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Reviews, impressions and opinions about the crossover Renault Duster

French origin and bright appearance

Owner reviews Renault Duster are evidence that this car is very "came to the court" in our country, gaining a lot of loyal fans and admirers. However, some motorists expressed in its address much more sharply criticizing him for individual problem areas and shortcomings.

Belonging to the class budget auto with superior maneuverability, the Duster has an original, distinctive appearance, with a distinct modern twist that allows "French", though not to become a trendsetter in the world of automotive fashion, but to represent their class more than adequately.

An advantage of the car include its compactness, due to which the crossover quite calmly feels and when maneuvering in narrow yard driveways, and Parking lots. And, of course, positive reviews from owners of the model deserve clearance auto average of 205 mm of Course, this is not to say that the Duster can be operated when it is in active off-road. But, with the family on a nature to get quite possibly.

 Renault Duster: riding in the snow

Importantly, while contact with the machine carefully and gently, so as bumper she is weak and under the bottom, there are many "vulnerable places”, which can be affected by trips through the mud and poor roads.

Internal structure: pros and cons

If the car's appearance and the quality of his body of specific complaints and comments are not causes, reviews of Renault Duster, related equipment and arrangement of its beauty, have a more negative connotation.

However, the major drawbacks of the car, it was noted the low quality of its sound insulation, which implies excessive noisiness of the cabin and the cabin fan. Although some owners have noted that the rate of vocalization Renault's Duster higher than its main competitors – auto Japanese production of the middle class.

Another drawback of the interior decoration of the model can be called the lack of quality of the plastic used in its decoration. Alas, it leaves much to be desired. Although, given the low cost of the car, it can be called more of a quibble. Still not "Suite" and not "premium”…

 Luggage compartment Renault Duster

But the seats enough to accommodate four adult passengers. Yes and trunk for crossover compact size Duster has a very roomy: in front of the modifications he has a volume of 475 litres, which can be transformed in 1636 liters subject of folding seats in the rear row. The versions with all-wheel drive here, too, all in order: 408 and 1570 l, respectively, so that you can put things in different dimensions.

As for comfort in operating auto, then the fault is not particularly good. The stove works well, and the conditioner allows you to cool off in the hot season. Pleased with the presence of the joystick, clerk to the Board by the receiver, on the steering wheel. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting:

However, with all these errors can coexist, because this car "does  not a list of additional options and accessories for comfort and convenience, and its technical "stuffing". And here it is worth noting that Renault's Duster normal.

 Beauty Renault Duster

Powertrain cars and their technical features

Optional auto includes three options powertrains:

We can say that for urban conditions with slow, quiet drive that is enough. Acceleration at low revs is no "magic", and dynamics for a car of this level worthy. Although during the running-in period, this modest unit manages "eat" about 12 liters of fuel. Although for the active drive of this size can be small, so it makes sense to pay attention to the following variant of the engine:

This power plant, with its power and efficiency, different economical fuel consumption, the components in the combined cycle from 10 to 13 HP According to some motorists, during running of the car, the 2.0-liter engine behaves somewhat "lazy”. However, after this period, it becomes much more "speed", allowing the driver to feel more confident and at the time of launch, and in the process of overtaking.

This power unit is best adapted to the quality of the fuel produced in our country and the main plasmablasts efficiency.

 Renault Duster front

Reviews about cars Renault Duster acknowledge the fact that his good show and in difficult weather conditions, savedas without problems and at 30 degrees of frost. This is facilitated by the presence of built-in heater for engine start. So, in General terms they can be called reliable, functional and fairly cheap, which is an advantage of this car.

Control and maneuverability

According to most owners of the model, the quality of its suspension can be characterized with the best hand. Moreover, this also applies to monoperiodic versions with their semi suspension spring type with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, and modifications with all-wheel drive, equipped with independent rear memorycache telescopic racks. In front and in fact, in both cases is independent MacPherson strut spring type.

Reviews of reno duster say that, with this design, the suspension has good performance, on roads with a quality coating providing excellent handling car and its smooth, even stroke. Although, you can see that in terms of "specific" off-road, this French-Romanian "handsome" still slightly inferior to hire, complete set which includes hanging parallel linkage type.

By the way, in response to "complaints" about the fragility dexterously suspension by novice drivers, their more experienced colleagues recommend timely diagnosis of this structural element and to resolve all the issues in time.

 Renault Duster feed

Some comments received mechanical gear box with 6 ranges, part of the gear-wheel-drive versions. Transfer it to a short, which, when set a modest 60 km/h have to switch to 4 or even 5. Given this feature of auto, "seasoned" motorists are advised starting to exercise with 2nd gear and in the direction of travel, if necessary, "jump" in some of them.

When driving, be aware that it is gentle enough grip, so handle it carefully. Brake Duster also have high sensitivity, and it is also worth considering, sitting behind his wheel.

In General, you can criticize duster: feedback, mostly positive. It is really inexpensive, attractive, functional and well equipped car, good feel on our roads and "appetite» absorbing our low quality fuel. So this car should pay very close attention...