concept car.

External dimensions jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 model year remained unchanged in comparison with the size of the previous model and consists of:

Potential buyers available colors jeep Grand Cherokee such as:

 Anfas Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014


The most significant changes concerned the car. First of all new jeep grand cherokee boasts greatly improved the wheel and front panel.

Very attractive looks dashboard, which represents a symbiosis LCD 7 inch, and analog devices. For screen provides 120 variants of options. At first sight it seems that all instrument panel is a solid liquid crystal display.

In the centre console posted by 8.4 inch display, which is part of the UConnect system, which is responsible for management of the basic options of a vehicle, such as navigation, playback music files with optical drives, control, USB-in and iPod control seat heating and ventilation, and more.

The wheel, having leather decor and wooden inserts, very nice lies in the hands and creates a visual sense of luxury. Its surface generously strewn with buttons, which allow you to go and manage your music, cruise control, radio and other systems.

Beauty Jeep Grand Cherokee maximum covered with leather, and in picking Overland it even covered the front panel, while in other configurations, it is made of high quality plastic. The General feeling of refinement also add insert under a tree. Very original look of the gear lever, which now works like a joystick computer games, sensing movement forward or backward, and not fixed in any position specified by the tunnel.

 Korma Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

Seats in the new car as comfortable and convenient as before. The driver's seat equipped with a variety of functions. Side boards securely hold the body on the turns. Rear seats with great comfort will be able to accommodate three adults. If they will be two, they can enjoy a comfortable armrest, which becomes the backrest of the seat. Additionally, the rear seats can be almost fully formed, widening the already very spacious Luggage compartment.

Head over to the driver and the passengers are vast panoramic sunroof roof. It is equipped with non-traumatic mechanism for opening / closing and double glazing.

Extensive Luggage capacity 782 liter allows you to bring everything you need for a long rest in the country. For secure storage is provided by various hooks and mechanisms of attachment. Under floor Luggage compartment provides space for the storage of spare wheel.

Pleasantly please buy a jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 even such a trinket as a flashlight, located in the Luggage compartment. In working condition it is powered by the independent battery, and being on my usual place, can be charged. There is a button that when clicked back door closes automatically without the need for highly attracted to her.

 The instrument panel Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

Technical characteristics

Power characteristics jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 almost has not changed. In Russia we have three engines - two petrol and one diesel:

HEMI V8 6/4 - the most powerful engine in 468 horsepower, set on sports modification SRT8; 3.6 V6 - V - shaped atmospheric six, able to develop the capacity of 286 horsepower; 3.0 TD V6 diesel power 241 horsepower.

It should also be added that senior gasoline engine is additionally equipped with a unique system of Eco Mode available as a separate mode of operation and able to disable the extra cylinders at low loads, adjust the ranges gear selection of the most optimal moments for fuel economy, and automatically adjust ground clearance based on the value of the speed of movement.

Equipped with all three engines of the new 8-estupendas automatic transmission, which has become almost the main update of the car. It was developed jointly with specialists of the company ZF, and put on all Cherokee without exception. Setting this automatic transmission will please many owners of the machine. The Jeep engineers were able to achieve a Golden mean between the level of fuel consumption and dynamics. Gear is very timely and almost imperceptibly, only hint at the kick-down on the overtaking ZF think for a fraction of a second. The mechanism also provides three modes of transportation: normal, Eco and Sport. For the second automatic transmission strives to quickly raise transmission, which results in lower fuel consumption. In "sport" mode is the opposite, there is a delay on low, and the car becomes noticeably faster.

Serious alterations in the chassis was not fulfilled. In the Jeep still retained full drive with a new control system, allowing to increase the ratio of the gear ratio to the value of 44.1:1. Equipment jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 also includes a unique system using the driver at movement on steep ascents and descents.

 Rear headlight Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

Cases and prices

Today the car is offered in four trim levels - Laredo, Limited, OverLand and Summit. The first is the basic configuration. It includes a number of standard basic positions:

The price of the jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 for this configuration for gasoline power unit is 2 120 000 rubles, diesel bit more expensive - from 2 197 000 rubles.

The Limited trim includes a complete set of base version is supplemented:

The price for this package is from 2 305 000 for petrol castillito and from 2 505 000 rubles for the jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 diesel.

Luxury set of OverLand in addition to the Limited options contains:

The cost of the car for this set is from 2 547 000 rubles with a petrol engine and 2 747 000 RUR diesel.

The most luxurious furnishing is jeep Grand Cherokee summit 2014. In addition to these options, set includes:

Price Jeep Grand Cherokee for this set is minimum 3 625 000 rubles.