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Skoda yeti 2014 - adapting to civilization

External data "Bigfoot"

The facade of the SUV "lost" round eyes fog lamps and cuts through the darkness of the narrow and rectangular headlights. The grille has ceased to siati black failure and grinned" vertical jumpers, adding Yeti ominous. The engine was decorated with relief ledges and modified the logo of the brand. Front bumper parted with smooth side lines and found strong reliability in the form of extended intake.

Boca "Bigfoot" remained unchanged, not counting the 16-17 inch wheels new design, but the back part was another door and a heavy bumper.

 Skoda Yeti 2014 full face

An important parameter – the dimensions of the vehicle. At hildren 2014 they are as follows:

The interior of the crossover

Reconstruction of the interior is minimal and is expressed only in a few details.

 Skoda Yeti 2014 food

In addition, the trunk stacked double-sided floor covering and covered by a removable led light. In the backs of the front seat passengers are waiting for the folding tables. Leans back and the backrest of the passenger seat. The machine is just Packed with compartments to store hand Luggage.  There stands the bottle.

In terms of security it provides up to 9 airbags, there are mounts for child seats, installed adjustable seat belts with tensioner.

The center console is made in classic school style with familiar button layout and deflectors, there is nothing flashy, all strictly, easy and convenient.

 Skoda Yeti 2014 profile

Engines, transmission, chassis

In the body of the "Iceman" was searched thoroughly, and now the new skoda yeti 2014 got three petrol "hearts" and one diesel unit:

 Skoda Yeti 2014 engine

Chassis Skoda Yeti 2014 is still based on the platform of the previous generation Octavia. Pendant, of course, has been improved and reconfigured for a more comfortable ride in the city. Front Hildren set design with MacPherson struts type, stabilizer bar and transverse levers triangular shape. Rear body supports multi-link system with telescopic shock absorbers.

Also it is worth saying a few words about the system of a full drive. To the restyling of the Yeti was equipped with all-wheel drive, designed on the basis of the coupling Haldex 4-th generation, and now the car only comes  with clutch fifth generation, which not only differs less weight, but more rapid response, as well as the ability to transmit up to 90% of torque to one of the axes.

 Skoda Yeti 2014 dashboard

Price and packaging

Let us consider the content of the crossover on the types of equipment:

Active – basic set

Ambition is added to the base:

Elegance is the most expensive trim expanded to:

 Skoda Yeti 2014 beauty

Price city version of the crossover: with engine 1.2 TSI with power 105's "horses" - 789 000. Next, all in ascending order, depending on the configuration. the 1.4 TSI 122 HP with trim Ambition - 879 000 rubles, top 1,4 TSI complete Elegance - 950, 000 and four-wheel drive petrol 1,8 TSI 1 160 000 rubles.

All-wheel drive model is more expensive front-wheel-drive variant, on average, 60 to 100 thousand.

The prices are pretty affordable for statistical buyer, and how reliable, comfortable and safe machine will show the field and the road.