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"Predator" was released on the "path of the autobahns

The exterior and interior

Following the principle of "first, to suit sitting", jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 had a unique appearance. Aggressive nature auto embodied in the "roaring" grille that warns of tough character of its bearer. Add to this the sound of the engine during acceleration, and you will see the wild predator Savannah.

Rear spoiler continued the theme of wildlife and gave "American" podzharisty. Bold headlands on the hood and sides complement the existing image. Led lights are sparkling in the night, and all of it, jeep Grand Cherokee srt8, admired and well-deserved respect. Finishing touch exterior Stati SUV steel 5-spoke, cast chrome gloss, 20-inch rims.

Massive front bumper finally led the new model from the "civil" version and gave grace of sports car. However, the clearance will not be harmed, and the gleam in 21 cm confirms the title of the SUV.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 front view

Changed and the car. They are small, but are inscribed with such care that immediately catch the eye. Seat from a leather and Alcantara acquired a pronounced lateral support. "Torpedo" was added to aluminum and leather inserts. Sport steering wheel, heated added solidity, and the brainchild of the Detroit car looks inside expensive and prestigious.

The Central touch screen is impressive dimensions him to help another on the dashboard. The first is for control systems of the car, the second shows how they work. The infotainment system, Uconnect, which meets in new Ram 1500 and high-quality acoustics Harman Kardon will please music lovers. so they can buy the jeep grand cherokee srt8 without hesitation!

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 rear view

The strength and power Cherokee 2014

Look under the hood, you will not cease to be surprised, because the technical characteristics jeep str8 beat all records on power and power. Let's start with the classics: 5-speed automatic transmission from Mercedes was "slightly" modified Zahnrad Fabric and turned into an 8-speed. This gave her the opportunity to easily cope with a maximum of 630 Nm of torque. Moreover, the "machine" handsome without particular strain, gently switches to a lower speed.

Inimitable 6.4 - liter HEMI V8 - iron heart jeep Grand Cherokee srt8 2014. He places accelerates it from zero to hundreds of unspeakable 4.8 seconds. However, in order to protect the hot heads from the explosion of emotions, electronics limits the maximum speed of the SUV on the number of 257 km/H. Potential power Cherokee in 475 "horses" controlled reinforced Brembo brakes and a limited-slip rear differential. About fuel consumption, say the numbers: 14,1 liters per hundred on the highway and 20.5 in the city. "Horses" eat regularly and complete diet, but will give this power that others can only see their swift running an envious look.

 The engine Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8

To the motor added modernized system Select Track, increasing the supply of traction at the rear axle in the tracking mode. In its competence to modify the algorithm of transmission, allowing the driver to choose an optimum mode of movement or to trust intelligent automation Cherokee SRT. Positional it looks like this:

A special pride of the owners of the jeep Grand Cherokee SRT causes the system Launch Control. It allowed to put a beginner in one number with a powerful sports car. Enough before the start press the button, then simultaneously hold down the brake pedal and push the gas and came out at maximum speed, the engine makes the auto tear from place so that the ears lays in the plane. This power is not imitation, she is sitting inside the "beast" and only waiting for your signal so irresistibly to break out.

 The dashboard Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8

Security forever

Realizing that gave jeep grand cherokee srt8 features not for the faint of heart, the creators have taken care about the safety of the driver and passengers. The airbag system covers the entire vehicle interior: side curtain across the entire length of the cabin, knee airbags, side airbags, front, front, rear. All with multiple modes of filling and coordinated work in case of emergency.

The system radar search obstacles ahead, in the course of movement, allows to avoid a collision in advance to warn the driver about its capabilities. If the reaction of the owner is not enough, she will keep the pressure in the brake system, time to break. In the basic configuration is missing, but is included in the list of additional equipment.

 Back row of seats Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8


Because jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 CPT was and remains a family car, and basic equipment designed to use the car as such. All that is offered over stated by the manufacturer, relates to the prerogative of those who like to push the boat out to friends, or the girls.

So what we get from the Street and Racing Technology originally:

Impressive, but if this is not enough, more "bells and whistles" a lot, it would be than to pay.

 The trunk of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8

By the way, about the cost. Today, on jeep grand cherokee srt8 begins with 3.6 million rubles, and if exactly, 3 625 000 rubles. Naturally, all over the "base", will add more than one hundred to start. Premium class to which rightfully belongs jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 srt , is not cheap, but really worth the money that is indicated on the price tag.