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Photo updated Mercedes Benz Gelendvagen

The same character and new features

And this "giant" once again forced to attract the most attention. This time, as a result of the restyling, affecting not only the outer part and the interior of the car, but also its technical equipment. Updated Gelendvagen: photo of which is presented below, has the same eye-catching, expressive and masculine appearance, so loved by many motorists. However, its characteristic, sharply defined, angular lines were supplemented with various fashionable "bells and whistles", such as daytime running lights with led elements above his bi-xenon headlights and an updated rear mirrors, with the "understudy" «turn signals” and other

 Photo new Mercedes Gelendvagen

In addition Gelendvagen AMG got the bumper of a new type, a distinctive feature of which were the intakes of enormous size, and a new grille.

Among other changes worth mentioning:

 New Mercedes Gelendvagen rear view

The basis for the design of body parts auto manufacturers have taken the classic colors: white and black. In addition, if desired, customers can choose other original color of the car, such as: “black magnetite», «periclase green», «silver iridium», «thulite red», «blue tanzanite», «blue mystic», «indium grey», «brown mystic»,«brown peridot», &"black platinum»and «platinum" and "graphite».

 New Mercedes Gelendvagen profile

The highest level of comfort

Much more interesting changes occurred in the vehicle, which has become more modern and comfortable – this can be seen only once glancing at mercedes benz gelandewagen photo. First of all, it concerns the materials used for its interior decoration. They are so attractive and pleasant to the touch that they necessarily want to touch. It uses 11 types of leather, different kinds of wood, and even plastic like skin and is as soft structure.

The overall design of the interior in the spirit of the latest fashion trends, which again visible on the photo Gelendvagen 2013 model year, and the sheer size of the cabin and the presence of large amounts of free space in it allow you to feel the freedom of driving.

 The interior of the new Mercedes Gelendvagen

Approval also deserve and the governing bodies of the car: on the instrument panel between the two wells located 11,4 cm display. The console has also been updated and now there are many kinds of buttons that allow you to manage the functions of comfort, and 17.8 TFT display. Under the hand of the driver (the most convenient place) there are buttons that control the differential locks. And by the way, multi function steering wheel now equipped with electric drive.

The only "flaw" arrangement of the car can be called by the modest size of its trunk, a gap of only 480 L. However, by a simple manipulation of the folding chairs in the back it can "turn" in a very decent HP 2250

 Gelendvagen 2013 model year

For those who understand

Specifications of mercedes gelendewagen remained at a high level and has improved due to the application of more modern units and structural parts. Under its hood is one of the three versions of the power plant, operating on gasoline: two 5.5-liter V-shaped "eight”, with a capacity of 388 and 544 HP, respectively, and 6.0-liter 612-horsepower engine V12, capable of accelerating this "brutally handsome" up to a hundred miles in a time of 5.3 seconds.

Picture complements the presence of one of the variants of automatic gear boxes: 7G-Tronic or AMG Speed shift Plus 7G-Tronic, full of drive and special functions 4ETS, intended for the distribution of tractive effort.

 Mercedes Gelendvagen 2013

This appeared in front of their fans updated Gelendvagen 2013 the price is in the "humble" picking starts from the level of 4 million 400 thousand rubles. The cost of the most popular modifications G500 is about 5 million 600 thousand rubles. Frankly, it's not cheap. But from a car of this level is difficult to expect something more "democratic". And this has to be considered...