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Specifications Toyota Venza 2013

Official sales of венза in Russia covers a model with only one of the engines available, but in three modifications. Crossover the don himself not зарекламировал, although there are certain nuances. Positioned венза as a car innovation, "smart". She was previously available only on direct acquisition in the States, where, in fact, occurs build process. However, now венза officially supplied to our country, and therefore the number of "gray» models starts to decrease gradually. You must examine the Toyota венза 2013 specifications and estimate the cost.

 Тойта Венза 2013 front view


Венза – car lot. Judge for yourself: its length is almost 5 meters (4893 mm), width – 1905 mm and height – 1610 m Under these conditions, the turning radius of Toyota is 5,96 m weight barely comes up to two tons. Impressive in cars and clearance – a lot of 205 mm True, pretty in conjunction with all of these are observed quite modest corners and fascias – only 17 and 21 degrees respectively.

Dimensions cause considerable size Luggage compartment: volume of it is 975 liters and can be increased up to 1988 liters by folding seats. With all this венза can carry up to 480 kg of cargo. In addition, Pets driving with a trailer weighing up to half a ton.

Power units

Considering the toyota venza specifications, cannot be bypassed and motors can be fitted. To be more precise about the engine in the singular, since officially on the domestic market is supplied model with only one engine: it is about the petrol engine in volume of 2,7 liters and output of 185 PS (achieved at 5,800 rpm).

 Toyota Венза 2013 rear view

In any configuration engine is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission, the difference is only in the drive: available as front-wheel version cars with all-wheel drive. Depending on this vary from Toyota венза specifications: acceleration up to a hundred varies from 9,9 with up to 10.6 C. Maximum speed, developed by the unit, set at around 180 km/hour. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle rate of 9.1 l the version with front-wheel drive and 10 litres exactly at four венза.

By the way, before the beginning of the year was the model is also available with a 3.5-liter engine, which had a capacity of 268 HP Respectively, motor and had significantly more fuel consumption – about 13 liters in the mixed cycle and was able to disperse венза 214 km/hour.

 Toyota Венза 2013 engine


As already mentioned in the beginning of the article, the official венза in Russia is available in three different versions. The time to carefully examine them.

So, the simplest equipment – «elegance” – is only available for the front-wheel drive version and includes:

Of the security elements in  the elegance» includes:

 Toyota Венза 2013 beauty

For the comfort of the driver and passengers is provided by the presence of:

Finally, multimedia equipment complete set consists of:

Wishing to purchase a version with all-wheel drive is offered equipment "elegance Plus", which, from a simple "Элеганса" is only a rear view camera.

 Toyota Венза 2013 Luggage compartment

The rich equipment, which is only available to owners of cars with front-wheel drive – it ’Prestige». This equipment is characterized by the following:

It is worth noting that each kit specified as an option pearl coloring кузова.Интересно that this painting became available exclusively at our market. In America, венза usually painted in Matt tone, no gloss, and glare.

The cost of the car

Price Toyota венза varies depending on the configuration. So, car buyer in the version of  the elegance" need to 1,570,000 rubles, and  the elegance Plus" would cost more expensive: the  also  this adds to the cost of a hundred thousand rubles, giving the result in 1,671,000 rubles. The richest same equipment – «Prestige” – will cost 1,776,000 rubles.

Whether the available model toyota venza 2013 - the specifications of which are more powerful, and therefore different, and the price is still unknown. We note only that the true fans of the Toyota a modification to wait.